Revolution Cast | ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Tim Guinee* (x), Stephen Collins (x) + Tracy Spiridakos (x)

*Due to Californian water restrictions Tim chose to do 'the dirty bucket of mop water challenge' instead.


"I want you to look me in the eyes and take my life."


All memories were good memories, to be completely honest. And… Well… I really don’t like to, erm… Think too much about it, but yes… I miss him dearly.

Met a girl in the parking lot, and all I did was say hello..

“Do you remember what you told me that night?” She cocked an eyebrow pointedly. Dany did not need to specify which night she spoke of. Doreah was obviously very aware by now.

“I said many things, if I recall,” Doreah responded, her voice slightly hoarse and strangled with the effort of remaining still.

“You told me love comes in at the eyes.” She leant down to capture Doreah’s lips for only a moment but felt the body beneath her surge up and pull her flush down. Relief flooded her nerves at the feeling of fingers splayed wide across her back, anchoring her in place. Tiny eager moans leaked from the older girl’s lips as she returned the kiss with an unexpected urgency. Ordinarily, owing to years of practice, Doreah did not display such disregard for composure, even in the most excited state. Yet here as the Lysene girl writhed slightly under her, Dany could focus on nothing else. It was overwhelming, contagious even. It was Doreah the girl—not the whore or the traitor—laid bare and honest beneath her.

Gathering her strength and steadying herself, Daenerys pushed slightly upright again to hover over her handmaid solemnly. “So what do you see, Doreah?”


I believe you typify our first meeting as ‘The Most Awkward Dance Ever.’

Well, I’m glad I just came across a description of my life while reading “The Marriage Plot.” **insert panic attack here**


actor meme || favourite character(s)

Bob Little (Parenthood)

Happy birthday, Bruno Senna!

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone who follows my blog that he is very important to me and a lot of people around the world. I’ve watched his career unfold for about five years now and he’s grown to be a central part of my life; I support him with everything I have. With support, I do believe it can make a difference to a driver, and I hope somewhere down the line we’ve all helped, even in a small way. 

You never, ever give up, that’s why I support you. Your limitless supply of optimism, even when things are not going right for you, is staggering, given what you’ve been through and what sort of career you’ve led so far; it takes an incredible man to do what you’ve done and to get to the highest level of your profession from where you came from. Your driving is so beautiful and I never tire of watching you race because you are so wonderful and brave. I have never meant it more than now when I say I am so, so proud of this boy and have so much faith in him. I think his father and his uncle would be proud of him too.

I honestly cannot imagine my life without him. I think when you find inspiring people like him you need to hold onto them because they are very rare, and no matter what happened or happens to him now, it is always worth supporting them. Worth going through the crap he has to go through. No matter what happens.

I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come. Hoping with all my heart you will continue to be in our lives next year. Ficar forte e feliz aniversário, Bruno <3

life man

ain’t nobodeh got time fa dat crap


i’m not responsible for my facial expressions when i listen to orchestrated ace attorney music

i want to cry

how’s everyone doing today?