subseekerff asked:

Hi there :D Two things: I'd like to make a custom case for my iPhone and I'd like to use your Dean and Roman drawing you did from RR, you know, that second one of the 'We've got this, brotha'. How much would you want *money-moeny* ;) if I'd use it? Second, I'd love to have a nice Ambreigns headshot from your pen as a wallpaper for my Mac. Is there a chance you'd draw one for me? Thanksy :)

Oh! Well I’m flattered that you like it enough to use it for that.

Since  I would normally only charge $6 USD for that if it were a commission then you can just send that much to me. I’m sure it costs enough already just to make a custom phone case.

If you’re wanting a freebie wallpaper then I would eventually get to it, but it won’t be on my priority list. If you feel like paying $6 more then I can work on it after I’m finished with another commission. lol

petrichorpoetry asked:

I think I might be able to help with sprites for this! I know auditions are closed, but I think this project is really awesome and if there's anything I can do to help or anything you want me to draw as an example or idea let me know!

//screaMS OH GOSH

We were actually going to extend auditions, since they are severely lacking ;7; but I’ve been a bit unwell, so I’ve put off writing the post.

Thank you so much for offering! Ah, perhaps as a start, maybe you can send in some finished pieces of yours, so we can get a look at your style. And the only thing I’d like to see freshly drawn is…maybe a headshot of one of the Shiganshina Trio? Just to get a quick look at how you’d draw the sprites? Thank you so much!