And for as long as we are putting up acts of who cares lesser than the other, let’s review the situation again - the losses suffered, the gains made.

You got everything i wanted to give you -Me - body, heart and soul.
I took from you something which i believe was solely yours - your immortality.

Now i don’t know how much of ‘you’ you wanted to share but i got enough to turn You into a book and as a writer, there’s no more that i can ask for from a single person.

So here, through these words, accept my Gratitude.

—  lossofink

Salon Industrie for The Sims 4

I wanted to create a bigger set before sharing it, but I don’t feel like working on the TSR Workshop again ! As I don’t know when the S4S will allow us to create new colors easily (and if we will be able to use another software than Blender), I give you these objects I finished some time ago now.

This small set is composed of 4 objects, a coffee table (10 color options), a loveseat, a sofa, and an armchair (20 color options). Base game compatible, works with the design tool. 

As I used larger textures (1024px instead of 512px), my objects may be a bit heavy. I made a second version of them, with smaller textures, choose the one you prefer (yep, the 1024px look better, if you don’t mind the file size !).

Download - 1024px textures

Download - 512px textures

If you want to recolor these objects, please send me a message. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own ! ;)

Naruto Gaiden 700+5

I facepalmed myself on this part. Seriously Sasuke, can you be any more of an emotionless bastard. THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HER, YOU SKARKY SON OF A BIATCH!

God I fucking love you Chouchou, like I can’t even, xD the girl is an angel sent by Kishi to protect Sarada from her emotionally stunted father xD

Naruto’s face in this panel though xD Like, he’s being attacked from the back while he’s supposedly ‘distracted’, but he’s all like, “bitch please. I noticed you three hours ago” xD

Well, what a sight



‘’Doffy!’’ well, hehe, nicely played Oda, but you won’t -

!!!1!!1 THEEERE WE GO, he’s finally making me guiltily ship this for real.

anonymous asked:

you said you were busy working on a project, what project? sorry i'm curious

I am! I’m working on this with my brother and an elementary school “coach”.

It’s a photo series about autistic children and their (usually, not always the case!) use of art to make their daily lives “easier”.

As you may, or may not, know autistic people have trouble expressing emotions, or communicating in general. And most autistic children tend to use art, to still be able to “talk”, to express. We use drawings, paintings, pictures, anything to make it easier for us to communicate, to show those emotions.

So far my photo series has the name Autistic Artistic!”.

Every picture will be a(n) child/adult with their art, and a story about them, their struggle in their daily life and how art helps them to communicate. And I will start this series Tuesday, June 2nd.

I’m very proud of, and exited for, this series. It’s something close to home, something very personal. :)

Okay so, story time!! Listen up little ones because I want to share this with the entire Spn fandom and family. This story will restore your faith in humanity, so please read this.

So for those of you who know and are aware, I’m a sickly person. Both mentally and physically. I had a rough childhood, bad family situation and all that. So in result, my medical bills are stacked to the roof. Late fees and interest, and because of my health I can barely manage a job to pay for anything. My depression has been getting really bad as of late, given my recent suicide attempts and (yes even more) hospital stays. I’ve been in a bad place. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I thought you know, no one cared. I wasn’t good for anything, I couldn’t even manage a basic job and because I am so young, i have no experience for anything so people would just walk right over me. 

Very recently I had a severe lapse. I was on the brink of suicide yet again. But this time was different. I was on my last option. I had nothing else left. And this was after the incident with Jared, when he fell. The fandom was right by his side in an instant. And they still are. They’re fighting for him even still today. Shortly after that happened, I fell. It was bad, I was really hurting. But this time I decided to do something about it, I decided to ask for help just like Jared did.

The response was overwhelming. hundreds of inbox messages within the hour. Love, support, encouragement, stories and so much more. People telling me to always keep fighting, don’t give up. Don’t let the demons win. I was happy. People actually cared. People helped me feel better even at my lowest point. The messages never stopped. I never knew so many people cared for my well being. 

In my plea I said something to the effect of not being able to continue fighting my battles without getting the chance to meet my heros personally. (Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins). They’ve done so much to help me without even knowing my name. They’ve saved my life. Those two men are one of the main reasons I am typing this today. If I could do just that one thing, if i could just meet them, I could keep fighting until I grew old. I could stand for myself and try again. I could keep going. But there was no way that was going to happen. My medical bills were to prevent me from ever getting the chance to see them, in my entire life. Nothing made me feel worse than knowing that was a absolute fact.

Until now.

Shortly after I made my plea for help, I received a message on Tumblr from user michika0amaya. This person offered to buy me an entire weekend pass to the Supernatural convention in New Jersey, no questions asked, no catch. Only payment they asked for in return? To be happy and enjoy myself, and to send lots of pictures. That’s literally it.

Well at first I have to admit, I was skeptical. I didn’t want to get my hopes up only to be dragged down farther to the point of no return if it turned out to be a prank. I also didn’t want to burden my troubles on someone else. I honestly did not think it was fair. But this person did not take no for an answer and insisted that it was to be. So it happened. I actually have an entire weekend pass to go see Misha, Jared, Jensen and all of the other dorks that I love so much and have made such a positive impact in my life. I actually get this chance. This once in a life time opportunity from a stranger who didn’t even know me.

If you have never witnessed the love and power of the Spn Fandom and Family, I am here to tell you first hand that it is real. So very real and so very powerful. Thank you. I can’t say it enough. Thank you all for being here for me. Thank you for the love and support. Thank you for the words of encouragement. And thank you so much, michika0amaya for giving me the chance of a lifetime to see my heros. To See Misha and Jared. even if it’s just for one weekend. It’s all I needed. 

Thank you

An Awesome Aywans Story

So, as I said in my last post, I was super disappointed to not be able to snag one of the Sync archer foxes, because they were my top choices. I’ve been frantically running around trying to find two to PMBC together so I can have one of my own, while also attempting to sleep (that didn’t go so well rofl).

I had literally 1 GP to my name, and I was hella desperate, so I started thinking about what I would do–offer breeding slots with my OOAKs, whore out my customs, sell all my items, idk. And then suddenly I got a notification from a user I met…. less than 2 hours earlier? (I don’t even know if we interacted before then??), who out of the blue sent me a bunch of GP to be able to pay breeding fees ;___; I was/am so grateful I wanted to cry….

A while later, a bit after 2 am, I did manage to fall asleep, but I woke up a few hours later and checked back in. In that time, two of the teos were put up for breeding. Two different people, neither of whom I talk to regularly (and not the one mentioned above), contacted me to let me know about it, because they saw how badly I wanted to be able to breed them ;_____;

I am just so, so appreciative of these random acts of kindness, and it means a lot to me that several users went out of their way to help me out ;w; I just thought these were all SUCH sweet things to do that I wanted to mention it here <3 (I don’t want to drop names just in case, but you know who you are!!)

So even in teo hell there is kindness and I love it :’D I don’t know for sure that the owners will accept my slots but I’m staying hopeful! Thanks loves!!

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I went to the dentist today and my mouth is a little sore from getting my teeth cleaned but I still want to (and will) suck dick today. Just wanted to share.

I love your determination and commitment

my being fat makes a statement whether i like it or not.

i got these black super-super-high-waisted jeans

let us be clear that it very much highlights my round tummies (yes plural hah)

i was scared shitless to wear them for fear of judgment

but i did it anyway

i definitely turned heads (for better or worse!)

this one cool lady shopkeep actually said to me, “you are so so beautiful! the lips–all that red–the outfit–love it all! it just makes me happy!”

she was so emphatic and warm!

i always fear the worst

when will i ever let good things like this sink in?

I'm happy

Last Tuesday, I played badminton with a bunch of guy friends of mine. Yes I’m the only girl. So like I’m all fat and plump and when I saw the guys playing, I felt insecure about myself and started thinking ways to reduce my weight. So my face is usually emotionless and when I’m thinking people usually mistake me for being sad. So today, when I was going to take a nap, one of the guys texted me! Incidentally, he’s like, my guy bff or something. He asked why I looked so sad on that day, he thought I was mad at him. I kinda laughed a lil and explained the situation to him. What surprised me was the fact that he paid attention to my expressions. Cause nobody in class would ever do that. And it made me happy that he cared. Anyways I’m sorry for my blabbering. I wanted to put this on a read more but I’m on my phone so..

So about a month ago I went back to one of my old blogs (that I created when I was 13 and abandoned when I was 15) and out of nostalgia I’ve decided to “revive” it…

And here I am still feeling nostalgic about the good times (I honestly only have good memories related to this) and I absolutely hate it because they now belong in the past and… I dunno.

I legitimately feel like I’m going to cry and I feel so stupid for it. It’s just a blog for Christ’s sake.

Rig’s Notes: Drones

Drones are a hodgepodge Virus construct of insectoid design. Large dome like eyes are  like tempered glass,  sharp teeth and  mobile mouth parts are designed to grab and rip. Four multi-jointed  limbs are sickle-like and designed to stun, cut and hold prey.

 Large abdomen contains spinnerets and a stinger capable of paralyzing prey and wrapping it in cords, Heavy plates line the top but the bottom is fairly soft and vulnerable. However damage and even removal of the abdomen alone will not hinder a Drone from attacking.

Drones vary in size depending on age, newer Drones stand about 6 to 7 feet while older molts can reach 15  to 20 feet in height.

the thorax is small but contains the Drone’s primary ‘organs’, it is shielded by thick plates but the drone can be killed if the  Thorax is damaged.

The head houses the ‘ brain’ and though the neck is made of re-enforced cable it can be severed. removal of the head is the best method of killing a Drone. They function on a ‘hive mind’ but will eat their dead and badly wounded.