“rather than the pinky, it’d make more sense if 
the red string of fate was tied to the ring finger.”

Akashi looked up from the book he was reading when his free hand was snatched off his lap. Furihata was stroking up and down the length of each finger, the content airing on television long forgotten. He seemed almost fascinated by Akashi’s hand, his eyes not straying from it as he continued to feel the expanse of his palm - and Akashi let him, enthralled by the wonder glazing those warm hazel orbs.

Finally, Furihata spoke up, “Why do you think the red string of fate is always attached to the pinky?”

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anonymous asked:

I saw a text post about how they think Niall is wearing Harry's clothing because he misses him and I think that would be an adorable fic. Like they see each other after the break and Harry asks what was up with the outfits and Niall kinda just gets really emotional?? idk

So, this was an adorable prompt and I tried my best, hope you like it and thank you for sending it in (: this isn’t very long but I hope it’s still okay

For the past month or so, Niall’s wardrobe has been taken over by his boyfriend’s fashion sense. Tighter jeans, brown boots with a small heel and a paddy cap which the fans have seem to choose their side of favor on.

In outfits like this, Niall felt like a part of Harry was in London with him even though his boyfriend was off in LA for their break. Niall knew he couldn’t be mad at Harry for taking his time off in the States when the rest of the band was in London, Harry needed his time and the others wanted to get the fifth album in the works; that’s just the way their schedules worked.

However, after a short-lived break of two months, Harry and Niall were reuniting today in the studio for a writing session together.

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Ow yeah, I noticed your lack of excitement for nalu too so I didn't get surprised when I read your answer to that ask. If u don't mind answering this, was it caused by how the manga is portraying them lately, or more of fandom reasons? :/

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I want to write, but I never know where to begin.

After so many years of silence, the words don’t come so easily. Sentences and stanzas and soliloquies twist themselves into dark, ambiguous shapes that wrap around one another in an offbeat, otherworldly dance, and I find myself utterly lost, any sense of what I had wanted to say in the first place all but forgotten - was this a letter to my aunt, or a fragment of that poem I dreamt up late one night?

I sit and I muse and, slowly, the sun nudges its way into my small room, launching jagged, wayward shadows across the sheets and painting my pale arms with just the faintest hint of gold, and I realize: 

I have forgotten how to begin.

Of course, I don’t mean to suggest I no longer can put pen to paper. These days, I write all sorts of things, all the time: grocery lists, to-do- lists, lists of people to visit and recipes to cook and places to see and countless other things-I-would-love-to-do-but-never-attempt-for-some-reason-or-another.

Truth is, I spend so much time writing down that I never simply write. 

Have I really forgotten how? Or am I only afraid?

I wonder.

I don’t want to sound dumb and stereotypical but I just keep realizing and understanding more and more all that stuff about school sucking all the soul and creativity out of kids. because I can’t write anymore. I don’t draw anymore. I barely touch my paint. I don’t feel things anymore. 

Send a ‘↺’ to have my muse temporarily lose all memory of your muse.

[[I cheated a little. Instead of JUST forgetting Jer, he also forgot all the things that happened after they started to get intimate. He has no memory of Jeremy and basically thinks he’s only worked there for two weeks again]]

For the first time in months Waylon hadn’t visited Jeremy throughout the whole work day, not once. No quick pop in’s or visits to his office on his break, no texts, no nothing. And now it was the end of the day, and Waylon was making his way to his car when a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

He turned and looked at the stranger, a sweet smile pulling at his lips, but somehow it didn’t seem as special, it wasn’t one of those looks he gave to only his Jeremy.

“Hello, sir. Is there something you need?”

My, he looked fancy, all dressed up. He must be someone important, but Waylon was sure he had never seen him before in his life.

“I’m sorry, I really don’t have time to talk right now, maybe you can get someone else to help with whatever it is you need? You see, I need to get back to my cat, he still isn’t all too used to me being gone five days a week!” Waylon scratched the back of his neck and laughed, happy and carefree, a laugh no one had heard quite like that for a while now. “Maybe we can talk tomorrow though, ‘kay? I’ll look forward to it! Bye now!”

He gave the stranger a wave, and turned back to look for his car.

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Cas no the angst is the good! We need you!!

Well, I’ll see if I can get him something soon. 


Every time I think I want to get back to my RP blogs I just think of how little time I’ll have. Then I’ll let people down again when I take forever to reply, I just really miss writing sometimes, plus I’d have so much trouble asking people if they want to continue threads. I wish I could just jump back on and reply to all the threads that I still have saved, but I’d feel like I was imposing.


Yes, there are quite a few things in my life I regret doing.

I was young, dumb, and immature. I still am.

But I’ve gotten to where I wanted to be, and left behind what I wanted to leave.

I have unfinished business in some places but that’s ok.

I have been in love before and I’ve been in lust.

I’ve had my heart broken and I’ve hurt others.

I never got the closure I wanted but I no longer want it.

I’ve found and lost myself again countless times.

I’ve wanted to live forever and I’ve wanted to die.

I live in some moments longer than others.

Sometimes I cry because I can’t remember someone’s face, voice, or even the way they exhale.

But I’ve never felt more alive or at peace
Than I do in this moment in time. 

I finally feel like me. 

This means a lot, thank you! Granted, I haven’t written anything in about a year (I think), but to know that there are still people out there who read my stuff makes me happy.

Hopefully, when and if, I get over my writer’s block, I’ll start writing again. 

//Hey all! I am so sorry that I have been off and on this past month, but I have had so much stuff going on in my life that I just couldn’t jungle all of my personal stuff plus writing. It may continue to be this way for a while, but I am going to try extremely hard to at least be on more often on the week days.

Anywho, I just spent the past hour or so searching the web for a new tumblr theme and that kind of got me thinking. I really want to have a relationship page. The problem is I have no idea how to make one. So if anyone has a link that they could send me on how to make relationship pages then please inbox me!