"Studies have shown that even though we try to act without prejudice, sometimes it’s just hidden inside us due to past surroundings. That hidden prejudice is ofen infulential in our actions. It’s our job to spot these issues within others and oursleves and destroy them before they become hurtful. I have so many people looking up to me, that I couldn’t be scared, nor wait it out, nor could I just stand up for me; I had to do it for WE."

The moment we kissed my nerves we’re hit by an electrifying shock which was later comforted by the warmth of butterflies endlessly racing in my stomach. At that moment it was like time paused, like everything slowed down for us. I felt you smile within every breath and you left me wanting more. I felt the world surrounding me come to life, everything was so much brighter. I will never forget this moment, no matter our differences or if we decide to part. This moment will forever be ours and will never be lost.
—  Written by: lostwond3rs.tumblr.com
I know I can trust him with my heart because there’s something in his voice when he tells me he loves me. I know he loves me by the way his eyes are tied around me when we’re together. I know we are meant to be when our hands brush by accident 1,000 times a day and every time my heart jumps out of my chest and I see the way his eyes reflect on me.
—  A 60 day love letter
That’s the thing with loneliness, it makes us run into the arms of people we know we shouldn’t be with.

-You weren’t the right one, it wasn’t the right love, and that’s why we ended.