Why I Want Carmilla Season Two
  1. Because as a member of the queer community it is nice to see something with well-developed queer characters
  2. Because I love the community that I have found myself in and I never want to lose it
  3. Because the support and love for the actors and creators of the show is so intense
  4. Because I like their faces
  5. Because I like the creampuffs faces
  6. Because I need to know what will happen to Laferry ship
  7. Also, what will Kaitlyn Alexander do with her life if it is not blogging about the show (I am seriously worried)
  8. Because I need more of Carmilla and Laura flirting
  9. Because the show is amazing

You have OTPs and NOTPS, but there’s always that one ship that you are utterly indifferent toward. Like, you don’t ship it, but you don’t anti-ship it. It’s just sorta there. Even if it clashes with your OTP, you just can’t muster up the enthusiasm to dislike it or like it either way.

But the fanart is absolutely gorgeous, so you just sorta