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Faked his own death, went into retirement, AND THE OTHER TWO CAN YELL AT HIM LATER FOR SCARING THEM

literally faked his own death like ‘bye bitches im outie’ and then inquisitor realized that he forgot to take tua and kallus with him so of course he had to go back and grab them

10 bucks says he shows up later in the series like

i honestly dont know how, when early 2000s dreamworks execs were faced with producing a cheap and fast knock-off capitalising of the success of finding nemo,  a movie composed of celebrities faces mo-capped and pasted onto uncanny valley fish people, fish puns, baffling attempts at hip-hop culture, mafia movie tropes, a plot stolen from a spaghetti western, a subplot shitting on L.A and jack black converged into existence but The Lord finds a way

"Sam Tageson, a 17-year-old with a life-threatening heart condition, became the first non-active NHLer to emerge from the giant shark head prior to the team’s pre-game skate at SAP Center.
After signing a one-day contract with the west coast club. When he was introduced to the 17,562 in attendance, Tageson, who suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, broke down crying amid a standing ovation.


I’m A Shark (Original Song) - I jump on the shark week bandwagon in a big way.

A lot of bitches wanna know what I am, well guess what? 
It’s shark week mother effers and I ain’t a pony. 
I ain’t even a lion or a t-rex. 
Actually I’m a lot better than them cause I got fins, yeah. 
I’m a shaaaaark. I’m a shaaaark. 
I’m a shark oh yes I’m a shark. 
I’m a shaaaaark a little little shark. 
And I’m coming for you watch it I’m a shaaaark. 
I’m the S to the H to the A-R-K 
I’m a shark I’m shark in a sharky sharky way. 
I’m a shaaaaark. A shark shark shark shark shark. 
A nom nom nom nom imma eat chu cause I’m a shark yes.
Yes, that’s what I am. I am a shark! 
I am a shark I’m a sha-a-a-a-ark. 

Because he is a dumb show off loser who cries when he sees stupid sappy commercials and watches romcom movies when he thinks no one is looking and just wants to look cool in front of his cool friends gdi guys why don’t you get it?