I imagine Hange got too nervous and too drunk and of course Levi is too fucking romantically awkward to understand subtlety so it was a disaster

but they both know already so whatever (they’ll just wake up in the morning and pretend the entire conversation never happened anyway)


Happy birthday, Bricks!

"Well, once you win, you can’t be turned down, right?" says Dongwoo. 

"I don’t think that will help," Myungsoo replies sheepishly to the collective surprise of the audience. 

"And why wouldn’t it?" asks Dongwoo, "you’ll be hailed as a champion, second winner to ever come from your district. A hero even."

Myungsoo flushes, eyes gazing towards Sungyeol’s direction despite him being hidden from view. When he finally replies, he does so so quietly Sungyeol had to strain his ears to make it out. 

"It’s because he’s here with me."

Myungyeol Hunger Games AU (HBD SARAH!)

the tokyo ghoul fandom is snowballing as more and more people watch the episode more posts appear and they’re all either “holy fuck im crying bc hide” or “i want to stab studio pierrot dont u dare touch tg:re unless ur gonna make a reboot” 


What kind of evil entity maDE ME DO THIS YOU ASK?!
Here, have this so you can hate me more: (x)

jesus im so behind hte fandom curve


i made gay revolutionaries into sad gay medieval-fantasy-adventure probably secret lovers ??? it’s fun u should try it.

someone write me secret gay lovers with like… prince/revolutionary Enjolras and solider/follower Grantaire

uni plot where XX is an athlete and YY is a zoology major and they meet in a psych or gov’t class or something and they’re paired up for a project that’s due at the end of the semester and to switch things up maybe YY is the one that’s in the closet and at first it’s a little awkward because YY has this idea in his head that XX has to be the biggest douche in the world bc he’s an athlete and he’s probably gonna make me do all the work etc etc and after a while XX gets fed up with YY being so rude and he’s like “why do you hate me so much? i haven’t done anything at all to you!” and YY says something like “guys like you are never nice.” and they have this serious talk and it’s kinda weird and makes YY feel all embarrassed but after that they get to know each other more and find out they have a lot in common and i don’t wanna give everything away but maybe we can play w the fact that YY is closeted and thinks its ok for others to be gay hell yeah but not him no no no that’s PREPOSTEROUS !! and it maybe causes a rift between them bc lmao u can’t deny that connection that they share and XX knows YY feels it too and they’d be so good together and aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH gimme all the fights and the angry texts when YY stands XX up and those nights where XX invites YY to a team party and they get drunk/buzzed and end up making out but when XX tries to bring it up the next day YY is just like i don’t remember that happening at all and he just changes the subject super quick and it’s dUMB AS HELL BC “I KNOW YOU LIKE ME, YY, SO WHEN ARE YOU GONNA JUST ADMIT IT GDI IT’S OKAY IT’S 2015 TIMES ARE CHANGING IT’S OKAY

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tooch-i replied to your post “what if after Plastic beach when the gang is all at Wobble street…”


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what is bel short for? it's such a cute name!

!!!! thank you!!!! its not really short for anything, actually, but i can tell u it has a couple inspirations behind it when i like. chose it. but they r all kind of embarrassing so sorry

  • its the name of my favorite oc……who im trying to write a novel about (lmao)
  • it remind me of bilbo. and i am basically the modern au demigirl version of bilbo so
  • it reminds me of belfalas….the like coastal region of southern gondor….which i remember reading the name of in lotr and being like “shit!!! thats such a cool name for a thing”
  • it reminds be of belladonna took
  • im five yrs old

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i relate a lot 2 happy?? like i always think in third person/story-ish kind of thing n i do pacing and the hand things??? i love ur oc im sorry if this is weird

haha no its ok !! tbh a lot of happy’s habits are based on stuff i do (since she and mel r technically just….me repurposed and combined w other stuff, haha)

the way she carries herself isn’t like me at all, but a lot of her nervous habits are shit i do irl. all of those things r things i do too, so„dont worry abt it, haha!!

I remember when The Wanted broke up and the amount of posts I saw that said stuff like “finally they’re gone” or “they were shit anyway” 

imagine how the fans, including me felt? One member has left and its broken millions of girls hearts, so imagine how we must have felt when our whole band left?

All im saying is, don’t be mean about something other people are upset about, whether you like that thing or not.

Also im sorry about Zayn leaving

ibitironman said: I guess you could say they’ve got you…hooked. I’m so sorry for that im sorry. no its a great show isnt it? ;w;

haha you’re so great!! and, yeah, it is. it’s one of those shows that I can’t stop watching once I start. Even though it kind of makes me anxious.