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Harry and Louis singing the first part of Little Black Dress together 4/27/14


I got extremely lucky. I bought tickets to Beyonce’s concert!!! This is a huge deal because I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to see her in concert but now I am!

Honestly what makes it even better is that I get to see Les Twins in real live action! I’m super hype about this I honestly don’t think you guys understand.

Ok so story time real quick. (warning: it’s lengthy)

I noticed on Monday that Beyonce had added another tour date in December at Washington DC. I completely freaked out and began looking for tickets on my computer but when I looked them up they were all gone. I was completely upset but I wasn’t going to give up just yet!

So I went onto craigslist and typed in Beyonce tickets and truthfully I was looking for tickets for the December show. I noticed that people were selling tickets for the shows this month on the 29th and 30th! I began looking through some of them. (Some were ridiculously priced) but I finally found reasonable ones!

So I called my friend and asked if she wanted to go and willing to pay the price which she was down for! So I emailed one of the sales person and he emailed me within 2 minutes! Literally! So I freak out and he gives me his number to call. I call him but then he tells me that he’s giving the tickets to someone else and if I had called 30 seconds earlier they would’ve been mine. 

Discouraged I call my friend back who tells me I should try and outbid the person but while I’m on the phone with her the guy calls me back! When I pick up he tells me the people aren’t buying the tickets and that they are mine! I instantly start freaking out and trying to figure out where to meet! After 30 minutes we decide to meet on Tuesday after I get off work. 

On Tuesday I pay the guy and the next thing I know I have BEYONCE TICKETS IN MY FUCKING HAND!!!! I seriously am freaking out about this! I’m still going to walk around Washington DC to find Les Twins but now I get to see them in action AND I’ll be staying after the concert to get MORE pictures with them! 

Sorry for the length but I just had to let everyone know!!! 

P.S. if you read all of this major props to you!! 


Ren’s wearing a pink towel and people thought it’s Nora’s. It’s actually his coz he and Nora bought matching towels—matching everything (like two of each thing, one with their respective color and one with the others’ color) and THEY CANT EVEN PICK OUT WHICH ONE IS THEIRS so like they ended up sharing everything in the end bye