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Any clintasha-fics you can recommend? (:


We Were Emergencies  by gyzym (my fave ever if u read any of these pls read this one)

Mr. & Mrs. Barton (Or: Why Natasha Sends Jennifer Aniston an Annual Apologetic Fruit Basket) by shellybelle

The Woman in the Crosshairs by Frea_o

Permanence by eiluned

Five Times Clint and Natasha Slept Together (and the First Time They Slept Together) by eiluned

the Somewhere They Can’t Find Me series by NyxEtoile and OlivesAwl (this is also one of my faves ever)

Between the shadow and the soul and There’s a hole in my soul (can you fill it?) by viverella aka rvmanovs pls read all of her fics bc they’re all amazing

an anchor, mooring me here and i know places by andibeth82

sorry about the blood in your mouth by callingallangels

the Be Compromised series by thoughtfulconstellations aka mattsmurdick 

i think armys need to remember something really important abt bangtan: yes, they debuted with a hip hop concept and they still havent stopped being hip hop even if they step back and explore other genres first. just because they put out one album thats more vocal line / r&b focused over, say, their debut album, that doesnt mean its the end of the fucking world

you cant expect them to be able to grow as an artist if you throw a hissy fit every time they go out of their normal realm to explore what THEY want to do as artists, they’ll just go stale and out of style and nobody would give a shit anymore if they just kept recycling the same old stuff

if you cant respect their choice to do something different even if you dont personally like their music anymore then i dont know why youre calling yourself a fan at all because its disrespectful as fuck. you can dislike an artist’s music or choices in direction but throwing a fit and being rude about it and claiming that “bts is just like everyone else!” will get you nowhere. dont be a bitch.

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jovan i have one wish. i want to see you in a white button up shirt with the sleeves lifted up to your elbows, with a black vest over it, and a black bow-tie. i will sacrifice my first born child to see that.

thats really weird and specific ill see what i can do


After getting in at 2a.m., I dragged myself back out before my parents were up because you have to get to the old school bakery around the corner from my building at an obscene hour or you’ll miss out on the full selection. After seeing empty trays in the bakery cases, it was clear that I was STILL beaten by other people. Damn early-early-early birds.

A couple of minutes later, one of the bakers wheeled out three multi-tiered carts. I may have pumped my fist.

I really love my hood.

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Luke. Vader lives.

Since I already have one Anakin survives ROTJ ‘verse, I figured I’d play with it a bit more.

This story is set a few months after The Guiding Winds. You don’t necessarily need to read that one first, but it may give you a better feel for Luke and Anakin’s relationship.

I’m stealing the title for this from the Puscifer song The Humbling River, which is probably one of the best songs for this father-son relationship ever.

Nature Nurture Heaven and Home

“But this doesn’t make any sense!” Luke said, tossing the datapad onto the small table with a huff and sinking back against the sofa cushions.

From the other side of the room, his father chuckled, but he didn’t raise his eyes from the pile of parts spread across the table in front of him. Something sparked, and Luke looked up sharply in time to catch Anakin frowning in frustration at the hydrospanner in his hand.

Artoo beeped and whirred, sounding caught between worry and amusement.

“Yes, yes, I know,” Anakin grumbled. “That’s not going to work. You don’t have to rub it in.”

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-and then there were no more entries.

Miss Casement walked back into the centre of the field, almost drunk with relief that there had been a Trials, and made one final invitation to any ladies ‘or indeed, young ladies’ who might like to come forward. There was a silence so thick you could have stuck pins in it.

And then she said:’ Oh well … in that case, I declare the Trials well and truly closed. Tea will be in the big tent!’

Tiffany and Granny stood up at the same time, to the second, and bowed to one another. Then Granny turned away and joined the stampede towards the teas. It was interesting to see how the crowd parted, all unaware, to let her through, like the sea in front of a particularly good prophet.

Petulia was surrounded by other young witches. The pig trick had gone down very well. Tiffany queued up to give her a hug.

‘But you could have won!’ said Petulia, red in the face with happiness and worry.

‘That doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t,’ said Tiffany.

‘You gave it away,’ said a sharp voice behind her. ‘You had it in your hand, and you gave it all away. How do you feel about that, Tiffany? Do you have a taste for humble pie?’

‘Now you listen to me, Annagramma,’ Petulia began, pointing a furious finger.

Tiffany reached out and lowered the girl’s arm. Then she turned and smiled so happily at Annagramma that it was disturbing.

What she wanted to say was: ‘Where I come from, Annagramma, they have the Sheepdog Trials. Shepherds travel from all over to show off their dogs. And there’s silver crooks and belts with silver buckles and prizes of all kinds, Annagramma, but do you know what the big prize was? No, you wouldn’t. Oh there were judges, but they didn’t count, not for the big prize. There is – There was a little old lady who was always there at the front of the crowd, leaning on the hurdles with her pipe in her mouth with the two finest sheepdogs ever pupped sitting at her feet. Their names were Thunder and Lightning and they moved so fast they set the air on fire and their coats outshone the sun, but she never, ever put them in the Trials. She knew more about sheep then even sheep know. And what every young shepherd wanted, really wanted, wasn’t some silly cup or belt but to see her take her pipe out of her mouth as he left the arena and quietly say “That’ll do” because that meant he was a real shepherd and all the other shepherds would know it, too. And if you told him he had to challenge her, he’d cuss you and stamp his foot and tell you he’d sooner spit the sun dark. How could he ever win? She was shepherding. It was the whole of her life. What you took away from her you’d take away from yourself. You don’t understand that, do you? But it’s the heart and soul and the centre of it! The soul … and … centre!’

But it would be wasted, so what she said was: ‘Oh, just shut up, Annagrama. Let’s see if there’s any buns left, shall we?’

Terry Pratchett -  “A Hat Full of Sky”

Artwork by Alicia B.


I’ve wanted to make a post about this since I saw this but I haven’t had a chance. I’ve never really been friends or close with anyone who is blind -so correct me if I’m wrong- but there was a guy who went to one of my schools who was and we we’re told that when you are trying to lead someone who is blind to never do what Vanessa did in the first screenshot and grab their arm because it can be very alarming to them and maybe cause them to feel trapped. In fact when you go back and watch that scene Matt actually jumps a little when she does grab his arm. When you do lead someone you should do what Karen and Foggy did in the second and third screenshots and offer your arm to them and let them hold on to you. That’s the proper way to lead someone whose blind.

lovesdaryl I totally agree with you about why Daryl answerdd with ‘Gotta Be’ when Carol asked him if he was ok in 'Infecte ’. He didnt want to worry or burden her wiith his fearrs and concerns when she was so obviously worried herself.

Sort of goes to the point of him putting her first like he usually does. Daryl, like Carol can be pretty selfless like that. Its an underrated trait of his. He dosent care for himself or his own concerns either.

In fact thats one of things I love about both characters. They always put each other first. 😊

  • first year on tumblr:omg this show has a gay character thats so progressive! i mean i dont really ship slash or anything but yay good for this
  • fifth year on tumblr:wtf this show only has one lgbt+ character are you joking thats so unrealistic and also i havent shipped a straight couple since 2012 holla

[whispers] one of my friends changed their pronouns on fb and let me just tell you… i fuccign cALLED IT

post this and then tag 10 people you want to get to know better

thanks for tagging me bottomlinsons xx

Name: alexis 
Nick-Names: alix
Birthday: 22 august 
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bi? pan? idk??
Country of Origin: usa
Favourite colour: TEAL
Time and Date: 6:28pm 26 april 
Average hours of sleep: not enough. aka like six. 
Lucky number: 12
Last thing I googled: directions to a furniture store on my phone. 
First word that comes to mind: vodka
One place that makes me happy: …rfk stadium? no, cos i’m not happy there when UNITED LOSE. 
How many blankets I sleep under: two. a quilt and a fuzzy one direction blanket that ends up wrapped around my head. 
Favourite Fictional Character: erm. erm. erm. tbh i tear fictional characters apart.
Favourite Book: keeper. 
Favourite Animation: meet the robinsons?
Favourite TV Show: b99
Favourite beverage: tea, two sugars (because I am a heathen who doesn’t deserve nice things)
Last movie seen in theatres: into the woods. 
Dream Vacation: can i go back to london now pls. 
Dream Wedding: something simple. outdoors. nice weather. close family and friends. then a giant reception in a vineyard. 
Dream Job: football journalist 

10 peeps? ageofashlee jazzythephoenix haylaween gelatdexocolata barneses penname007 iamwhatyousay millenniumsolo voixserene songofme queputa

The Jonnor Net intro!

A few things about me!

  • My name’s Molly!
  • Im 14 (15 May 24th)
  • Girl (she, her)
  • I fucking love Jonnor oh my god. Its the first ship ive shipped hella hard
  • Im 99% im gay as fuck but because im not 100% sure, so I say queer if people ask
  • Freshman in highschool
  • I dont watch that much tv, usually just the fosters but ive started Orange is the New Black
  • I love to run track (sprinter and long jumper) and ive started softball for the first time this year
  • Favorite color is blue
  • I fucking love Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy. The new Imagine Dragons album is pretty awesome too! I listen to a little bit of My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco, but I dont know them as well
  • I have pretty bad anxiety but I dont have any triggers
  • My snapchat is: mdugan2000
  • My kik is MollyD64

Thats all I can think of for now! If you have any questions just message me! :)

Giveaway: Start!

tonights giveaway is for a shiny dusknoir! this was one of my first WTW scores ovo its a level 100 female if youd like to put that information into the request, but it isnt necessary. i have 30 of these to give away tonight! you can also still deposit for reshiram, which i have about half a box of!

to get a shiny, you’ll need to deposit a male zigzagoon. if you cant find one, send me a message with what you put up instead!

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what you said on twitter about you hope ppl don't hate them for their choices of leaving ;; i totally agree with you. i know how it feels "crumbling from the inside out" thats why i quitted my first job months ago. (you don't have to reply this, just wanna let you know :')

i’m actually replying because I hope people in fandom would understand this. 

these were my exact words: “if it turns out to be a confirmation, i just hope no one hates on any of the ex members and compares who had a more valid reason for leaving. most of this fandom is full of youngsters who haven’t experienced what it’s like to work so hard in a job… no one deserves to be hated for choosing health - physical, mental, emotional - and even greener pastures over a job that’s making them miserable or unhealthy or stagnant, especially if those pointing fingers dont know what it’s like to be burned out nor what it’s like to be crumbling from the inside out.”

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I was going through my photos for markiplierfangirlingblog Operation Markiplier Tag Take Back thing and noticed that i still have the screen shots i took for the milestones i’ve been here for. 

There’s been four since i became a Markiplite. Looking at the first one and thinking about where i was in life (starting my second year of college) happy to be here with the other four million fans… Its only grown exponentially since then. 

Have some midnight thoughts as well:

A few months from now we’ll be approaching nine million.. ten million. Next year.. fifteen million.. you know, if it all doesnt turn to shit for some reason.. 

Right now at 7.4 million, thats a country. There is a countrys worth of Markiplites right now. 

This fandom grows very fast and thats not a bad thing. Change starts from one person and continues to grow as more and more people strive to do the same thing.  A year from now, April 2016, there could be 15 million Markiplites making changes in their own lives and others lives. Changes for the better, reintroducing what hope and love feel like to others…  Theres gonna be alot of us. And we’re still going to be one big ohana. One big family and no one will get left behind or forgotten. Everyone is and will still be important. 

Lol. 15 million internet moms for Mark all telling him to take a break or vacation.  15 million fans yelling at/telling him not to do the thing we all know he’s gonna do no matter what we say.  

15 million fans in agreement that if Mark needs to take a fucking break he can take a fucking break. A few days or a week. Whatever. 

But thats all a year from now.. what about two years? Or five? How many Markiplites will it take to change the world? (and youtuber fans in general, all doing the same thing) Will this generation of fans be the one to make the change this world needs? 

Everyone can contribute to this community in some way. Use your strengths, your talents, what you’re good at. Not everyone can draw. I cant draw for shit so i write. Paint, write, sing, play an instrument, make a sculpture, theres so much to choose from. Not every one can make gifs or draw so dont get discouraged. Set a goal. Do something that Mark would be proud of. 

Also dont just sit there and read the anon hate, ask for help if you find yourself believing what theyve said. Dont respond to it. Thats what they want. They want to start shit and leave. Anyway. Milestones. Screenshots. More to come. Lots more. 

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Name: jade
Nickname: my boyfriend calls me many nicknames but thats it aha
Birthday: december 6th

Star sign: sagittarius

Gender: female
Height: 5′3
Sexual Orientation: whoever i fall in love with c:

Favourite colour: PINK
Average hrs of sleep: usually 7?
Lucky number: 4
The last thing I googled: tumblr

First word that comes to mind: nathan
One place that makes me happy: my bed
How many blankets do I sleep under: usually one, but sometimes two if its super duper cold!!
Favourite fictional character: MIKE WAZOWSKI
Favorite famous person: too many ah

Celebrity crush: too many ah (again)
Favorite book: Birdbox!!

Favourite animes:  sailor moon, fairy tail, peach girl ahh
Favourite tv shows: pretty little liars, american horror story, the office, breaking bad, O:
Favourite musician/band: twenty one pilots
Favourite games: mincecraft and zombies
Dream job: princess jade c:
Wearing right now: cat pajamas and a pink jumper
Last book I read: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I tag:

  1.  little-momiji
  2. kasaobake
  3. dream-kittty
  4. buhnnycuddle
  5. 27kb
  6. sweetiecake
  7. li-tt-le-one
  8. vin–likes–stuff
  9. lattette
  10. papa-nature

soft palms good suit, realtor buy-the-house-after-one-room smile, he chuckles, “yeah, but,” sniffs in like he’s inhaling a sedative, “where do you hide the bodies in a place like this,” says: a place like this,

let me tell you about a place like this because under the trees and fresh paint and cars they get detailed with a toothbrush and windows that they cover with soap just to make sure ‘the cleaning people fully do their job’ (ha, ha, ha), let me tell you where they hide the bodies

let me tell you what their kids smell like, or maybe not, maybe your stomach isn’t strong enough. in our last week of junior year bella breaks down in the hallway and says, “i’m bulimic,” and i want to say, “no, you’re bella,” but instead i say, “why, why, why? you’re beautiful as it is,” bella’s history says: this is why, this is toddler in tiara turned young girl in tiara, turned teenager with too much baby fat on her to get anything but kicked out of beauty pageants (she hated them, she hated them, but what her mama wanted, her mama was gonna get), this is girl-on-cheer-squad looking down at her hands and thinking, “would i get a crown if they saw me today” and no, and no, and no, her body floats in a toilet bowl

let me tell you the body of justin with his chattering teeth who got straight-A’s but never stopped trembling with what we thought was caffeine: one day I caught him crying in a back room, he said, “please don’t tell, please don’t tell,” he said: anxiety. he said: self-harm. he said: been pushing myself too hard for too long and now it feels like everything is crawling down my throat and setting up camp on my vocal chords and sending little spiders through my bloodstream, now it feels like no matter what i do, i can’t feel anything. he said: look for my body next to the dean’s list, i have to make it, i have to make it.

where do they hide the bodies here? in senior year the captain of the football team killed himself when he didn’t get into the college his parents had pushed him for. randi’s stomach turned purple with the bruises her father gave her. david never got out of drugs after they made him drop art as his main subject. alex just wanted to be a boy in peace but his mother’s contempt refuses to acknowledge the “he” part of “she,” was struck down and suffocated by dresses and makeup. everybody wanted to be the best but only one person could be, which meant the rest of them were left upstream with nothing but fingers they rotted through while trying to catch their parent’s dreams.

oh, trust me, they murder plenty here, but they dress up the corpse and keep it running. wouldn’t want to ruin a long-term investment. wouldn’t want the neighbors to notice something bad is stinking up their jewel-green lawns, their soapy windows, their garden-by-the-pond. nothing different lives here, not for long. either you are one of their button-ups or you were made all wrong.

in a place like this, you got nothing but bodies. the houses are all too clean and the mothers drink too much and are overly friendly and the fathers don’t come home until way after their shifts are over. oh, sure, the kitchen floor is stunning and you gotta love the failing school system and you gotta love the community and you gotta love everything, just gotta, just gotta.

a place like this. a place like this. a place full of emptiness.

—  suburb kid // r.i.d