I was tagged by bbangyonguk; thank you! 
:D (also ur gorgeous wht tf)

  1. What’s your name? Amyra (or alternatively “capitalist trash”) 

  2. Where you from? The DMV 

  3. Favourite color? Black bc I am an x_Emo_x™

  4. Write something in all caps: #FAKEDEEP

  5. Fav. band/artist: BAP, the Gazette 
  6. Fav. number. 6 and 2:09
  7. Fav. drink: Chai tea, Milk tea, Thai tea

  8. Tag 8 people you want to know better

f4-ok drieng yucaconsalami badenzz kookiemonstaahh ilackhearts sitaimissme sixthgunforlife idk i dont have friends i just tagged a bunch of people have fun1!!

me: man i sure have cut down on drafts im feeling so alive better send a million asks
me: watches as asks get answered
me: wants to turn every single one of them into a new thread

anonymous asked:

wwhy are u leaving?????? :'(

hum hum i’ve answered this before but actually yanno what just let me link you to that post bc i cant b eloquent rn im rly tired


basically i needa devote more time to living an actual life! im honestly going to miss tumblr a lot but theres also a lot that i definitely wont miss haha

and again yall can keep tabs on me thru instagram and mutuals-who-are-friends can ask for my facebook etc

hfskai asked:

[text]: hows your eye mate just wanted to check up // [text]: i bought ya a bag of peas, i kno its a few days late but maybe for a possible next time?? I wont hit on the bride next time i promis

[text]: well it doesn’t hurt as much when alex decides to poke it anymore

[text]: Kai nowak being considerate. Write this date down, don’t lose it. Round two tonight?? Let’s skip the wedding this time.. find something else to do