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So my dorm threw a harry potter party

Complete with butterbeer, chocolate frogs, potions, herbology (where we got a plant lol. I dunno what I’m going to do with a pot of flowers. I hope it grows), a goblet of fire (where you could put your name in for prize drawings), a tri-wizard tournament (where people were knocking the hell out of a dragon pinata)…

…Sometimes I love college.

The harry potter fan in me is pleased.

I love you (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Summary: Reader is injured working a case, and goes into a coma. Dean wants to tell her his feeling for her, hoping she’ll wake up.

Word count: 1259

Warnings: None, I believe.

I walked down the dim hallway. The few lights available were close to burning out, and were flickering on and off. It was an old abandoned hospital, and we came on what I thought was a lead, but was really just a hang out place for many, many demons.

My vision became blurred, and my hand shot to my side. A stinging sensation made me gasp, and I tried not to cry out in pain. Sweat covered my forehead as I trudged on. My hand was soaked with blood at this point.

I just have to find Sam and Dean, I reminded myself. I’ve had worse than this. I have to make sure Dean is okay. I leaned against a wall, trying to retrieve the knife from my boot, but I was unsuccessful. I must have forgotten to pick it up.

If we hadn’t become separated, everything would have been fine. If I wasn’t so stupid, we would be in the bunker right now. Probably laying in bed, watching a movie. Anything would be better than this. As long as I don’t run into more demons, I’ll be okay. We’ll all be okay.

I heard footsteps coming from ahead of me. It might be Sam and Dean. I balanced myself using the wall, before running down towards the double doors ahead.I shoved them open, looking both ways to see if anyone was in sight. “Sam?” I asked, my voice relatively quiet.

“Dean?” I asked, raising my voice. The tall man down the hall turned toward me, but I wasn’t able to tell who it was. They came closer, and I began to panic, realizing it wasn’t either of the brothers.I frantically shoved my hands through all of my pockets. Jeans, nothing. Jacket, nothing. Boots, nothing. Not even my phone was available. I backed up, starting to turn around to run.

A hand wrapped around my arm, pulling me back and grabbing my hair. I looked at the man from before. His eyes now were pitch black, and a smirk landed on his face. A knife was held in his hand.

I did the only thing I could think of. “Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus-” He jerked his head back, and threw me across the hall. I groaned, but forced myself to continue. “omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica,” I rushed the end, and black smoke flew out of his mouth. The now free man collapsed, and I pushed up to my feet, running over to him.

I put two fingers to his wrist, trying to feel for a pulse. Still panting slightly, I felt the slight bump hit my finger after several seconds. Still alive.

Pulling the man up, I struggled putting an arm around him. My left arm under his arms, and my right holding my side, I went towards the sign down the hall that was labelled ‘stairwell’. I got down two floors, and the door by the third floor stairwell flew open. “Sam!” I exclaimed. “Oh my god I’m so happy to see you!”

“(Y/N)!” His eyes were wide, and he looked at the man I was struggling with, and then down at my wound. “What happened?” He asked.

“Exorcism. He’s still alive-” I began.

“No. What happened to you.” He explained, moving to the man’s side to help me. I looked down at my side, removing my hand momentarily. The wound was still bleeding, but it was better from when I put pressure on it for a while. The blood was soaking my side shirt and jeans. I just put my hand back on.

“Nothing. I’m fine. A demon stabbed me, but I’m fine.” I told him, not even believing myself.

“I can carry this guy. Dean is looking for you on the first floor. Go find him.” He told me. I nodded, letting the man’s arm drop to his side as I darted down the stairs. This floor was brighter than upstairs.

“Dean?” I called out, walking down the hall. “Dean!” I repeated, a bit more confident now.

“(Y/N)!” Dean jogged over to me. His hands immediately went to my injury. I winced as he pulled my hand away to inspect it. “Are you okay?”

“You know, a little hungry.” I joked, putting on a smile for comfort.

He shook his head, but a smile was still on his face. “Only you can joke in this kind of situation.” He replied. “Can you walk?” He asked me, becoming serious again. Dean stood up straight once again, looking down at me as he put a hand on my shoulder. I nodded in response. He looked down at me, concern written all over his face. “Let’s get to the Baby, okay?”


I had fallen asleep in the back of the Impala, right after we dropped the man off somewhere he would be safe. Dean tried to keep me awake, but I had become so light headed that I couldn’t help passing out. It wasn’t like I was asleep. When you’re asleep you dream. All I saw was black. I could hear Sam and Dean talking, but I couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t wake up no matter how hard I tried.

“She’ll wake up, Dean. Don’t worry.” I heard Sam say.

“And if she doesn’t?” Dean sounded stressed. His deep voice cracked slightly. I just wanted to wrap my arms around him. To tell him it’d be okay… Even though I wasn’t so sure myself. I did know for certain, that if I died, I wouldn’t want him to make a stupid deal with a crossroads demon, and I had told him that before. He wouldn’t want me to do it, and I don’t want him to either.

It felt like days passed, and Dean didn’t leave my side (as far as I knew). He talked to me constantly. He held my hand tightly, kissing my knuckles, begging me to wake up. I didn’t think I could do it. I tried so hard, but there was still nothing.

Everyday I felt myself come closer and closer to death. It became harder and harder to hear what they were saying. Sam and Dean fought over Dean’s health a lot. I could feel them take my pulse, make sure I’m alive. Everytime they did, Dean squeezed my hand hard. I don’t know if it was for his own comfort, or if it was just nerves.

My final day came. Dean talked to me as normal, but his voice sounded more worried than normal.

“(Y/N)…. Please wake up.” He started, same as every day. “I have no idea if you can hear me or not… I hope you can. Well, maybe not…” He laced his fingers with mine. If I could smile, I would. “I never really got to tell you this, even though we’ve known each other for years.” He paused for what seemed like hours. “But if you don’t wake up, I need you to know…”

There was suddenly an obnoxious ringing in my ears. I couldn’t  breathe. NO. I screamed in my head, trying to let something out.I can’t die now.

“I love you.”

High pitch noises, black. Then nothing. Complete silence. I was officially gone. I was in my own mind, sitting in my old room from when I was a child. I knew it was only a matter of time before my reaper showed up. It didn’t matter anymore. The only thing that did, was that I never got to tell him I loved him too. 


RWBY Adoptable Design #1 - ‘Rousette’ Eyptian Fruit Bat Faunus

Purchased by mylittlespambox

Price: €15

Finally, she’s finished. Phew. My pink bat baby.

Notes - 

- Not combat ready! For my first one I didn’t want to make a super detailed or complex outfit. Just something simple to test my new coloring methods.

- As for shading, I tried my best to emulate Einlee’s style. I ended up going my own way and blurring things out.

- For the leg wear, the idea is ‘false thigh highs’. It’s actually just solid tights.

- Originally her apron was supposed to carry over but I didn't want to shade it, so I left it out.

Let me know if you are interested in adoptables and give me suggestions~ 

All rights reserved, Character now belongs to mylittlespambox. Design by me.


-smokinserious request

Warning: Possible triggers

“Dean,” you said firmly, your voice monotone. “Go away, I want to be alone right now.”

“Y/N,” he pleaded, taking your hand. “I know your SPD is acting up hard right now, but you can’t just shut me out again.”

He took your hand and you exhaled, almost bored, as he tried to stir some emotion out of you.

“I want to be alone,” you reiterated, taking back your hand and stalking out of the room. You felt angry. You felt sad. You felt lonely.

But you knew that you were showing nothing on the outside and you also knew that the last thing you wanted was to be intimate with anyone.

Inside, your emotions were a blur; speeding off to merge with others and leaving your reeling. Taking in gasping breaths, you lay yourself down gently on the floor and curled up into a foetus position.

A small, almost timid knock came at the door and when you looked up you saw Dean. He wore an anxious expression mixed with concern. “Y/N,” he whispered, still hovering by the doorway. “Please, Y/N, just let me in.”

You knew he wasn’t referring to being allowed in your room but you nodded anyway and he sped in and lay down next to you, facing you and resting his head on his arm.

“I’m sorry, Dean,” you murmured, closing your eyes and trying to dig deep in yourself to show some kind of feeling, trying to just feel. “I can’t…I can’t help it.”

“I know,” you mumbled to you, resting a ginger hand on your shoulder, making your eyes open suddenly. He didn’t retract his hand. “Y/N…you know how much you mean to me. I hate to see you going through this and I will help you through it.” He paused to inhale shakily. “I love you, Y/N.”

Your eyes flew open at that and your breath juttered.

Then, Dean frowned slightly and moved his finger to swipe at your cheek. When he held it up to show you, a small bead of water was resting on it.

A tear.

With a shaken laugh, you gasped and wrapped Dean in a tight embrace. “Dean, I love you, you are amazing, thank you. You’re the best friend anyone could have.”

Without particular consideration, you crushed your lips to his and wrapped your hands in his fair hair.

“I love you, Y/N. I love you.”

anonymous asked:

i did stalk some of the la squad twitter. i dont find any rude things (or maybe i wasnt there yet) can you give me some example what bad things they said about

sure! just remember i don’t know them, i haven’t met them, so most of this information is based off of other people or things i’ve seen second-hand like via pictures (i have talked to erika though!!):

-they blur out backgrounds of pictures after meeting the boys as to prevent other fans from knowing where to go to meet them 
-asked offensive and sexually explicit questions (i.e. luke’s dick)
-brags about how many times theyve met them/their experiences to other fans but refuse to give out any information
-plan their days specifically around trying to find the boys & do not understand that when the boys have time off, they don’t want to see fans they’ve met 20 times before
-overall complete disregard for 5sos’s privacy
-literally tries to find stuff online talking about them to start shit

from my convo with erika though, i’ve found that she’s an arrogant self-entitled bitch with a superiority complex that has deluded herself into thinking she’s friends with the boys in order to fit her own skewed, social media agenda

Time to Go (the promise pt 6)

A/N: I’m so so so sorry this took so long to put out, but please tell me if you guys are even still reading this

Part 5


   You nearly made it through the whole list over the past three weeks, going to Disneyland, and even convincing Cas to play laser tag with you guys. It went by in a blur, and you tried desperately to slow it down. It felt like every morning you woke up, and in a blink it was all over. You attempted to hide your panic from the boys, but it was hard when you spent so much time with them, it felt like you were wearing a mask half the time. You were only getting worse, and although you knew this would happen, it didn’t make it any easier.

   You were supposed to go to the zoo one morning, after nearly three weeks in California. You hardly slept anymore, but sometimes pretended to when Sam got up so that he wouldn’t worry. He was currently taking a shower, and Dean was out getting breakfast.

   He arrived shortly with coffee and a paper bag when Sam got out of the bathroom. “Hey (y/n)! Guess who got your favorite?” Dean said with a smile, pulling out a donut. He looked at you with a grin like a child. “This is your favorite, right? Chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Not the chocolate sprinkles, the rainbow ones, I remembered”

   You smiled, trying to hide the exhaustion from your eyes. “Yeah, Dean-o, that’s my favorite”

   You all sat at the small motel table and Dean passed you the food, Sam obviously forgoing the fried dough for a piece of fruit. You had no appetite whatsoever, but you kept picturing the pride in Dean’s eyes as he gave it to you, so you forced yourself to take a bite. It was apparently the wrong decision, and your stomach had other ideas as you immediately felt your stomach turn, and bile rise in your throat. You ran to the bathroom in record time, heaving over the porcelain bowl, as you felt Dean’s hand pull your hair back from your face. It was over quickly, but it seemed this was the last straw for you.

   You left the bathroom, pushing Dean away from you. You felt all the anger and fear rise up in you at once, and your hand reached out for the nearest object, which happened to be the alarm clock, and threw it as hard as you could against the wall, shattering it, and stunning the two brothers into a heavy silence.

“Dammit!” you screamed. “God fucking dammit!”

   Dean knew better than to ask what was going on, but Sam questioned you. “What’s wrong, (y/n)?”

   Angry tears pooled in your eyes. “What’s wrong?! What’s wrong is that I’m fucking dying Sam! What’s wrong is that I can’t eat a single bite of my favorite food! What’s wrong is that my boyfriend does a nice thing for me, and I waste it! I’m never going to eat an actual meal again! Hell, in a week I’m never going to breathe again!” you yelled at your best friend, regretting it after one look at his saddened face. You crumpled to the ground as all the emotions and thoughts you were trying to push away came rushing to the surface.

   You voice lowered to almost a whisper. “Jesus, I have a week”. You looked up at the brothers through blurred vision. “A week. One week and then I’m gone. I’m not going to have another birthday. I’m not going to be there for either one of yours” 

   You turned to Dean, and a sad smile lifted one corner of your mouth. “I was going to plan a party for you. Everyone was going to be there, I guess now it’s everybody except me” 

   The two brothers came to sit down with you on the floor, uninterrupting. They knew you needed to let this out. Dean took your hand as you continued, only breaking down further. “I’m not even going down in a hunt! There’s no heroic death, no quick ending. For God’s sake my own body is turning against me! I’m never going to see how you two end up, if you ever quit hunting, if you ever have kids. If you have a family I’ll only ever be a name to them! I’m not going to pig out on Halloween candy with you, Dean. I’m not going to help you make a Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not going to have another Christmas!” 

   This thought pushed you even further into agony. Christmas had always been your favorite holiday, mainly because you now had a family to celebrate it with. It always made you feel at home, included, like for one day nothing bad would happen. Your eyes widened when you thought of their Christmas without you. They wouldn’t decorate the bunker, or get a tree, or even exchange gifts! You were always the one who did all of that, dragging them along with you, although they later admitted that they liked spending Christmas with you. 

“I won’t ever put ornaments on the tree again” your voice was faint now, speaking more to yourself than them. “I’ll never make Sam lift me up to put the star on the tree. Never get to drink hot chocolate as we pass around gifts, or drink too much eggnog with Dean. It’s over. It’s all over. One week left. How many more smiles? How many more laughs, until it’s gone? I promised I’d be there for you, Dean! I promised!” your words cut off in a sob, and then it became uncontrollable. You cried with everything you had in you, and Dean took you in his arms, rubbing your back as you let it out. He picked you up in his arms and placed you in the bed, and for once you were able to sleep, exhausted by your outburst. Dean and Sam spoke for a while, and when you woke up, all of your things were packed, and they looked serious. You looked to them, and conjured up a weak smile

“What, did someone die?” you tried to break the tension.

“We’re all going back to the bunker, (y/n)” Sam said softly.

   Your expression changed from teasing to panic. “What? No. No, we’re not going back yet. I still have things to do! We were supposed to go to the zoo today, I can’t afford to waste any time, if you haven’t noticed!”

   Dean gave you a hard look as he sighed. “That’s the thing, (y/n), we have noticed. You’re not doing well, we’ve got to go back”

   Dean was unwavering in his decision. Sam was a sucker for your puppy eyes, and usually Dean was too, but when it came to what was best for you, he would do whatever it takes. You refused to talk to them as a few tears slid down your cheeks, and you threw your things in the car, sitting in stubborn silence in the back seat.


A/N: I promise (ha, pun not intended) that the next part will be out much sooner! Also tell me what you think <3

Part 7


It started as flakes
Small symmetrical particles
Of my feelings, falling
Inside of a snow globe

Small and contained.
I trusted the storm
Stocked my tongue out
Twirled, caught the ice

Winter appeared friendly
Like the new born pup
Of a wildly beast
I made a snow angel with kisses

Snow is not like rain
It does not fall and flow away
It does not wash away the pain
Snow stays and that bitch piles

Soon enough I could not walk
The flakes that I had followed
Were now numbing my limbs
It was still, bright white and beautiful

Winter was suddenly abundant
Invasive and passive,
It took over my heart
I was then frozen in place

No igloo of salvation
No rescue dogs’ bark
Completely alone in sugar vastness
the end was near, I could smell it

One touch, a simple whisper
The small caress of the wind
I heard the moan of the mountain
Its cry of pleasure sliding to me

Everything else is a blur,
I see it fall, I feel it bury me
Jealousy tries to dig me out
I refuse rescue, I love to death

Under a blanket of white hopes
I lay still, quiet and iced.
Waiting for the sun to shine bright enough to melt me out
Waiting for the small ember that is keeping my heart beating to exhaust

30 day gorillaz challenge

So maybe it’s too late but I found this challenge and I wanna do it!

Day 1 - How and when were you first introduced to Gorillaz?

Well when I was a kid Clint Eastwood was on the radio like 24/7 -you know it was a hit- and I really loved it! I tried to rap like Del for a long long time (and of course I didn’t succeed bc i’m not a native english speaker lol) and then years passed by and as a blur fan I found out that Damon Albarn was in Gorillaz too and just woah! I started to pay more attention to this band and literally fell in love with them, I mean, the music, the story behind the four gorillaz, weLL EVERYTHING!

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"Don't move. You'll just make it worse." (// I found one; suitable with my Muse! -Smiles proudly-)

The thief was slightly disoriented, eyes widening as he turned his head to glance around, to try and find out where the hell he was. The woman’s voice jolted him out of his blurred thoughts, his brow furrowing as he glanced at her, scanned her with his tired eyes. Gritting his teeth in pain, he heaved a groan before he tried to smack her hand away.

“Then stop groping around and–” he began, but his eyes squeezed shut as another groan broke from his throat, his fingers digging into the mattress he was lying on as the pain shot through his body once again.

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Try the Body Shop insta blur. I've never tried the baby skin one but I really love the BS one. It literally blurs out your pores and kinda makes your skin look matte and I have oily skin and it totally works with foundations. Also it's fairly cheap :) xx

ohhhh thanks for this cause ive been looking for a good primer thats not too pricey