If I'm rejected I will die

goodbye (again)

make me wanna die, the pretty reckless // my paper heart, the all american-rejects // over my head (cable car), the fray // bad, the cab // nothing, the script // swing, swing, the all-american rejects // all at once, the fray // long gone and moved on, the script // beautiful goodbye, maroon 5 // living louder, the cab // payphone (supreme cuts remix), maroon 5 feat. wiz khalifa // i swear this time i mean it, mayday parade // white blank page, mumford and sons // winter winds, mumford and sons

Was browsing 8tracks after being away from it for a while now (since Spotify took over my music…) and I saw this, a playlist I made for my first love in between our on and off relationship. And it just made me go aww because has it really been two years since I made this? Life passes by pretty quickly, damn.

Anyway, here’s the link if you’re interested. :)