One of these things is not like the others
  • Harry:doesn't like paparazzi
  • Harry:is a member of a band that barely gets any privacy and gets annoyed by it
  • Harry:knows how to do things without being spotted
  • Harry:mocks the idea that he is sleeping with every girl he talks to
  • Harry:leaves through the public entrance of a hotel just after nadine when there are paparazzi around and strolls through the neighborhood so that they can get plenty of pictures

pili on the feeds: *has a 3 girl alliance, wants to start another alliance with kevin, ashleigh, jp & zach, is in an actual showmance, has been talking alooot of game lately, tries to keep all the girls safe, is tHE CUTEST LIL BUTTON EVER*

pili on the show: *pili laughing in background*

why are there so few soft, pretty, playful themed photographs of men, let alone magazines filled with them? I would love to see men in pastel colours. men in flower fields. men with puppies.

why do we only ever get to see oily arms of buff, tan gym dudes and water drops running down their photoshopped sixpacks? what’s so bad about men posing without flexing their muscles, where’s all the black men, extremely pale men, exceptionally skinny men, chubby men, men with a body type that wouldn’t generally be considered “masculine”?

well, sadly, we all know why men aren’t photographed in such rather “vulnerable” states: crying, posing in a “pretty” manner or naked with a - GOD FORBID! - soft dick. it’s not manly enough. it’s too feminine. and no, what’s the worst about it isn’t even the impact these images have on boys. no. they rarely consider these photographs guidelines, they don’t see role models, they see the indimidating image of the alpha male they can hide behind. it’s the impact on (hetero/bi/pansexual) girls, who are being conditioned to subconsciously connect intimidation with sexual attraction and raised to believe that tenderness and vulnerability aren’t masculine traits, and that it’s just “right” to feel small and intimidated around men they’re attracted to ( whether they look like younger Mark Wahlbergs or not ) - which only fuels a fire we should finally put out: the fire of damaging, dangerous and misleading gender roles that creates a gap where teaching girls AND boys that it’s alright to be soft, and that being playful and wanting to look pretty has nothing to do with gender, could even the ground for a world in which an actor can pose in pink lace without being called “gay” and muscly women aren’t betitled as “men” because they “look like one”.

this is another reason why we need feminism, on MEN’S behalf as well as women’s,- why is it so hard to grip that men profit from feminism as well?

Hello, yes. I am the Ultimate Tumblr Anarchist™.

I go around attacking black women on anon for showing the slightest interest in Beyoncé’s music because she is the ultimate and only representation of the bourgeois. Just Beyoncé. Led Zeppelin on the other hand was so innovative. No music like that was around before they hit the scene. They invented blues and were just as important as any civil rights leader, why don’t we have any streets named after them? I’ll start a movement called Led Zeppelin Occupy All Streets.

Good work, comrade. Long live the revolution.

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an anti-larry on if Eleanor's location "accident" was actually an accident:" I think so. It’s one of those things that happen that we can’t control unfortunately"

Eleanor: has 112 instagram posts

Eleanor: has never ever posted her location on  insta before

Eleanor: posts location of louis’ house as soon as she gets to the UK

Eleanor: would have had to consciously turn on location services and then do it again to click “add to photo map”

Eleanor: left it up for 8 hours until everyone was talking about it and knew about it, and knew what it implied

Eleanor: oopsidaisy *deletes location*