ya know, I like watching Téa and Tim play Mr. and Mrs. McCord on Madam Secretary b/c let’s be honest, they’re adorable as hell, but I loveeeeee seeing them out in public together b/c they have a different connection off screen. They’re not just playing their characters. They’re genuinely that passionate for each other and omg I just can’t handle this pictures from Italy 😭😍❤️ I haven’t seen either of them this happy in a long time. I’m so happy ugh

anonymous asked:

the guy im dating has stretch marks on his back and hips and i loveeeeee them theyre cute and beautiful just needed to share my stretchmark love

Yes that’s cute

anonymous asked:

You do tattoos?

No I just love love loveeeeee them. Getting them, looking at them, the smell of a shop, idk everything about it is my favorite and I wanna die covered in them. 

I only have five right now :(

craic-head-horan asked:

i thought your prince harry fic recs were prince harry (styles) and got excited ahha also sawyer and harry make my heart melt to mush, i loveeeeee them

Now that would be an interesting series to read. Harry would be a cute prince.

And thank you! They are fun to write. Hopefully I’ll figure out what I’m doing for their newest art adventure.