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IB Diploma Programme

Hey guys I just recently finished the IB! And here are some nice tips I have gathered for your preparation for the final exams or tests!


Open up excel and make a simple schedule. Make sure to have a month’s time to study for your exam. I went week by week.

Biology HL

—> THIS STUDY GUIDE WAS VERY USEFUL that I BARELY REFERRED TO MY TEXTBOOK: https://global.oup.com/education/product/9780198393511/?region=international

—> If you don’t understand some concepts here is a youtube IB bio guru to help you out: https://www.youtube.com/user/misterleescience/playlists

—> DO lots of past papers: they are leaked all over the internet. Type in the subject, year, and timezone into google and a number of results will pop out.

—> Write out the concepts. Simply reading will not help, memorise each and every step. The key is to ‘UNDERSTAND’ and not practice rote memorisation.

Chemistry HL

—> First understand the concepts. Here is a youtube IB chem god to help you out: https://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley

—> PRACTICE. I really can’t stress this enough. Once you finish a topic, practice as many IB questions as possible and Immediately ask the teacher your doubts.

English A Language and Literature HL

—> As for Paper 1 all you can do is practice! Make sure you are familiar with the stylistic features because it is one of the criteria. Here is a link to help you with that: http://literarydevices.net/

—> As for Paper 2 make sure you are familiar with all the books. Make sure to have gathered enough important quotes. I would say atleast have 10 quotes per each work. The quotes should also be rich in stylistic features. Both context and content will be important. Also pay attention to theme, plot, motif, setting, and characterization.

Math SL

—> FRIST understand THEN practice till you drop.

—> Do question both from the book and past papers.

—> Remember the IB will never give you anything you cannot solve.

Psychology SL

—> The outcomes are very important, make sure to know by heart what discuss, explain, analyze etc. mean because if you don’t answer your essay according to the outcome you will score very low even if you wrote an excellent essay.

—> Memorize each and every case study with evaluation. For short answer questions evaluation is not usually needed but do so lightly anyway to mke your essay look more complete.

Japanese B Sl/ Ab Initio

—> Know your grammer, kanji, and vocabulary.

—> Practice by doing all the past papers. As for paper 2 make sure your have praticed writing essays to all the past ib prompts.

—> Answer with detail and make sure you have answered everything asked by the prompt.

—> In Paper 1 if you get lost in the reading comprehension read the previous information to guide you.

Extended Essay

—> Choose something you are genuinely interested in and feel passionate about exploring. Remember you are not graded for the hardest topic.

—> Make use of external resources very well and remember to format your work correctly


Theory of Knowledge

—> You have to think outside the box and be very open minded. There are many ways of looking at things.

—> Make sure your TOK presentation is really interesting and enjoyable to watch.

—> The TOK must be critical and really bring out the essence of TOK as you answer the question. Remember there are many ways to look at the question.

Creativity Action Service

—> Make sure to document your activity with reflections and photos.

—> Write a reflection every two weeks for each activity to update your progress. And at the end of each activities write a final 300-500 word reflection.

—> In the final Cas summary you can combine all your 300-500 world reflection into a single document.


Internal Assessments

—> DO YOUR BEST IN THESE, they can really help you lift your final grade!!!

KEEP PUSHING, TAKE BREAKS, AND DON’T SLACK OFF. You will really regret it and can end up cramming before the exams! GOOD LUCK TO THE CURRENT and FUTURE IB STUDENTS! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DO TO YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL and you will eventually make it!

IB: This is a college level class so we will be doing 20 essays every week and they will be no less than 5 pages AND DON’T THINK ABOUT TURNING THINGS IN LATE!!
College: This is a college level class, so we will be doing about three or four essays over the semester, and they’ll be about 500 words each but I’m not strict on that, also you won’t be graded on grammar.

Trying to explain TOK to Non-IB students...

“What do you learn in TOK?”

“… Okay, so what about those things, the ‘Ways of Knowing’? What’s that all about?”

“So, does this means that 'emotion, language, perception and reasons’ are …”

“I’m still confused… by all of this… and I’m already super stressed and sleep deprived…”

… you’re doing the IB ~ !

:3 Basically.

(Enchanted © Disney)

On the 12th day of Christmas, IB gave to me

Twelve pages of CAS reflections,

Eleven TOK discussions,

Ten practice tests,

Nine “classics” to read,

Eight cultural experiences,

Seven pounding headaches,

Six written tasks,

Five IAs to BS,

Four mental break downs,

Three hours of sleep,

Two years of regret,

And an EE that hasn’t been written.