You know what,i wanna say something.
I wanna say how god damn proud I am of dan and Phil.

And I wanna say how much I love them.

And I think I should talk about how much they’ve grown up.

And I wanna speak about how much they trust us now.

And I wanna tell the phandom how proud I am off them.

And you know what I wanna say how lucky we are for all they give us.

and I feel I should also touch on the fact they are more happy lately.

And how much them two boys love each over,romantic or not.

I wanna discuss the fact dan never gave up hope too become friends with Phil.

And how Phil was determined too meet dan.

And I wanna talk about how they still live together.

And talk about how they are always with each over.

And you know what Else,I wanna say that I find it beautiful that no matter,how big they get,how many subscribers they get,they never forget us.

And you know what I love the most- they never forget each over.

And I-I want you too get me a tissue because now I’m crying.


I just….what?

I am but a humble aromantic asexual narutard where did all of these notes come from????????????????? I DONT DESERVE THIS SEND HELP I CANT FIGURE OUT WHATS GOING ON HERE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????