I think the bleach fandom needs to chill out for a second. I’ve seen so much hate going around due to shipping & this is why I only follow one bleach blog because some of you are turning this into a battle of ships when even Kubo doesn’t want his story to be just about ships. Please don’t take the same course the Naruto fandom did, it’s honestly disgusting. Why can’t we all ship what we want without spewing hate at each other. What does spewing hate accomplish in the end. Things like this make people want to hurt themselves, that’s not cool. I know most of you really like what you ship, and that’s fine, however don’t attack someone because they like something different from you.
If you disagree with me that’s okay, however if you decide to go into my inbox and hatefully tell me how much you disagree with me just be aware that you’ll be blocked. :D


If you’re going to criticize Orihime Inoue make sure your arguments haven’t been proven wrong countless times in the manga Part 1/?