Countdown to Sunny’s Birthday: 2 weeks | Part II

Sunny trough MV’s + rainbow pastel colors
“I think my strong point is the fact that i’m not afraid of challenges and able to accept new changes.” - Sunny

anonymous asked:

Could you make icons of Peggy in Agent Carter please? :) (and I know you provide several different colours of icons but if it's not too much trouble could you make them in different shades of purple?)

Sorry I didn’t read this properly and so made them as usual (only making sure to include purple) and then only really ended up with two shades of purple (as shown below), so I went back and the extra purple ones are shown at the very end, after all the usual colours.

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[MV] 130909 - GI (Global Icon) - 뻥치지마 (Don’t Lie / Booshit) (Feat. Dok2)