I miss this so much I used to look so bloody bad ass!


Troye: not mine just editted

Kylie out in West Hollywood


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I dabbled a little in stitchings today! Started a new project, wanted something small. A late start, after a bike ride and treating myself to hot chocolate and a soak. Then early quit because I’m getting sleepy. 😝 You can’t tell yet but it’s Eeyore on 18ct Aida. I think if I finish it in time, I may try putting it in a small frame for a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. He’s her favorite. 😄 (I’m more of a Tigger and Pooh fan.)

Thank you all for the well wishes and chat from yesterday and not dumping me. 😍 Not 100% better, but I’m not moody and insane so you can all relax. Haha.


Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good

Miss Hot, Mister Cold,
They’ll mend their hearts
If they don’t withhold.

She aches to love him,
He’s unaccustomed.
I know you’re broken, 
Please let my love in.

You broke your promise,
Then I broke mine too.
I wish we were honest, 
That we followed through.

When you withdrew,
I really missed you.
That’s when I attack,
I overreact.

You’re stoic like a stone, 
You chill me to the bone.
And I burn you back
To see your mask crack.

Our armors are cracked 
From our lives’ attacks.
If our temperatures blend,
Then our hearts, we’ll mend.

—  Anna Yegiyan, Mend

anonymous asked:

Im so weak for sehun's legs. They are so long. I bet his dick is also long. And i hope it's thick too. I would like him to ram my pussy with his glorious dick and shoot his hot warm cum in me and i'll gladly lick and swallow his delicious cum.

Wow. Such raw intense passion, lust, and desire; No filter, I love it. I feel the same way, even as a boy. I just wish he’d fly over and have his way with me 

I just really want to. So ready for Sehun
8===D O:

~Admin Xy

ilove-stef asked:

hey what are your thoughts about the fourtris sex scene in insurgent..i think it was so steamy and hot but too short..i mean it just blacked out? sheo has such amazing chemistry , it should have been utilized a little bit more in that scene i m sad

Hi! How you doing, buddy? :)

My thought about it? It was so hot that my body (mainly my toes) were wiggling in happiness. I had a FourTris-spasm during the whole movie, but that scene - along with a few others, took the cake. And also, the reason why they blacked out shortly after it started, is because of the stupid PG-13 rating. 

Anyways; you’re right, it’s pretty clear that Sheo has an incredible chemistry, and I wish we could see more of that in the sex scene. But even without that particular moment, we can definitely see how devoted they are to make FourTris appeal as genuine and truthful as possible. Before the Divergent series were to be adapted as movies, we saw FourTris as the perfect fictional OTP. Not necessarily perfect as in capable of everything, but their imperfections are what make them so intriguing. And thanks to Shailene and Theo’s acting skills, along with their dedication to the series, they have managed to give us - both readers and non-readers - a fascinating and breath-taking visual of FourTris’ love. Which is why I will forever be grateful to them; as well as Neil and the others who have participated in hiring those two as Four and Tris. Not only did they give us an opportunity to see how great their chemistry is, but they even let us watch them act as FourTris, who is likely one of the highly expected OTP we have today. 

In case you all were wondering I was hot in the summer and I’m hot now

I just wrote a little bit in my diary and im feeling like a lot better

my scorpio moon is overwhelming, my desire for revenge and devotion consumes A LOT of my emotions

i guess this is all a really convoluted way of saying i wish more people loved me

I love when my dad talks about Jensen Ackles
  • Dad:I don't like the way they do his hair this season. It wasn't like that before.
  • Me:Seems to me that you're looking a bit too closely at him.
  • Dad:Well, it's just that I wish I had the same sort of face.
  • Me:Well, many people do. But it's too late for that now, Dad.
  • Dad:No but seriously, he's good looking, isn't he?
  • Me:Yes Dad, he's hot.
  • Dad:Yeah, he's the kind of guy that you handcuff to the headboard so that he won't get away.