But you see love, being ignored isn’t as bad as you think. It has its perks too. You get to spend time with some other people and you will get to know them more than what you intentionally planned. They will start to notice you and that’s where the fun part starts. You will get the pleasure to witness how the attitude of those who once ignored you will change and see how they will crawl back to you. But you will just be sitting there, smiling because you already had them figured out.
—  The perks of being ignored || s.s.n.
I’m starting to build this “i don’t care” feeling to everyone around me cause i’m tired of showing them how much i cared when all they did was to ignore me.
i hate that feeling when someone made you feel so important, special and made you believe that they love you then the next day it feels like they don’t know you.
—  it hurts to be ignored
  • Everyone:You’re quiet?
  • Me:Yeah, because people either talk over me or no one listens to me when I talk.
  • Everyone:
  • Me:Sighs
  • Everyone:
  • Me:Never mind
  • Everyone:Huh, what?
  • Me:Nothing