Troublemaker (Luke Smut)

Daddy! Luke Hemmings

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You’re standing at the sink in the kitchen, scrubbing dishes from tonight’s dinner. You keep your head down, since you can feel Luke’s gaze burning into your back. He’s leaning against the counter on the other side of the kitchen, his arms crossed. 

All week, you’d purposely been on your best behavior, doing everything Luke told you to do, not getting in trouble, and not trying to undermine his authority, which you usually did just to get a reaction out of him. 

"(Y/n), look at me sweetie," he spoke with a certain coolness to his tone that unsettled you. 

Slowly, you set down the plate in your hands and bite your lip as you turn to face him. 

"Yes, Luke?" you ask quietly. He raises his eyebrows, and you know that the night has already begun.

"Yes, Daddy?" you repeat, your voice shaking. You cross your fingers.

"You’ve been such a good girl for me all week, baby girl," he praises, taking a step closer to you. He licks his lips and reaches out to wrap his arm around your shoulder. 

Pulling you into his embrace, you bury your head into the crook of his neck and he lightly rubs your back as he continues speaking.

"Why have you been so good all week? That’s not like you, you’ve always been a little troublemaker. My troublemaker."

You remain silent, not knowing how to say what you had planned. About a month ago, you asked Luke if maybe, just maybe, you could switch bedroom roles. You wanted him to submit to you, and have him at your mercy. Though you loved Luke, and how he took care of you, you’d always held on to your own little fantasy. 

"I think you’re up to something, (Y/n), so whatever it is," he pauses to kiss and suck on your sweet spot on your neck, causing you to moan. "So whatever it is you’re thinking of doing? Don’t."


"Please, Luke? Wouldn’t it be nice to change things up a bit?" you had asked.

"Absolutely not," he had brushed off your request.

"But Luke, I-" you had begun to say, but he cut you off with a chaste peck to the lips.

"(Y/n), nothing you can say will change my mind. We each have our place in this relationship and I’m not messing with it."

You had sighed and ignored him for the rest of the day.


You put on your most innocent smile and try to hide the anxiousness in your voice as you say, “No, I just want to be a good girl for you.”

Luke looks at you skeptically and moves his grip around your shoulders to your wrist, before pulling you out of the kitchen and up the stairs into your bedroom.

You stride over to the bed and lay across it, biting your lip seductively. Luke pulls his shirt off, leaving him in his jeans. You pat the empty space next to you, and Luke smirks at you as he shakes his head before opening a drawer in his dresser. You know exactly what he’s getting. He’s setting up his own downfall and he has no idea.

Luke walks over to you quickly, pushing you gently onto your back as he hovers over you. You see the handcuffs dangling from his fingers beside your head. 

"You’ve been so good, I think you deserve a little reward… or a few," he smirks, grabbing your wrist to close the cuff around you.

"Kiss me, Daddy," you say hurriedly, grabbing his face and attacking his lips ferociously. He’s taken aback by your sudden movement, causing the cuffs to drop onto the mattress as you flip over so you’re on top of him.

Before he knows what’s happened, you lock his wrist into one cuff, wrap it around the metal pole of the headboard and attach his other hand. His eyes widen and his expression turns from lust to anger almost immediately. 

"(Y/n)! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?" he growls. 

"Daddy, let me show you how much I love you," you say. 

"You know this isn’t the way it works (Y/n), I told you we weren’t doing this. Now let me out of these things right now or I swear to god, you’ll regret it," he threatens, using all of his strength to pull himself free.

You take a deep breath and, gathering up all the courage you had, say, “You’re not exactly in a position to be making those kinds of threats, don’t you think?”

You were sitting on his thighs, keeping his legs down by doing so. He huffed angrily through his nose, not breaking eye contact. You look away quickly before you become intimidated by his stare. 

You palmed him over his jeans, causing him to groan from the discomfort. You look at Luke’s face to see he closed his eyes and his head is laying down on the pillow, trying to ignore your hand.

You decide to make things easier for him, because, after all, your goal tonight is to give him the most pleasure possible, even if it takes a while…

You unbutton his skinny jeans and slide them down, briefly getting off of him to pull them down, along with his boxers. He sighs as his erection springs free.

He tries to act unaffected by your actions, but you can see how obviously he is turned on by this, and you can’t help but imagine how this must make him feel that he can do this to you whenever he wants.

You choose to take your time, relishing the moment of you in control. You don’t know how much longer your reign will last before you start to regret your actions. 

Without hesitation, you wrapped your hand around him, rubbing up and down his shaft slowly, teasing him.

"Fuck (Y/n), do something more," he begs, trying to shift his hips up. 

"Anything for you, Daddy," you say, pressing your lips to his tip. 

Without warning, you take all of him into your mouth so he’s hitting the back of your throat. You suck in you cheeks and start to bob your head up and down.

Every few seconds you almost completely pull off of him and swirl your tongue around the head before taking him in again. His thighs are trembling at this point and he’s trying to hold onto his orgasm.

"(Y/n), princess, I want to come with you riding me at least, please?" he asks so nicely you have no choice but to agree. You lean forward to kiss Luke passionately, which he welcomes gratefully. 

Before he knows it, you jump off him and are walking out the bedroom door, leaving his throbbing, red cock aching. 

"Where are you going?" he asks, half angry and half concerned.

"I think I’m gonna go take a nice long bath, or make something to eat. I haven’t had the chance to deny you before, Daddy, and let me tell you, it’s a great feeling," you say honestly.

"Baby girl, you are in so much trouble," he whispers, his voice cracking.

You tilt your head and walk back over to him, leaning down to his ear and reply, “I am your little troublemaker, aren’t I? You said so yourself tonight Daddy.” 

He yells, “(Y/n) you better fucking untie me right now because you are so screwed, literally. Don’t make this worse for yourself than it already is.”

You’re taken aback by his tone, since up until now he’d been somewhat compliant, but he was scaring you now, and you were actually anxious for the moment you had to let him go. You knew you couldn’t control him forever.

Without saying another word, you turned and left the room, much to the disappointment of Luke, who violently pulled at his restraints.

For about 10 minutes, you could hear the clanging of the metal followed by a string of curse words coming from your bedroom. You let another half an hour pass for Luke to struggle before you went back in.

He was a sweating, moaning mess tied down to the bed, and the sight of him was turning you on even more. His eyes were dull but when he saw you, they focused on you and he pleaded.

"(Y/n), I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t hear you out when you said you wanted to do this. I’m sorry I’ve been yelling. I’m sorry. I love you, princess, just please. Let me come."

He made a very convincing argument, and he looked so vulnerable. You were glad you gave him the last 40 minutes to sit and think, because he’d seemingly calmed down and wasn’t as annoyed with you as he had been. This thought gave you a boost of confidence.

There was a puddle of pre-cum on Luke’s stomach from his erection that had been left. 

"Oh Daddy," you purr, "you’ve made a mess of yourself."

You resume your position straddling him and you look up at him through your eyelashes as you lick a thick stripe up his abs, sucking him clean. 

He squirms and you take things another step further by massaging his balls with one hand while gently biting on his hip. 

"What do you want me to do Daddy? I wanna make you feel so so good," you say, trying to make him realize you’re doing this for him, not you.

"I want you to untie me, (Y/n), that’s what I fucking want," he says loudly, thrusting his hips up. You frown and start to strip off your shirt and shorts. You’d realized that Luke was completely naked and you were still fully clothed. 

"You know I can’t do that, Lukey," you coo. 

"Ride me, (Y/n), please. If there’s one thing I like you on top for, it’s riding me."

You smile at him and are glad to see him return it. 

You put on a little bit of a show for him as you sensually glide your hands over your body, outlining every curve and dip, before hooking your thumbs under the waistband of your panties and pulling them down. Followed by you unclasping your bra which you let slide off your arms and fall to the floor. You sway your hips as you crawl back up to Luke, who’s face is red in sexual frustration and anticipation.

You position yourself above him, lining your entrance up with his tip. Slowly, you slide down, his length filling you completely, as if you two were made for each other. 

"Fuck (Y/n), you feel amazing," Luke breathes out. 

You allow a moan to escape your lips as you go up and down on his dick, feeling him raise his hips to meet yours. Luke can’t help but stare at your boobs, he loves the way they bounce with your movements. 

"Luke… Daddy, fuck," you gasp.

You reach your hand down to your core to rub your clit. You harshly press circles on your clit to reach your orgasm quickly. 

"Damn it, (Y/n), I need to touch you baby girl," Luke whines.

You’re barely listening to him and you can feel him twitch as you clench your walls around his member. 

"(Y/n), please, I’m begging you, uncuff me, I want to touch you," Luke pleads once more.

You shake your head. “No, no Luke, I’m so close.”

It takes all your might to hold back your orgasm, but you do it, because it’s all a part of your plan to torture Luke. Right when he twitches a second time and breathes out with a very heavy sigh, you lift yourself off of him. 

"NO (Y/n)!" he screams out. "FUCK."

You straddle his chest and use your fingers to finish yourself off.

As your fingertips circle your clit, and your other hand pumps your fingers into your entrance, you moan and squirm on top of Luke, letting him feel how wet you are.

"You see what you do to me Daddy?" you gasp. "You make me feel this good- ah! Fuck," you scream. 

Luke watches helplessly as you get yourself off, leaving him to struggle with an edge for the third time that night.

"Fuck, Daddy, FUCK!" you squealed as you reach your high, riding it out on your fingers, your juices spilling onto Luke’s chest. 

You pull your fingers out and stand up on shaky legs from your release. 

The color drains from your face as you look at Luke and notice how calm he seems. He’s not struggling, or yelling. In fact, he’s smiling. He’s smiling because he knows there’s nothing more for you to do, and you have to let him out of these cuffs at some point, and some point soon.

"Oh, baby girl, you’re really going to wish you didn’t do this to me."

You swallowed thickly and took the key for the cuffs from the drawer before walking back over to him.

Without looking away from him, you unlocked the cuffs, your breath caught in your throat.

You were expecting him to be pissed off with you and fuck you senseless as soon as he was released, but he wanted to punish you, to torture you like you had done to him. 

Luke grabbed your wrists harshly and pinned them above your head with one hand and attacked your neck with small kisses. He put you in the same position with the cuffs he had just been in moments before.

Your heart raced with filthy thoughts, and you were both excited and terrified.

"Good luck (Y/n). After what you just did to me, baby girl, you don’t stand a chance."

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but imagine going to prom with luke and you’re home getting ready, perfecting your make up and hair and then your doorbell rings and you open the door to see luke in a suit and a bowtie smirking at you sweetly and when he sees how you look like he gets kind of stuck in the moment and only manages to say a quiet hi, stumbling on the simple word along the way and he asks you if you’re ready to go and you say yes and he takes your hand and leads you to a cute little car he rented and when you sit in the car he plays a mixtape of all your favorite songs because he’s been paying extra attention for the last couple of months just so he could find all the best songs for you and when you arrive he hurries to your side of the car just so he could open the door for you and he tries to be a gentleman during the whole night but sometimes fails as he stumbles on his own feet while you’re dancing or wants to say something really cute and gets tongue tied but then still smirks like a jackass when you let him invade your personal space so he could show off to his frieds oh my god stop mE