BLOOD+ Grand Theme
  • BLOOD+ Grand Theme
  • Mark Mancina & Hans Zimmer

step 1: put ur earphones on

step 2: click play (listen from start to’s 6 min long)

step 3: close ur eyes

step 4: imagine BofA

step 5: cry  

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imagine if twenty years ago nick’s mum finally broke up with nick’s dickhead dad so she had to move in with her brother pete and maybe nick’s playing outside one day with some blocks on the grass while pete and his mum are talking to the woman from next door and suddenly nick turns his head and watches as this confident six year old boy with shaggy brown hair walks up and sits on the floor beside nick and starts playing with the blocks and you know this four year old nick is just dazed and confused like???? bro???? you’re????playig nwit h????my????? blocks!!! and luke just swings his head and grins and his front teeth are missing and he just says “you looked kinda lonely sitting here on your own. people shouldn’t ever be alone, my momma always says. so hi my name’s luke! i live next door!” and maybe nick just blinks because this never happens maybe nick was really anti-social at day care or something. so luke keeps on talking: “our houses are pretty close together. which window is yours? mine’s on the side over there. maybe our rooms are close! maybe we can talk to each other through our windows!!! that’ll be cool wouldn’t it be…uh…what’s your name, kid?” (luke’s got this age supremacy going on even though he’s like two years older and luke’s started school already so he’s mature - plus, as soon as nick turns sixteen, he begins to sprout and ends up being like 6’2 and luke stays at 5’9 WHERE’S YOUR SUPREMACY NOW LUKE?) and maybe then pete walks up to the boys and crouches and says to nick “is this your new friend, nick?” and nick just opens and closes his mouth like a fish out of water and luke leans in really close, gRINS and puts his arm around nick and says “YEAH THIS IS MY NEW BEST FRIEND PETE” ug H DUMB BABY FARMBOYS


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Fuckin's great and all, but you gotta do something to lead up to it. I'd cook you a nice meal, first. Maybe lamb, with some good veggies and potatoes. Start things off nice n' slow after. Maybe a bath or shower together, let it get steamy. Slowly, gently, at whatever pace is cool with you. If you wanna move it to a bed, that's cool too. After, it'd be nice to just lay there together and cuddle.


"I like you. Definitely my favorite thus far."

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im SO sad and excited for the movie I CAN ALREADY FEEL My IMPENDING DOOM but omg this season isnt as good as s1 but thats prob bc its only 11eps but it was still good overall BUT i wish there was more


i felt like it started off nice and slow then picked up real quick then slowed again. like it didn’t feel as, hm what’s the word?, continually impactful and well-paced as the first season??

but yeah i blame that on the 11 ep limit

i think this was more of a mid-filler, kind of buildup for the movie, which i’m not complaining about since all that does is get me stoked for it

we can relish in our doom together once january hits

i will probably be having a breakdown on your inbox when the sub is out


It’s holiday season time, and do you know what that means? It’s time for Jingle Cats.

Let’s start it off nice and slow with a classic.

Day 246, Clavicle

Starting off this week nice and slow. I think the clavicle is my favorite bone. Two really cool names with ‘clavicle’ and ‘collarbone’. Comes in a variety of delightful-to-draw shapes. I dunno! It’s a good bone. Pair of bones. Whatever. 

Oh, and I’m very excited that I got some responses earlier! Thanks :3 They’ll be up Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. (Oh, and neither of you gave me the prompt. Shame on you.)