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didn’t post anything to the tag lately since it might be a clog….

ps. hi this is very important

Me: *looks at phone* 

Fuckboy: Let me explain my negative and ill-informed opinions about the MCU in four essay length text messages! Highlights will include claiming that nothing at all happens in age of ultron, ignoring tony stark’s character development, which I have no idea will be a huge part of civil war, the fact that an artificial intelligence tries to end the world, and the creation of vision!!! Oh, you know what, let’s throw in the fact that I actually don’t think the avengers changed at all!!! The dream sequences went over my head and the fact that the team literally CONSISTS OF NEW PEOPLE MEANS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: (ಠ_ಠ)

My sister genuinely believes that I’m a psychopathic murderer. I was moving some shit around when she came in asking what I was doing so without turning around or hesitating, I said, “Planning your murder.” I heard her run away and not even five minutes later came back with my mom looking absolutely terrified while my mom was just confused but slightly wary. My sister had told my mom that I had planted a bomb of some sort in my room and was going to blow up the house. She was absolutely convinced that I had set up some sort of explosion near my desk and that I had a lighter ready to create some giant fireworks.

Silly sister, the bomb is in her room. Maybe.

Going through the anti-ih tag like: so. many logical fallacies. to address. where. do i start. how. do i work up the nerve.

omg tumblr has spoiled Orphan Black, Once Upon A Time, and now thesummerofrain’s fic. why??