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Everyone was crying today over a man I wish to go to hell, they thought I was just unable to express myself. They don't know he sexualy abused me though. All I heard was how good of a man he was. My brother respected hom so much& wants to be like him

im so sorry to hear that lovely. just because other people think he was a good person, it doesnt mean that he was. your pain is valid. stay strong <3

one time i ran to my mom’s bed crying in the middle of the night because i had fallen asleep on top of my arm and when i woke up it was numb and floppy and since i couldnt feel it i thought there was just a floppy dislocated arm in my bed with me so i tried throwing it with my other arm and when it flopped back toward me i fucking ran for my life


thanks to dansfluffybutt for tagging me in the 20 beautiful people thing :O youre wonderful ahhh sorry i didnt see this until now bc i was out shopping
eren right there is summarizing my day so far i spent way too much money on things but whatever
uhhhh i tag everyone because youre all beautiful and im shit at tagging people i just love seeing all your wonderful faces okay 
this is a formal invitation to tag me in all of your selfies whenever you post them bc i wanna see them all so i can reblog them and cry over how beautiful you are okay okay <3

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I'm so upset right now I simultaneously want to cry and slap someone pls say something to make me smile you're good at that

uhhh when i was a kid i was scared of prozzak music videos because the blue hair guy had no neck and i was having none of it. also i was scared of the band eiffel 65. and i was also scared of rosie o’donnell and one day my uncle put her show on tv and said i was going to marry her and i ran home crying



i drew this a while ago but i decided it was a good day to post it because it makes me hurt so i figured i should share the pain. 

That’s Apple there, with her mom. 

{Text from “Apple White’s Story”}

its okay, you can come to me with your tears. we can all have a good cry

             ♚  I just want to make myself clear:
        I’m only planning on following people who
        actually plan on roleplaying with me, not just
        wanting a mutual follow for the hell of it. 

i feel really sorry for whoever goes to see civil war with me because i wont shut up???? ill cry every time bucky is on screen??? ill scream at any comic references??? ill tell you all about those comic refs???? im so sorry

so every time i tell people that aou made me cry their initial reaction is to ask if it was due to pietro, and yes that was a very emotional scene, but the second i correct them and tell them it was actually the information we got regarding natasha’s backstory and her sterilization, i get an eye roll? like what the fuck? i’m sorry i’m incredibly emotional over a women being STERILIZED BASICALLY AGAINST HER WILL BECAUSE SHE FELT SHE HAD NO OTHER CHOICE OR PATH IN LIFE, AND IS NOW CLEARLY TORN UP ABOUT IT BECAUSE IF IT WASN’T OBVIOUS BY HER INTERACTIONS WITH CLINT AND HIS FAMILY, AND HOW SHE SPOKE TO BRUCE, SHE CLEARLY WANTS TO BE A MOTHER AND RAISE HER OWN KIDS? LIKE HOW IS THAT SAD? AND NOT A VALID REASON TO CRY? LIKE FUCK. YES I KNOW SOMEONE WE ALL CARE ABOUT DIED IN THAT MOVIE BUT NATASHA HAS GONE THROUGH SO MUCH SHIT AND THIS WAS JUST ADDING MORE TO THE PILE AND I FELT FOR HER LIKE SORRY FOR FEELING SOME SORT OF EMOTION DURING THAT SCENE


i had no idea #asianinvasion was a thing until now!!  happy late may 8th, guys lmfaoo
honestly, i started crying after scrolling through the tag just because it really hit me how much racism we go through everyday. 

I’m sick of comments like “it’s because you’re asian” and stereotypes saying that all asians are smart and cheap and that we all eat dogs and play piano and other shit like that.
sick of people mocking asian languages and accents, thinking pretending that they’re all the same.
sick of people making fun of asian people who can’t speak perfect english.
sick of people thinking only chinese, korean, and japanese people count as ‘asian’ and saying “that’s different” when i mention other asian ethnicities than those. 

I hear stuff like this even from my own friends and because i have no backbone, i just awkwardly laugh with them when they say these racist comments as if they’re funny jokes. Instead of being proud of my culture, I get scared of possible ridicule of it and of other peoples’ cultures. 

I want all of you to know that you are important as an individual. You are not defined by the stereotypes of your culture.

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Have you gone up to your quarters? That's where he was waiting for me. As soon as I went back to my quarters the scene triggered.

lmao i just did because someone told me to do that and it triggered the cutscene automatically… i’m laughing so hard i’m crying… y’all leave me here for a moment to revel in my ingenuity.

I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore T.J is refusing to get better, he’s refusing to eat and he keeps telling me that he doesn’t want to eat because of how “fat” he is. I honestly can’t get through to him anymore, he’s literally starving himself to death and he doesn’t even care.

I’ve done all that I can do and nothing is working, his body is getting weaker, he can’t even stand or walk anymore. I’ve been trying to tell him if he doesn’t eat he will die, and he keeps telling me that he’s not gonna die or if he eats hes gonna get fat.

I don’t know what else to do, I showed him Project:Till the end of the line, he did think it was sweet but he still can’t see that were trying to help him.

It’s really up to him to get better and he’s refusing to.

I’m calling Project:Till the end of the line off.

I’ve tried all I could do, but I can’t get him to listen to me, I’ve tried so many things and still he won’t get better, he thinking that he should die because of everything he’s been through and I am sorry about what happened to him I really am.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but what he tried to do last night just broke my heart, I can’t watch him slowly kill himself everyday and try time in and time out to try and kill himself.

T.J your the best and I love you so much but I can’t just sit around and watch you starve yourself to death. I’ve done all that I can for you, but you can’t recognize someone trying to help you.

I’m sorry guys, I feel like I let everyone down, I feel like I let T.J and Liam down as well.

I’m gonna crawl into a hole and cry.

ok im sorry for postin about this again but im still like at a 11 from the little astro boy dvd news tbh..idk how im gonna last til still feels like some dream and like i gotta convince myself that yes it actually is happening..!!!!

anyways this seriously means the world to dibby..!! i remember last year i would lit check practically every single day all summer for any sort of news just anything!! there is an episode no one’s ever seen before because it glitched up and froze when it aired and im really really excited that that means there’s a ham comin that i haven’t seen!!!! im so so so excited i can’t stand it.. there’s also the fact that its gonna include a jp dub..i wonder what ham will sound like!! and maybe will include other lil things..maybe? that’d be nice

sorry i know it’s obnoxious but it really makes me wanna cry out of happiness…i know it’s such a simple and silly show and only like 8 eps but it makes me so happy it’s very very special to me and im just so glad it didn’t disappear

“im trying to do the best that i can“ That’s what Jared has in his twitter bio now.

I don’t know why he wrote that now but it’s making me cry because I love this man so much, my life has changed for better since I started watching SPN and the Always Keep Fighting campaign was the reason I stopped cutting. I don’t want to see he’s not okay. 

Sorry for my bad English, I’m just really sad. 

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I'm really down rn but no ones answering my messages and I really don't trust my self to be alone rn I feel so unwanted and unloved, I can't stop crying I've failed everyone I tried so hard to be good and stay strong but I failed I'm sorry

hey friend you havent failed! youre doing so well youve made it this far and youve made it to my ask box to send me this message and for that im really really proud of you, you are definitely not unwanted or unloved because i love you and would love to hear from you whenever and your presence here improves so many peoples days, im sorry youre having a hard time at the moment but pleaase please dont give up, you havent failed everyone can have bad days where they feel like things are done for good but just take some deep breaths, have a rest and try again the next day. please never give up because you always have the next day & the days after that to keep trying, even if you give up this day i love you friend & i know you can beat this i have so much faith in you