No heat-No good!

I decided that I just had to try the new trend of no heat-curls that everyone seems be doing these days. I had high hopes, big intentions, and was ready to throw away every styling tool I own. 

Anything that takes 5 minutes, and requires no heat in the blazing days of summer is my kind of hair style.

So I watched the video tutorial and got started. To be clear…I knew that my hair is naturally wavy, and I am horribly impatient, so I decided to do it during the day not the traditional sleep-on it technique. I also added some mousse before I put it up.

So far so good. This step was easy-peasey.

I actually think the back looks really cute!

Then I waited an hour and a half, and when I got too impatient, I took out the head band. 

Oh, HEEEYYY Shirley Temple! Nice to meet you. NOT!

I decided this was NOT the look I was going for, and I decided to separate the curls a little. 

NOT my best idea. I figured I couldn’t leave the house on a Saturday night looking like Albert Einstein 

So I threw it in a pony tail and used the headband to keep back the fly-aways. 

WHAT A BUST!! This was going to be my everyday style. Too bad. So sad. Just not for me!