I am actually hyperventilating. Through one of the freelance sites I am trying I may have just got some work transferring a handdrawn storyboard into Illustrator. Oh my god and the guy wants an estimate and I can’t breathe I am beside myself. I don’t know what to do I will have to think it over and answer in the morning I am quite crazed right now. OHMYGOOGLE.

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European Classical Background 03 Vector Background Vector Art

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Super Goth
  • Super Goth
  • Spooks Illustrated
  • Spooks Illustrated

Name: Mordred Bathory
Age: Eternal
Turn-Ons: Paint Thinner & Moldy Couches
Bio: As a child, Mordred drank a lot of chemicals from around the house… which for some unknown reason, gave him … that blue glow you see over there. And with this gift of neon skin, he decided to… play music and stuff. Huhuuhuh.. and score.. hhuhuhuhuh… don’t forget score. Mordred like… plays things with strings and stuff.. and uhhh… things with keys.. like… Rapmaster Keyboards… huhuhuhuhhhuhuhuh… poop… POOP!

Name: Azrael Abyss
Age: 250 
Turn-Ons: Pocket Protectors & The Word “Lemur”
Bio: Born with no legs… this master of Playdoh™ Sculpture overcame all odds as a child, from being called “No Legs” to being called “Guy With No Legs”. After attaining a pair of slender, sexy legs from a mannequin in Bootlegger… he was off to take over the world. With the perfected technique of playing the triangle and the cowbell with his teeth… this was one man made for a life of sassy-sounding music.

Spooks Illustrated - Super Goth

Song: Super Goth
Lyrics & Music: Mordred Bathory
Electronica: Azrael Abyss

Sitting in my dark room
Wearin’ my dark clothes
Thinkin’ my dark thoughts
And fucking my Goth hoes
Look at me… I’m different
Look at me… I’m scary
Yeah, I’m so Goth…

I hang out with twenty people who look & act the same as me
Because I’m such an individual
If you see me walking down the street
I got my sunglasses on so you can’t see my eyes
I’m laughing at you
‘cause you’ll never be as cool as me
‘cause I’m so Goth…
Yeah, I’m so cool…

I sit in the audience of Jonovision
I look all dark and disturbed and pissed off at the world…
No one will ever mess with me ‘cause they’re afraid that I will Bite them

Look at me… I’m different
Look at me… I’m scary
I am such an individual
Yeah I’m so Goth…

Let’s put on some music…
Like “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus
Or “Sweet Dream” by Marilyn Manson
I bought the “Art of Darkness” compilation album
Because it said “Essential Goth”
Or let’s listen to some stuff
That’s just one chord long…

Look at me… I’m scary
Look at me… I’m different
I’m so fucking Goth
Look at me… I’m scary
Look at me… I’m different… I’m special
I am such an individual
You only wish you could be as cool as me…

I’m so secure with who I am
I don’t need makeup to justify who I am
Or do I?