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You like when Nate calls you unattractive names like "elephant" I'm a bigger girl and have high self esteem but I'd be so offended if my boyfriend said anything to me like that

I am laughing so hard omg.

He made me a breakfast elephant. He didn’t say he made me breakfast and call me an elephant HAHAHA!

But also he calls me a hippo princess all the time because I love hippos and he loves elephants so if he ever called me an elephant I’d think that was sweet too.

Omg this message is a wreck.

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omg yes mamabuchi is bae now. and when he said he'd give hyuuga some 'tender loving' i was laughing at him and his smooth ass. btw the riko x hyuuga is strong in this episode I CRi

MAMABUCHI~~~ DUDE I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THE HYUUGA X RIKO SCENE. The poor guy. Never stood a chance to the power of that sneeze. Bless her soul. 

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Why does your blog say "positiviTEA" when you are really nasty? You cannot protect Tyler from everything. He's a grown man, not a baby. Yes, everyone has feelings, but stop being such a schmooze.

im laughing so hard omg fam where are you trying to go with this 😂

literally the only thing I’ve done is said that people shouldn’t tag their hate. that’s it. now pls go find your uber and leave my ask box.


said: I volunteer as tribute. ok but how about stiles talking to Scott drunk and is like ‘ur my bro but also I’m crushing on u?? is this allowed in the bro code??’ and Scott (also drunk) is like ‘bro let’s rewrite the bro code’ omg I’m making myself laugh 

YEDSJHDSJKAH drunk!stiles hitting on scott is my fave tho like u know he means it but he just can’t admit how much he loves scott when he’s sober bc its so hard and scott is probably just waiting for him to do something about it

omg wow I’m so dumb okay after my exam when my teacher asked me how I think I did I said I think I choked and he was like “you on a bad day is a 4 don’t be so hard on yourself” and I was thinking on essay scales and a 4 is like a 60 so I was like lol thanks teach I’m glad my worst is still a failing grade but now I just realized he was talking about the AP exam scale and a 4 is like the second highest grade you can get goodbyee

i was getting gas for my car and a guy beside me was getting some for his and when he pulled the pump out of his car he said “pullout game strong” and then he chuckled to himself and i laughed so hard omg

Omg there’s an interview about a 21 year old italian guy where he says that what the black blocs did (set half Milan on fire) was right and when there’s a protest violent acts “fit”. Then they asked to his dad what he thought about hat his son said and he said “My son ins’t a supporter, he’s just an idiot”.

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Hey! Who do you trust the most in this world, and what do you love about them? When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried, and who were you with/what was it about? :) I hope you feel better!

The person I trust most would have to be my friend Connor. I’ve known him since kindergarten and he’s my sweet ginger angel. I just adore how kind he is to me and how much we love each other. He’s honestly my best friend and so irreplaceable. Plus he lets me hold his hand when I’m anxious in public. The last time I laughed so hard I cried was when I was w my boy and he was telling me abt this paper he wrote in his woman studies class abt how society relates women’s sexuality to mental disorders and he said he almost titled it ‘sex crazed’ and I laughed about it for literally a day and sobbed omg. And thank u anon sorry this is so long I just ramble when I’m sad. But ur an angel thank u for asking me things :-)