starkswaters asked: Jack Sparrow or Will Turner


we saw x-men and i drew some important parts


No matter how painful, no matter how much solitary struggle awaits us, because we have joyous moments like this… we can face the challenges over and over again.


Vito and Carmela Corleone, New York City, Little Italy, 1917 - The Godfather II

"For me, there’s only my wife and son."

"I think the main thing was to completely break from the old Buck Rogers notion of these aero-shaped ships, landing on their tails.

The Enterprise, it’s a naval ship. It’s like Captain Cook discovering Australia, or HMS Beagle, which carried Charles Darwin. These ships, they had war fighting capacity, but in addition, they carried scientists. The captain could sign treaties, he could negotiate. This naval vessel [The Enterprise] contains our civilisation and this is how we’re going to travel between the stars.”

-David Brinn, physicist


Favorite Movies | The Fall (2006)

Are you trying to save my soul?

  • Me:I love Frozen!
  • Tumblr:Elsa is just a recolor of her mom!
  • Tumblr:Anna is so annoying!
  • Tumblr:All the songs are horrible!
  • Tumblr:There's a minor animation mistake no one can see unless you look really hard!
  • Tumblr:Frozen is a horrible movie! Tangled is better!
  • Me:I love Frozen!