Honestly if the Korra + Airbabies reunion in 4x04 doesn’t make you cry then how??? (Unless you just don’t really ever cry during shows)

One of my favorite moments of the whole series, I think. Everyone is just so ecstatic and happy and crying and Ikki’s crying because she just missed Korra that much and Korra’s so happy to see them and it’s just absolute fucking perfection turned into a script and put to air.



This is what I love most about Korra’s relationship with the airbabies.

Look at her face when she sees them after 3 years, she cries instantly. I’m so happy they were the ones who found her. Some people might disagree and wish’d either Mako or Asami found her but I think this is perfect. She may love her friends but the airbabies, they’re family. They are the closest she will get to having younger siblings. Even if Senna and Tonraq do have another child, the airbabies will still hold that piece of her heart.

She is a great representation of an amazing big sister role. The kids are so much younger than her yet she doesn’t treat them any less. They know she respects them and she cares for them no matter what they get into. Sure, she abused her power as the Avatar to win the race against them (and I don’t doubt that she did that often when she first learned how to enter the Avatar state) but they know it’s just fun and games.

But what I love most is that she knows exactly how to talk to them and treat them at the appropriate moments. She knows when to comfort them, when to tease them and when to demand something from them.

Some say Korra would’ve been a great big sister but I say, she already is.