the look in his eyes

To everyone in Rakuzan he is the untouchable: wealty, handsome, captain of the basketball team and student council president as a first year, it is indeed an incredible feat. However, Nijimura only sees a lost fifteen year old boy who is burdened with too many expectations: more so from himself than from others. 

au where Nijimura attends Rakuzan | (written for nijiaka week) 

word count: 1364 | AO3

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I was googling to see if sharpie markers were okay to use for decorating eggs (they are!) and in my searching I found a website that was comparing Easter eggs to the resurrection of Christ.

And I know that’s what Easter is all about. I’m religious. I respect that. But these eggs came out of a chicken vagina. So let’s just stop the similes right there. And if you think hard enough, you can relate anything to Jesus. For example:

“This table is like the bible because like our table holds up our things, the bible holds up our lives.”

“This calculator is like Satan because you could type 666 in there if you wanted to.”

“This dildo is like church because it is fun to go to church.”

“This oven is like hell because if you got in and I turned it all the way to high, you would likely burn to death. So don’t do anything bad or you will go to the ov- I mean Hell.”

Okay so maybe a church wouldn’t use those examples but you get my point.

Two questions: 

one: How does one make cheese sauce?? because I’ve tried to make cheese sauce so many times and all I get is an odd buttery creamy sauce and a big glob of cheese that does not integrate. *_*

two: apparently on our super amazing Ireland trip, we have the world’s longest layover in London. What cool stuff do you guys recommend I do in London? 


So I have been thinking about this for a long while and although I am kinda sad to do it, I’m going to be dropping some threads of mine. Eren has been very lackluster to me and I haven’t felt much motivation to get on him and do much, minus a few roleplays that I will be keeping. That doesn’t mean we can’t replot though so if you want to, just message me! 

I’ll be keeping

Over Lonely and Undertouched ( arminthewhore )
Beyond Boundaries ( improperoldmen )
We Fight to Survive ( sciatha )
I’ll Guard You ( virtusferocia )
Bad Influence ( wayward-bird )
Closer ( alotofheartforaheartlessbastard )
Fanboy ( indomitableheichou )

If you aren’t on this list, I am so so sorry! Like I said above, we can replot something and it’s not you. Your writing and characters are perfection. It’s just that I have two other muses to manage and I’m going to be working here soon so I have to be a bit more choosy and I’m only going to write for what I’m really motivated for. I love you all and thank you for understanding! 

You will look back
in a couple of
and realize
fear overtook your heart,
to which you
gave in.
Do not treat
your white flag like a victory march,
I stood my ground,
I left when I needed to.
You were a child touching love
that ran away
when he felt the burn.
I have always
been the
—  Michelle K., I Have Always Been the Fire.

But You Didn’t - Kagehina

Inspired by this poem // 

wherein Kageyama had to transfer/got scouted ლ(。-﹏-。 ლ)


take this as an apology and a (rubbish) explanation of why i have suddenly stopped talking about anything except this stupid show

i got most images apart from two from google or i screenshotted them; the credit for the other two go to hostile-17-owes-me-kittens and psicosomatico

(this was made between the 3rd and 4th eps of s2)

(here's where you can watch it internationally)

(sorry again)

edit: if you’re in the uk, please watch it on iplayer if it’s on there, we need the ratings! :)

edit no 2: please take part in the #saveintheflesh campaign - we don’t yet know whether we’re going to get a 3rd series!


Future: Noun. A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come. Effulgence: Noun. A brilliant radiance.


today. tonight. tomorrow. forever.