Best part about the Hidekane ship is that whether it’s Human Kaneki, Kuroneki, Shironeki, Haise Sasaki we know for a fact that Hide will love him no matter what. Sasaki could live the rest of his life without getting his memories back and Hide will still love him and if the CCG ordered him to stay away Hide will comply because Kaneki is alive but I can’t say he is happy.

Speaking of which. The theory that Hide made a deal with the CCG to keep Kaneki alive as long as Hide stays away and doesn’t bring back his memories seems legit so I’m going off of that theory for this. If that’s the case, does this show us a bit of selfishness on Hide’s part? We know he has sacrificed so much to help Kaneki but now he’s keeping Kaneki alive despite Kaneki not truly being happy. Hide wants nothing more for than Kaneki to be happy but I think Hide wants Kaneki to live because he makes him(Hide) happy. Hide probably knows that they won’t torture him so leaving him in their care is better because he will continue to live. Or maybe Hide is leaving Kaneki with the CCG until he finds a way to save him himself. Until Hide knows he’s strong enough to protect Kaneki

I want to believe
that we can someday be okay
but he touches me
and it feels like an earthquake,
and I am drowning
in my own introspection
and I can never seem to find common ground with myself
let alone with him.
I want to believe
that love is real
and that fate doesn’t just keep
bringing us together
because fate is a cunt.
I want to believe
that I am not just half-alive
and that I am worthy of something more
than the nothing I have now.
I want to believe in everything.
I want to believe in him.
—  (former) lonely boy

Sudden thought-

Garnet was the one that was most against the idea of Steven being born and nearly hated him for Rose giving herself up to bring him into the world.

Thankfully that animosity didnt last.

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guys I'm just stirring the pot here but what do you think would be the reaction of Nannyfangirls if Sophie was the exact same person but...BLACK! seriously think about it. I bet they'd eat her alive, not just because of her race but I have no doubts they'd claim she was a freeloader who had gotten 'knocked up' (so sexist!) and had trapped him in a marriage he didn't want! Wouldn't that be hilarious to see? especially since they worship her now for literally no reason whatsoever

I think some would feel even more compelled to defend her in that case. I only like two “nanny” blogs the reverse and SH ate my baby. The administrators on both blogs are seem like pretty cool and level headed people so I can’t foresee them acting any differently. Of course I don’t know them personally but I think they would defend SH regardless of skin color.

Can’t help but think some skeptics *cough-cough* wikianon *cough* would react the same, if not more insane, even if Sophie was black.

I’m sure there would be some people in the fandom who would react much differently though. Sadly society naturally has a negative perception of people with darker-skin. I’ve always thought Rob Pattison’s fiancée FKA Twigs, wouldn’t  experience so much negativity if she were white. 

I’ve seen the prejudice first hand. Someone on this blog called Fassbender’s ex Zoe Kravitz a rasta ragamuffin…..racial prejudice is alive and well. 

FKA has opened up about the racism she experiences in an interview.  “Racist “Twilight” fans won’t stop harassing Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend.”

- Violet

I DID IT i added the blue devil verse with tags and all im so satisfied lmao. anyway, the plan stands of him making life time contracts with kids, tricking them into thinking hes gonna be their imaginary friend and will serve as a guardian angel. in past times, they were burned alive because people accused them of witchery when really he did all the harming and damaging of people around the so-called witch. 

reason there seems to be no strings attached is only because he can take lives in their name, which they signed for. their soul is stained, heaven dont want them no more, and so theyre all his’. A simple plan by a blu mastermind.

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[ envelope ]

Send me a ‘✉’ for five times my muse didn’t text yours, and one time they did

[ text; unsent ] i seem to have found myself alive after all, strange that. I’m at some place in bumfuck nowhere, Harvelle’s? Roadhouse? Come get me. 
[ text; unsent ] Hi. Fuck, i don’t know why this is so hard.
[ text; unsent ] I guess part of why i’m hiding is because it’s harder to actually get over what happened than i thought it would be. But i miss my home, i don’t want to go back to being nomadic. I want Ginny and my cats, and I guess it would be okay if you were there too. 
[ text; unsent ] I ran into the table in my room the other day. I’ve a bruise. I don’t want bruises. I hate bruises, and i hate tables. I hate you. Okay. i don’t hate you. I hate you when I hurt, but i don’t hate you hate you.
[ text; unsent ] Cas is dragging me out for something he describes as “a much needed fun time” and apparently after said fun time, I’m supposed to be ready to talk to you. like really talk to you. Guess he can’t take keeping secrets anymore.

[ text; sentI need assistance. I don’t know what i did. I BROKE IT DEAN. I BROKE HIM. I  EOTIIOoijfewa

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i can't tell if I have definite feelings for this guy he's a total sweetheart and we get along really well but everything's been totally platonic like holy crap I've been his wingwoman before that kinda platonic and now I'm not sure I don't want to risk our friendship :-( but I kinda want him to ask me to prom as well i don't know what to do :/

Seems like you have a legit friendship with him and not much more. Talk to him about it maybe? just ask him about his feelings towards you and bring up prom as well. Don’t pressure him too much, just talk about it and if he doesn’t seem to be into you the way you’re into him, just keep the friendship alive!

I’m just heartbroken

Yesterday night we found a tiny little cat on the street, alone and meowing for help. He was so weak and almost couldn’t walk… We took him to the vet, and he said he was probably dying so the most compassive thing was to give him euthanasia, but the vet wanted to charge us 160 euros and we just couldn’t afford it. 

We decided to take him home, just to give him shelter, warmth and cuddles in his final moments. We bathed him with warm water, gave him some milk and wrapped him in soft blankets. He seemd so comfortable, he was even purring. 

The thing is we thought he would die during the night, so we made him a comfortable blanket nest and left him there sleeping. This morning when I woke up he was still alive! And he seemed more awake. 

So I called an animal shelter in my town and they directed me super fast to another vet. I just came back… Without the little guy. The vet said he is about to die and he will give him the injection during the morning, as soon as he speaks with the animal shelter volunteers. Probably he has leukemia or feline AIDS. 

The little guy was so cute… I hope we managed to make him comfortable during his last moments. He had such a sweet meowing… Agh I’m so broken. 

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Why do you always queue your purple cabbage? What do you use the queue (in general) for?

The queue is for things I really wanna reblog but I’ll forget to reblog them so I queue them. Memes, art and things my Yuuri likes (for example, RWBY and The Avengers) go in the queue. I also like to queue pictures of purple cabbages because that is the vegetable Yuuri is associated with, and since I roleplay him I want to reblog real-world things like cabbages to make this blog seem more “alive,” feel like something Yuuri would manage and I want it to be more than just roleplays and art reblogs.

Thank you for your question!

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It can be okay, breathe, you've got this

no. I don’t got this. nothing I ever seem to do is good enough and everything I do pisses someone off and I’m a pathetic piece of shit that except that can’t accept that two of my friends became friends and now she talks to him more than I do and I’m a raging hypocrite and I don’t want to be alive.