fancast: sharlto copley as older!Henry VII

During his last six years of life, Henry VII became a virtual recluse and his bad reputation for miserliness and paranoia became markedly worse after the death of his Queen.
With Elizabeth’s burial, the lights went out all over Henry’s court ; the reign was plunged into crisis and Henry, shattered, would never be the same again. Rarely visible, he seemed not to want to be seen. For people who caught a glimpse of him, hollow-cheeked, blue eyes burning fiercely, he seemed more dead than alive. Illness seemed to provoke even further his fierce obsession with control.

— The Winter King, by Thomas Penn


"I’ve said before that Arrow is at its best when it is addressing Oliver’s serious mental health issues — the trauma he is still not and will probably never be over, and how the coping mechanism he used to stay alive are now keeping him from living. Seeing these characters call Oliver out with the show’s backing does this. Starting with Felicity’s heartbreaking, but dramatically wonderful ‘I don’t want to be a woman you love’ speech, this show seems to be getting back on its feet when it comes to this more complex characterization of Oliver Queen."

"The Return" recap from GenreTV

MTMTE #15: questions

The more I think about the famous dramatic scene from MTMTE #15, the more it seems illogical to me. Why the hell Chromedome decided to shoot at the cell? He says to Fort Max (who didn’t seem to get hurt at all during the fight): “I’m doing the only thing I can do." Not "we have to save Rewind" or "we have to get him back" or anything like this.

What if Overlord’s first instinct after getting trapped wasn’t killing/torturing Rewind? And even if he did torture him - Rewind could still be alive when the rescue team would come. Lots of mech on the “Lost Light” have been wounded/injured, but not all of them - there are more than a hundred mecha onboard and Rewind seems to be liked by everyone. Why wouldn’t Chromedome want to at least try to save him? Why was the mercy kill the first and only idea that came to his mind?

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#I have a lot of feels #sorry #but I don't talk about renard a lot and there's a lot in my head - oh realllly? care to share some of your renard headcanons?

I would love to, darling.  I’m getting sleepy but here’s a little:

Renard is an orphan, and has no memories of his parents.  He doesn’t really think about them anymore, though he did when he was a child he would imagine that they had loved him and died saving him from a fire, or he’d been kidnapped and they didn’t know how to find him.  As he got older he decided there were two options; they were dead or they were alive and didn’t want him.  The second seemed more likely.

He grew up learning that there were two ways to prove you were a man; being able to overpower others, and sex with women.  Even from a young age he was able to hold his own in a fight.  He was twelve when he had sex with a girl from the village.  She thought it meant something.  He was pretty cruel in disabusing her of that notion.

Sex for the most part was either for physical pleasure or for getting information, and it was rare that he slept with someone more than once.  He has, a few times, slept with men for information.  He was not attracted to them, but neither was he disgusted.

There are very few people in the world he cares about at all.  His value on human life in general is pretty low.  Sex does not have an emotional component at all until it does.  He’s never loved anyone like he loves Belle, and his love is overwhelming.  He would die for her, kill for her, or try to do neither.  Try to be a man that she wants him to be.  Or, in movie canon it’s Electra he loves so completely that he will kill himself to give her what she wants.  Either way his feeling as so intense it’s like all the love he never felt for anyone for years is focused on one person.

Sophie is HIS and if you hurt his daughter he will literally tear you apart.  

Renard is a name that was given to him after he killed a man.  The police found the man in his own panic room.  Renard is clever, like a fox, and the whispers about the new young assassin were that the name fit.

And it’s 3 am so I better stop there for tonight.

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It seems to me larry was dead before night came does that mean he will die in the morning again????

*They have decided to give up the game before Larry gets even more injured, but vow to come back and finish it one day.*

Ahkmenrah: *Reads the question and sobers quickly.* No, he was not dead. Even though he should have been, the tablet was keeping him alive. *Shrugs* It is connected to me in many ways, and probably sensed that I would not want Larry to die. *Takes Larry’s hand again.* He will be perfectly alive in the morning.

Larry: *Nods* Yup. And the magic can’t effect Cecil, cause he’s not in the museum anymore. So we’re good; he’s not coming back. 

Nick: Good, that guy gives me the creeps.

Larry: He gives everyone the creeps. He’s creepy. Reeeaaaaaaaal creepy. 

*Ahk and Nick look over to see Larry staring intently at the ceiling.*

Ahkmenrah: *Holding back laughter* Very true. 

Nick: *Giggles.*

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ayo! I was wondering your thoughts on Edmund kemper? I've been reading more and more on him, he's quite interesting

Kemper’s case is a pretty interesting one in my opinion, as he seems pretty self-aware of himself and states that “he wasn’t proud” that he wanted to kill his own mother. He definitely had early warning signs, I think at one point he buried his pet cat alive, and stabbed another. He narrated books for the blind as well which is very interesting, it’s weird to think that someone who committed such horrible crime can do something so compassionate lol. Thanks for the ask!

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  • Do I Follow Them?:  Yes.
  • Why Did I Follow Them?:  I think I followed her first, and it was because I was curious about Earth-616 Charles meeting movie Mystique. 
  • Do We Role Play?: Yes.
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: I do, and we do. 
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: The fact that Charles is alive again and knows about Kid X and they’re talking about him is pretty AU. xD
  • A Song For Our Muses: Lalala - Naughty Boy (it’s actually apt from both sides xD)
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: I wouldn’t have originally, but it seems Marvel has chosen for me. I’m still more bemused than anything else. xD
  • What I Think About The Mun: Absolutely brilliant. Being able to role-play with someone who enjoys exploring uncovered areas and ideas. She’s also hilarious and really nice. 
  • Overall Opinion: I’m really glad that we got to interacting more, and I’m still excited about all the possibilities ahead of Charles and Mystique. xD 
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What do you think about Daryl right now? :/

"Think" of him? Uh I mean as a character he had one line in the last episode so okay. In terms of his mental state, I actually hope the torment continues. I love the guy, but his mourning moment I felt was so important so show the impact Beth really had on him. I think his new attitude based on that loss kind of keeps her memory alive. Obviously I want him to be Daryl but I want the idea of loosing people to be more apparent than it seems to be sometimes. Sometimes I feel like a character dies and its really sad and two episodes later its glazed over. Idk. Idk if that was an answer haha. Tbh I feel like he has lost everyone and detached from the rick bromance and carol bromance so I’m not sure where he is headed. 

February 16, 2015. I was in a bad wreck with my grandfather today. The weather and roads were bad and he lost control of the truck, and it ran off the side of the road and flipped. It doesn’t seem real. As much pain as I’m in physically and emotionally. It doesn’t seem real and I don’t want it to be. I don’t know how or why I’m alive right now, but I’m thankful for it. However, my grandfather wasn’t so lucky. He passed away due to the crash. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, and, what most likely saved my life, could’ve saved his. I miss him more and more every second. I wish I could turn back time. He was the strongest and best man I’ve ever known. He’s been there since before I was born and I can’t believe he’s gone. I loved him more than anything, he was like my father, and was always there, especially when my dad couldn’t be there for me. I miss you Papaw and I love you so much❤️
For anyone reading this. Please stay safe, don’t go out in bad weather, and please please, no matter the weather, take every precaution to stay safe. Wear your seatbelt, what may be irritating for a few minutes, could save your life in the long run.
I..suppose that’s all I have to say. I’m hurting so much and can’t sleep. I just need all the support I can get right now.