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Imma be real, what do you think about how much Kanye West has in hand with racial representation?

“Racism and the focus on racism is a distraction to humanity. It would be like focusing on the cousin from your mom’s side versus the cousin on your dad’s side. We’re all cousins. We’re all the same race.” - Kanye West, style.com interview.

Kanye West is the most confusing person when it comes to talking about racism. He’s like a double edge sword, cause his music says one thing, but his interviews are another. He scares me mostly because I feared he’s one of those people that I want to start a fund… just so he DON’T do interviews. He’s starting to become somebody that now got a little money in their pocket and racism is over… for them.

In short, I’m honestly 50/50 with him.

Hello alllll. I am aware I left this super duper late but hey better than never right?! (Exams sucks)

I am hosting my first ever BOTM for June!

For my first one I want to keep this BOTM for baby fitblrs i.e. those with under 500 followers.


  • MBF me
  • Under 500 followers (if reblogging for your followers please just note this)
  • Reblogs only
  • Fitblr/healthblr/body positivity etc. blogs
  • I love personal posts!
  • Little to no bodyspo

Little bonus - send me a message all about you and your journey and I’ll post those too! 

Reblog until 30th May, I’ll announce who I chose on May 31st :)

Thank. You. So. Much.

Thanks to all of my followers. Whether you started following me back when I first joined Tumblr or this past week, I love you and appreciate you so much, you have no idea.

I actually meant to do this about 150 followers ago…but, oops (0_0)

To thank you guys, I want to do a…giveaway, I guess?

If you guys want, I will make one of these especially for you:

This is the one I made for justjunia.

And this is the one I made for brawny-thesaurus.

And if you guys don’t want one of those, then I can make one of these for you if you want:

Rules For The Name Art:

  1. You must be following me.
  2. You need to give me a word (whether it is your name or a word you really like, but nothing inappropriate).
  3. I would prefer it if you would give me a set of colors, but if you want me to surprise you that’s fine.
  4. Tell it to me in an ask or through fanmail, not in a reblog please.

Rules For The Silhouettes:

  1. You must be following me.
  2. Star Wars characters only (I will do male characters if anyone requests them).
  3. You must give me a quote to go with the character, and if you don’t want one then tell me in your request.
  4. Tell it to me in an ask or through fanmail, not in a reblog please.

Nobody feel shy to do this, I really want to thank you all. The deadline is May 29, 2015 to submit a request for one, so keep that in mind.

Again, thank you to all of my followers. You all deserve an:


hanaxflwr said:

Hello there~ i wanted to ask if i could make a request of one of those cute collages of Lucas for an iphone 5s! :3 Pink is my favorite color as well. Thank you for taking time to read this!

eheheh. this took forever, may or may not have been worth it. in pink because it was requested and in blue because i liked the contrast. yee

also sorry for not putting your name on it, but i want all my requests to be usable by anyone following this blog. names/more custom things seem like projects for commissions, not that i’m taking commission. i am just making shit edits for everyone to enjoy :P

reminder: if you’re viewing this post on your phone and you wanna make it your wallpaper, SCREENSHOT the photo instead of holding and pressing “save image” it will look better i promise.

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why do you self promote so much ??!

I dont really but I have 78K on tumblr and 1.1K on YouTube and 450 on insta so I want to gain on those two as well :) Its one post a day promoting each


shows up 3 years late to the party with stuff no one wants

welp…I liked some of those dragon skull Mike sketches. So here’s my half-assed attempt at something….something closely resembling art but not really

Smiling Dragon Mike Chilton

ignore meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Today feels like one of those days where I want to scream and punch something inanimate.

Don't offer me your number, or ask me If I want to text if...

….you intend to be one of those people who doesn’t talk…

Like seriously… This isn’t just one person..

I’m here like ohh lemme talk to my new friends and i get a response 4/5 days later…. 😑

I’m not gonna pester you to talk. I’m just gonna let it go and just back off. Lol

No shade. Just ugh.

HEY WORLD, I’m going on vacation for the first time in FOREVER so I’m going to be gone and probably not posting anything for a week. Unless I do. Who knows! Tomorrow I’m heading to San Diego to check out the zoo and then I’ll be on a cruise back to Vancouver. If I take any particularly cool animal photos, maybe I’ll post those.

One of the main reasons I wanted to draw this (aside from giving a flashy goodbye) was because I thought it would be hilarious to draw a bird in sandals. A bird in sandals preparing to board for a flight. OH HO HO HO SO MANY HUMOUR.

So yep, SEE YOU LATER!!1