If I'm rejected I will die

I’m sure my fellow Frankenfamily fans will have noticed this, but have you noticed the beautiful trichotomy of the births of the three ‘children’ and the dual meanings of them all?

Caliban/John/Creature is the child created and moulded in fear, searing pain and rejection, and is becoming the one whose fate is being changed by affection and tenderness and turning more to the light. 

Proteus is the child created in awe and wonder, and his fate was to die a bloody mass upon Victor’s floor, shepherding in grief and terror.

Lily is the child created in sheer beauty and magnificence of wonder, and her fate is probably going to end up messier than Proteus’. 

I have too many fucking feelings about this. Each child is becoming the opposite of what their creation heralded. Such is life, is it not?

so like, i like to think that alduin still cares about paarthurnax in however that dragon can, even if it’s only a miniscule amount.

during the first battle he actually offers paarthurnax a chance to rejoin him again even though paarth was one of the perpetrators of the downfall of the dragon cult and betrayed him. 

of course that only lasts for a moment and once paarth rejects the offer he’s all “okay die then.”

midtime replied to your post:I always love reading Mod’s tags on the TPoH…

So, working with your army-RGB speculation, I was wondering if perhaps Negative might be a part of him—a certain ruthlessness, maybe—that he discovered in wartime, and hated and rejected so much that it split from him when he died? =B

(army RGB speculation)

That is most certainly plausible.

Can’t remember who it was I talked to about this, but it certainly got mentioned in a chat or something. I thought that Negative was basically the RGB that got forced into war. He knew he had to do terrible things but he was too much of a coward, not quite that good an actor. So he just… turned it all off.

Negative was what was left when RGB stopped being himself and started being a soldier.

And I can certainly understand that he would loathe, and fear, that side of himself. Enough so that he wouldn’t think it followed into the afterlife…

this is a Raven Cycle post

I know I sometimes often all the time occasionally go overboard with my crackshipping, but I swear by all that is good and holy that “Ronan has a crush on Kavinsky” is not a crackship. When I die and I am being judged by [AMBIGUOUS AFTERLIFE CONCEPT HERE], I will stand before [APPROPRIATE PRONOUN] and say “look, there’s more evidence that Ronan has a crush on Kavinsky than there is that Jerott has a crush on Lymond, and the latter is actually canon