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I'm so nervous for tomorrow. My family is having people over for Memorial Day and we have a pool. My best friend is coming and she wants to swim. I don't want everyone to see me in my bathing suit. I feel so fat and it's going to be so hard to wear it with so many people around. Do you have any advice?

do what makes you comfortable!! im 10000000% sure that no one will think you are fat or comment on your body. (: and if im wrong then you can punch me in the face and steal all my money. you are so gorgeous and dont have to worry about your body! wear something that makes you feel beautiful and free. you should have fun with your best friend!! she loves you so much and she doesnt care one bit about your weight. take advantage of the warm weather and your pool! omg youre so lucky :D people should love you for you. not your body. and if they say differently then they arent the type of people you should surround yourself with. its their problem not yours. stay strong and please notice how breathtaking you are. let go and have some fun!!! xoxoxox ilysmg