Stay the Night (Michael Smut)

Word count: 3047
I was anxiously waiting in line to see 5SOS, as there were only two more girls ahead of me.

I’ve been waiting for the day I would meet Michael for what feels like forever. He was my idol and him and his band mates music is really inspiring.

Yea they’re all really attractive as well but I really just love their music.

“Alright, who’s next??” I heard Calum say from inside the room. I looked in front of me before realizing that it was my turn.

I took a deep breath and stepped in the room to see their lovely faces staring at me with big smiles.

“Hi, what’s your name?” Ashton asked cheerfully.

“Umm I’m (Y/n).” I smiled at them.

“Pretty..” I heard Michael say quietly. My face was probably so red.

“Do you want a picture?” Luke asked.

“Yea.” I said excitedly. They all gathered around me. Michael on my right, Luke on my left, then Calum and Ashton.

Michael had his arm around my waist and before he pulled away, I could feel him put something in my back pocket.

After we got the picture I stood in front of them again.

“Wow, this is all so surreal. I’ve been listening to you guys since basically the beginning. And now I’m finally meeting you. I just wanted to say that your music is really inspiring to me.” I gushed.

“Awww..” They all said at the same time and attacked me with a group hug. I giggled as I was being smushed in the middle.

Finally they let me go so I could breath again.

“Okay well I should leave now.”

“Bye (Y/n). It was nice meeting you!!”

I looked back and saw Michael wink at me before I said goodbye.

I left the room and walked down the hallway a little before I pulled whatever it was that Michael put in my pocket.

It was a little piece of paper with small scratchy handwriting. It said:
“Meet me in room 40b at 7:00”

I wandered down the dark empty hallways and finally came across room 40b. I checked the time; 6:57.

I slowly opened the door and felt around for a light switch. When I found it I saw a big table and a bunch of chairs around it. They most likely used it for meetings.

I heard someone at the door and quickly turned the lights back off and hid behind the chairs, as I thought it was security.

They entered the room, shut the door and turned the lights on. I heard them sigh sadly.

“I knew she wasn’t gonna show. I’m such and idiot..”

I slowly stood up and saw him pulling at his hair and walking toward the door again.

“Michael..” He turned around and looked at me, surprised.

“Oh my god, you’re actually here. I thought you would think I was a creep and not show up.” He chuckled to himself. “Wait why were you hiding there in the dark?” He asked, puzzled.

“I, uh thought you were security or something.” I laughed lightly.

“Oh.” He chuckled and looked down at his shoes, then looked back up at me and smiled.

His smile was single-handedly, the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

I smiled back at him as my face turned red.

“So, why did you want to meet me here?” I questioned.

“Oh, right. I really just wanted someone to talk to at first. But now I really just want to get to know you.” He blushed a little.

“Oh. But why me?”

“Well, first, you’re absolutely beautiful. Not gonna lie.” He chuckled. “Second, you just really intrigued me for some reason. I don’t know what it is about you, but you seem different.” He took a small step towards me, but we were still a few feet away.

At this point my face was burning up. I leaned against one of the chairs with my hand. Unfortunately, the chair had wheels on it and was pulled away from the table.

Being the clumsy human I am, the chair slipped out from under neath me and I lost my balance. Of course I landed right on my ass with a loud thud.

“Oh, my god. Are you okay?” Michael said between laughs. He walked over and held out his hands.

“Uh, yea. I’m okay I think.” I said with a chuckle and took both of his hands. He pulled me up quite effortlessly.

When I’d gotten back on my feet I noticed how close I actually was to him and how he was still holding onto my hands. I slowly looked up at him.

He had a slight smile spread across his face and his gray-green eyes were looking straight into mine. I subtly cleared my throat and he let go of my hands.

“Sorry.” He mumbled and looked at his feet again.

“Hey! Who’s in there?!”

Both of our heads snapped up as we heard heavy footsteps coming towards the room.

“Shit! Let’s go!” He grabbed my hand and we ran out of the room and down the halls giggling.

We burst out the front doors of the building and into the parking lot. We stopped and rested against the side of the wall to catch our breath.

“What now?”

“Umm, we could go do something?” He offered.

“Hmmm… My apartment is only a few blocks away. We could watch a movie and order some pizza?”

His eyes widened with excitement and nodded.


“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!”

“Paper beats rock! Haha I win!” I take the last slice of pizza triumphantly.

“That’s not fair. You totally decided after I already held out rock!” I laughed as he whined like a little kid.

“Nope. I won fair and square.” I smirked and took a big bite of the pizza. Michael crossed his arms and pouted making me giggle. “Here you can have the rest.”

He took the rest of my pizza with a smile and quickly devoured it.

“Thanks.” He mumbled with his mouth full.

“Do you want something to drink? I have soda in the fridge…”

“Please.” He said with a smile.

I walked over to the small kitchen just off the small living room and grabbed two sodas out of the fridge. I handed him one and plopped back down next to him.

“You know, this movie was the highlight of, like, my entire childhood.” He said pointing to the TV screen. We were watching Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone.

“Really? Me too. I basically grew up watching Harry Potter. I thought it was the best thing ever.” I said with a slight chuckle, reminiscing of my childhood. “Same with Spider-Man.”

“Haha me too! Those were the best.” He chuckled and sighed.

I shivered a little, noticing how cold it had gotten.

“You cold?” He asked, slightly concerned.

“A little. I’m gonna go get a blanket.” I stood up from the couch and started to walk to my bedroom.

“I can keep you warm…”

I stopped and looked back at him. He had a grin on his face and was blushing a little.

“C'mere.” He said patting the space right next to him. I slowly turned back around and walked back to the couch. I warily sat down, leaving a few inches between us.

He laughed and put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me close to his chest. I immediately got comfortable and pulled my legs up, resting them on Michael’s.

After a few minutes I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Okay, this is gonna sound cheesy as fuck,” He brought his other arm around and rested his hand on my knee. “But I feel like I’ve known you for so long. You know?”

I lift my head up to look at him.

“Like, I could talk to you about anything, and you would actually listen.”

I smile up at him.

“I would listen. And I feel the same way.” I see a grin spread across his face when the words leave my mouth.

All of a sudden, I am being smushed into his chest. His large arms wrapped around me, comfort me. I wrap mine around his waist and close my eyes.

“Thank you..” He mumbled softly into my hair.

“For what?”

“I don’t know, the pizza, having me over. Just, someone to talk to other than the boys.” He chuckled.

“You’re welcome.” I smiled into his chest.

We stayed like this for a few minutes, just letting the movie play in the background.

“Do you want to stay tonight?"He looks down at me. "Cause, I mean, I know it’s pretty late and stuff.”

“Yea, sure.” He smiles at me.

“Okay. Ill let you take my bed and I’ll sl-”

“No don’t worry I’ll sleep on the couch.” He assures me. I just nod in response, too tired at that point.

“Okay well I’m going to bed then..” I turn around and walk to my bedroom.


I look back and laugh.

“Goodnight Michael.” I change into a big t-shirt, step out of my jeans, and crawl into my warm bed. I start to drift off when I realize I didn’t give Michael a blanket or anything.

I quickly grab the duvet off my bed and one of the pillows and open my door again. I walk back to the couch to see him laying down in only his boxers and his feet hanging off the edge of the couch.

I tiptoe around to the front to see he is asleep. I look at his sleepy, cherubic face in awe for a few moments before I lay the duvet on his sleeping body and put the pillow on the floor next to him.

I then very slowly start to tiptoe back to my room. I get just past his head when his hand suddenly grabs my wrist making me gasp.

I turn to look at him as he sits up and brings me a little bit closer to him. Even with him sitting down, my face is only a couple inches above his. His eyes stare deeply into mine.

He brings his other hand up to my face and slowly traces my cheek.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispers before he pulls my face down to meet his. He rests his forehead on mine. I can feel his hot breath on my lips drawing me in until our lips touch.

His warm lips move perfectly against mine, sending sparks through my entire body. I bring my hands up to his face and cup his cheeks.

As the kiss deepens, he moves his hands to my waist and pulls me onto his lap so I’m straddling him. He traces his tongue along my bottom lip, asking for access, which I gladly grant.

I tangle my fingers through his bleached locks and he quietly moans into my mouth.

“Bedroom?” He mumbles against my lips. I nod quickly in response. He picks me up with his hands under my thighs and walks to my bedroom.

He lays me back on the bed and crawls back up to me. He gently caresses my face before connecting his now slightly red lips to mine again.

He pulls back a little to take the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head. He stares at my chest, smirking because I’m not wearing a bra.

He places chaste kisses across my collarbones and breasts, licking over my nipples occasionally, making me moan.

He slowly kissed his way down my body until he reached the waistband of my panties. He licked across the top and hooked his finger around the waistband to pull it up, only to let go and snap it against my hip, me letting out a frustrated whine.

Michael chuckled at my reaction before placing his lips on me again, moving lower. To my dismay, he payed no attention to where I needed him most, but to the insides of my thighs. As he peppered kisses along the bare skin, I could feel his hot breath on my clothed core, resulting in me squirming underneath him impatiently.

“Michael, please.” I moaned, looking down at him. He smirked up at me and gently placed a kiss on my clit, through my panties. His crystal-y green eyes bored into mine, putting me into a hazy state of mind.

Finally, he slipped his fingers into the waistband and pulled them down my legs. He then focused all of his attention to my soaking core, staring at it and licking his beautiful lips.

“Such a pretty pussy.” He whispered, his breath on my skin causing shivers to run down my spine. He placed his pillowy soft lips over my clit in an open-mouthed kiss. I let out a deep, breathy sigh at the long awaited contact.

His tongue finally slips past his lips and licks up my entire center slowly. I feel him smirk against me as a shaky moan escapes my lips.

He sucks and licks at my pussy relentlessly, leaving me moaning and panting under him. I grasp onto the sheets as I near my high.

Right as I’m about to fall off the edge, Michael stops his movements and crawls back up to me, making me whine. He peppers kisses up my neck and along my jaw.

“You taste incredible, (Y/n).” He whispers against my skin. I trail my hand down to the waistband of his boxers and pull them off of his hips, letting his hard on spring free. He lined himself up at my entrance. “Are you sure about this?” His features softened and looked into my eyes as he kicked his boxers off his legs.

“Yes.” I whispered back.

As Michael entered me, both of us let out groans of relief. He gave me a few seconds to let me adjust to his considerable size before slowly moving himself in and out.

The tiny moans and whimpers that escaped his swollen lips sounded heavenly. His face scrunched up with each thrust, trying not to become too loud. His length was hitting all the right places inside me, constantly making me gasp and groan.

My core was literally throbbing with pleasure and I’m pretty sure Michael could feel it too. Every time he entered, he stilled for a brief moment just to feel me pulse around him.

I brought my hands up to his hair and laced my fingers through his fried hair and gave it a tug. That encouraged him to rock his hips into me at a faster pace. When he thrusts into me particularly deep, I clench around him, and pull on his hair harder.

“F-fuck, do that again.” He moaned and buried his face in the crook of my neck. I fulfill his desire and clench around his cock once more, while he groans in my ear.

He leaves wet, sloppy kisses behind my ear and around my jaw, making me moan harmoniously with him. As he nears his release, and I near mine, he begins to unrhythmically pound into me.

A loud, almost pornographic moan tears through my lips as the friction builds at a faster rate. Michael snakes his hand down my chest to hold onto my hips to hit my g-spot more accurately with each thrust.

My heart begins to beat rapidly and my skin gets fiery hot as my orgasm approaches. I start frantically gripping onto and digging my nails into Michael’s back, arms, and neck. Moans and whimpers tumble freely from my open lips.

Michael starts to nip at my neck and shoulder to try to suppress his loud, animalistic groans.

“M-Michael..” I whimper, warning him that I’m close. He grunts at the sound of his name coming out of my mouth.

“I know-fuck. Let go, (Y/n).” He slides his hand down a bit further to rub my clit, pushing me closer to the edge. “C'mon, cum for me, princess.” He growls in my ear and nips at the delicate skin behind it.

The feeling of his teeth against me sets the flames loose throughout my entire body. I clamp down around Michael’s length as his name falls freely out of my mouth.

I come down from my high just in time to witness the trance-inducing beauty of Michael’s.

His flushed face scrunches up with intense pleasure. His pretty pink lips fall open to let out a few groans. He slows the rhythm of his hips as his last couple of whimpers ring in my ear.

He pulls out of me, still panting. Laying down next to me, he wraps his arms around me and pulls me into his slightly sweaty chest. The feeling of his warm breath on my shoulder and his fingers tracing my back lull me into a deep sleep.


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The Reunion *Neymar imagine*


“Mae! can we go to the game today?” Davi asked coming into the living room

I smiled, “What game?”

“Barca!” He cheered

I sucked in my breath, he loved FC Barcelona with a passion. He’s just like his Dad, I hadn’t told him about his father. And every-time he would ask about him, I would always say his Dad was somewhere else not here.

I mean he’s a 3 year old it’s not like he’s going to mind and Vince still comes over and plays with Davi so he’s okay. “Please Mae! please!” He said hugging me

I chuckled, “ Alright, we’ll go”

He hugged me more, and kissed my face. “But you have to cuddle with me” I said

He nodded, and we laid down on the couch with me. When I  checked the times for the games, it turns out there was a game today at 4. It was currently 9 so we had a lot of time. “Mae, is Uncle Vin coming over?” He asks

I shrugged, “I don’t know we can call him and see”

He smiled, and went in the room getting my phone. When he came back he handed it to me. Dialing Vince’s number he answered. “What’s up?” He said

“Nothing, much someone wants to talk to you” I said


I handed Davi the phone and him and Vince talked, and because Davi asked him to come over he was. He handed me the phone, and went into his room to play with his toys. I sighed and flopped on the couch. I was not ready to see him again.

I mean I was but the nerves, and the jittery feeling. I missed him so much, but on the terms we ended on I don’t think he’d want to even see me. Vince came a while later, and gave me a hug. “So what are you guys doing this lovely day?” He asked sitting on the other couch.

Davi came out running sitting on his lap, “Uncle Vinn, Uncle Vinn we’re going to the Barca game!” He said

Vince looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. “You are? Why wasn’t Uncle Vince invited?” He said 

Davi looked over to me for help, he was so cute. He was learning Spanish, so he didn’t know a lot of words. And always asked me for help. “Tell him he can come if he wants to” I said to him in Portuguese

He nodded, and kept talking to Vince. I guess he was so excited that he knocked himself out, he was asleep on Vince’s lap within minutes. “You’re really going to the game?” He said

I nodded, “Yeah, I can’t say no to Davi” I said smiling at him

“What are you going to do if Neymar see’s you with him? Run?”

“No, I don’t even think he’d want to see us so it’ll be okay. He’s probably found someone else already”

Vince sighed, “You want me to come with you guys?” He asked

I nodded, “Sure, at least I’ll have someone to talk to we’re bringing one of Davi’s friends Christian”

He nodded, I stood up and went to the kitchen. “Want anything?”

“Nah I ate before I came, so what time is this game?”

“4, we’re leaving at 3 because we know you’re going to take forever” I said

He chuckled, Vince stayed over for a little while and we just talked. About him, his girlfriend and daughter Amiyah, and just about everyday things. After I had Davi, Vince really helped me a lot with everything. My Parents had only seen Davi once still mad at the whole situation.

They loved him, but just didn’t come around to forgiving me for it. When it was around 2:10 Christian’s mom brought him over, and I got Davi ready. He wanted to wear his Barcelona jersey with his favorite shoes.

I got dressed, and when we were all ready I ushered the kids to the car. “Mae, this game is going to be the best right?” He said

I chuckled, “Yes , Davi it will because you’re going to be there” I said smiling at him

We arrived at Vince’s place, and picked him up. Then drove to Camp Nou, they were playing against Granada. Arriving there I held onto Christian’s and Davi’s hands as we went in, losing these kids was something that wasn’t happening.

When we got to our seats which was to my surprise close to the fields, I made sure to have Davi and Christian in between Vince and I. Either way I didn’t have to worry because I knew Davi would want to sit on my lap somewhere through the game.

“Mae what time is it?” Davi asked

“It’s 4 now, the games going to start now” I said

He smiled, and at that moment. The players came out, and Neymar was the last person out of the tunnel. He looked around into the crowd, his eyes looked focused, and then he went for the team picture.

“Mae, do you know who that is?” Davi asked pointing

I looked, and he was pointing at Neymar. “Whose that?”

“Neymar, he’s the best” He said smiling

I smiled, at him and kissed his cheek. The game started, and it was going well. When half-time came, Davi wanted something to eat so Vince went and took Christian with him because he wanted to go to the bathroom.

Davi climbed on my lap, and started playing with my hands as he told me things. When the boys came back, Vince chuckled. I looked at him, “What are you laughing at?” I asked

He pointed up, I looked and we were on the screen. Davi and I, him playing with my hands and laughing. I smiled, and looked onto the field and that’s when I saw those eyes staring at me. The same eyes I had left almost 3 years ago.

A smile grew on his face, as he stared at me with a wink and the sound of the whistle the game started. We all watched the game, and we watched the passing of Barcelona. The tricks Messi did everything.

When the ball was passed to Neymar, he took off. Sprinting, towards the goal. He was playing like he did at Santos, I always watched his games he was the best. Still is the best. He tricked out the defender so then it was just him and the keeper.

The keeper dived towards his legs, and Neymar spun the ball and shot. It hit the back of the neck and everyone went crazy. I smiled, as Davi was cheering. Neymar’s celebration surprised me as well. He put his hands in a heart, and stood in front of us.

With a wink he was gone and the game started once more. I looked to Vince, who looked at me. “So is there something you’re not telling me?” He asked

I shook my head, “No I haven’t seen him is almost 3 years I don’t know what that is”

I looked down to Davi who was looking at me to. “Mae, what does that mean?” He asked doing the same heart

I chuckled, and kissed his forehead. “It’s a heart baby”

“And what does it do?”

“It means I love you”

He nodded, and kept watching the game. He turned back to me, and tilted his head. “Mae, does Neymar love you?”

I choked on air! ON AIR!. When I finished, I looked at Davi. “No baby it was to his fans”

He nodded, and for good he watched the game. When it had ended Barcelona won 3-0. Just as we were getting ready to leave some guys stopped Davi and I. “Um excuse me but you’re in our way” I said politely

“Ma’am we need you and your son to come with us please?” One said

I looked at Vince. “I’ll take Christian to the car” He said

I handed him the keys and set Davi on my hip following the two men. “Mae who’s this?” He whispered

“I don’t know” I said

We kept walking and then, stopped. “Wait here Miss”

I nodded, and waited with Davi. A few minutes later, they came back and lead us some more down towards an empty room. Opening the door, he told me to have a seat and the person will be here in a second.

I sat on the chair Davi in my lap. He rested his head on my shoulder with a yawn. I rubbed his back and sighed, this was seriously going to take forever. I was about to give up and close my eyes when he spoke. “Long time no see”

Davi’s head perked up looking at him with  a big smile. “Mae!Mae!Mae! It’s Neymar” He said smiling

I chuckled, and nodded. Neymar came into view, and smiled sitting down on the chair in front of us. He smiled at me, “So whose this?” He asked looking at Davi

I nudged Davi a little. “I’m Davi” He said in his cute Portuguese

Neymar smiled, “Hello, Davi I’m Neymar”

“So did you tell him?”

I shook my head. “Davi do you want to know something?”

I looked at him,”What are you doing?” I asked

He picked up Davi and took him to the window, and whispered something in his ear. I guess it was something really good because Davi wrapped his arms around Neymar’s neck and had a big smile on his face.

When they sat back down Davi came to me and whispered. “He said he’s my Papai”

I chuckled, and nodded. “Really!”

He was so happy, he went back to Neymar’s lap and began telling him things that he liked. And just like earlier with Vince, Davi soon fell asleep. Neymar smiled down at him and kissed the top of his head. “Why didn’t you call me?” He asked

“I couldn’t”

“Why not?”

“Neymar you know why not, they forbid me to see you. Took away every thing, when Davi was born Vince took me to the hospital, he was there for me by then everything that once said we were together was burned”I said

“You know I looked for you all over Brazil” He said not taking his eyes off Davi

I looked up, “You did?”

“Yeah, everyday before practice and games, at night when I couldn’t sleep everywhere. I wasn’t just going to let you go like that you’re the love of my life”

“I’m sorry it happened” I said

He looked up and into my eyes. “Y/N, I still love you” He said


He chuckled, “Yes really I’ve always loved you. You’re the mother of my child, an have been my love since you were a freshman”

I chuckled, “Yeah, I’m still a freshman”

“A freshman in college”

We laughed a little, and he stood up still holding Davi. “Don’t ever leave me again”

I nodded, and he smiled. He extended the hand that wasn’t holding the sleeping Davi, and interlocked our hands. He interlocked our hands, and lead us outside there where about a thousand cameras going off at once.

He walked us to the car, and kissed my lips buckling Davi into the car and saying ‘Hi’ to Vince who was in the car. We drove off, and he made sure to put his number in my phone.

When i dropped Vince off, and then Christian. Davi was still sleeping in the car, and as soon as I arrived home and put him in the bed. I turned on the TV. You know it surprised me how fast the reporters got back to there offices.

“Breaking News, FC Barcelona’s Neymar jr. has a new girlfriend and it’s someone we don’t know. He was seen leaving the Camp Nou, with this woman and carrying a small blond child” The woman said

“So will we see more of this lady or will it just be over within a week?”

I chuckled, “Okay a little dramatic”

My phone buzzed and it was Neymar. We texted until 4 in the morning.

—–2weeks later

“Neymar, be careful with Davi!” I yelled as he swung him around

“He’s a boy he’s fine” He said

I sighed fustrated. He doesn’t listen! He’s going to end up hurting my baby. I trailed behind them, and when they reached the water I sat on the shore as the two of them went into the water.

I could see the cameras, so I just blocked it out and watched them. I smiled seeing them, it made me happy that Davi was happy. We stayed at the beach for an hour, and then left heading home.

When we got to the house. Neymar carried Davi inside, and I went into the kitchen to make lunch. Neymar came and turned on the TV, as Davi was in his room. “Look’s like Miss Y/N is here to stay. it’s reported she is the mother of Neymar’s 3 year old son David Lucca da Silva, the two have just recently gotten back together after 3 years when they met at the Granada vs Barcelona game. “

“Today the happy family was spotted at the beach enjoying a family day, look at how happy they are. We send the best wishes to them, and hope there’s a wedding and another baby in the future”

I looked at Neymar who was already looking at me. “Another baby in the future?” He said

  • Yixuan always stood beside his member supportively
    • That one time Yibo is too tongue tied to speak, Yixuan caress that little kid’s arm and he actually relax and speak. 

  • Yixuan is always encouraging toward his members
    • Seungyoun once said that he’s not good at beat boxing and Yixuan spoke up and say that they all did that(beatboxing) well and Seungyoun is the best and he looks so proud I feel like punching myself in the face, yoou got me?!?!

  • Yixuan is UNIQ’s MAMA, OKAYYY?!
    • He is 20-something and the other members are like 13-17 years old. Imagine, just imagine, how he treats them like his child and fuss to them and switch off electrical appliance before leaving and gives them bowls and spoons and plates at the table before they eat. Like a real mother, alright.

so, please for the good grace of god love Zhou Yixuan.

pic credits to owner

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Hi! I'm just one of your followers who feels the need to send anon love so here goes. I LOVE YOU'RE DRAWING!! I wish you have a wonderful weekend and that you're doing alright and I hope this puts a smile on your face!!

Awwwww thank you soooooo so much!! Yes, it put a huuuge smile on my face hehe! (:

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OH MY GOD BANI THIS LAST PANEL YOU KILLED ME IT MADE ME LAUGH SO FUCKING HARD !!!!! EVEN NOW I'M STILL LAUGHING !!!!!!! BUT THIS LAST PANEL.. IT'S CUTE AND SO FREAKIN' FUNNY JUST LOOK AT MADARA'S FACE, I CAN'T !!! THIS KISS THO !!! xD How did they end with their tongue like this..? And Madara who keeps going at it.. I love his face ! \(>3<\) Tobirama looks pissed.. poor Hashi, I hope everything will be alright for him~ You really are an amazing artist Bani, my dear long-lost twin !! \(^3^)/♡

*sob sob* I thank you so much…!! (*/∇\*)  Maybe Tobirama is jealous because he has no fun in his life… (*≧▽≦) Oh yes, Madara doesn’t care about this annoying white haired Senju… pfff (*´艸`*) 

My friend said Tobirama would ‘punish’ Madara later… to ‘figure out those Uchihas’ … (・∀・)

but I liked the shape of your nose so much!

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im a Scorpio girl and I used to date a cancer boy and he was obsessed with me for months before we dated bc he was too intimidated to talk to me and we had a good relationship but it fell apart when he stopped loving me while I kept falling harder. he just left. and now, being the bitter scorp I am, I hate his guts and refuse to speak to him. but it's alright because im hot and he's ugly so whenever I pass him in the hall I kinda do that hair toss and fierce bitch face... he's terrified again

LMAO im soo sorry, us cancers can be pieces of shit hes an asshole he dont deserve ur fierceness ur amazing 

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Ever watched or heard of the movie "love and other drugs"? Kah defenitly needs to check it out ;)

Lancelot read the next question and smiled. “Actually, yes, we have, we watched it together a while ago.” He answered. Kahmunrah quirked his eyebrow.

“The doctor was the best actor. I forgot his name though.” Don’t ask why they had been watching romantic movies together. It was just on the laptop, alright?

“He reminded me a lot of you, to tell the truth. Your faces really look alike.” Lancelot remarked, casually placing an arm around the other’s shoulder.

“No, they don’t. And I have nicer hair.” Kah huffed, still a little shaken up from the previous question. That’s why he didn’t shrug Lance’s arm off. Really.

“They do… And of course your hair and face are nicer.” The Knight smirked, tapping the other’s shoulder a little teasingly. Said other wasn’t even remotely amused.

“Of course they are.” The guy’s butt had been in view. He wondered who’s butt Lancelot thought was nicer. Not that he wánted Lance to look at his butt, but he knew the man did. “Shouldn’t we comment on the plot?”

“It was a nice movie… A little sad though. But it shows that love is blind… I think that’s the term.” Lancelot mumbled thoughtfully. Kah subconciously relaxed into his hold a little.

“Agreed.” Mostly. The movie had made him feel somewhat uncomfortable concerning that… love was… weird…

Lance leaned his head against the other man’s -they had a mood going. He could totally do this- and sighed dramatically. “The movie had a nice ending.” He mumbled.

Kahmunrah raised his eyebrow at him again, a little confused now. “Not really. Her disease was incurable.” How was that a good ending? Her health would get worse and eventually she would die.

“I know. But the man stayed with her and didn’t care about her disease.” Lancelot spoke absentmindedly.

“For now he didn’t. People change their minds all the time.” Kahmunrah replied, leaning forward and away from Lance again, crossing his arms and biting his cheek. In a way, the movie had been too hopeful -in his opinion-. All the media in this age spoke a lot of lies. This movie had been more realistic than others though, just not in that aspect.

Lancelot was a little dissapointed at that movement, but also at that reply. It seemed so… simply hopeless. “I don’t agree with that, my King.” He shook his head. “Why not?” Kah inquiered, turning his head to better look the other man in the eyes.

“Because people will not always change their minds… Sure, some people do… Perhaps most. But certainly not everyone.” Lance answered, smiling awkwardly.
Kahmunrah huffed. “Everyone will when it comes down to saving their own skin. On a sidenote, that actress did have nice breasts like the man said.” Distractions, yay.

“No Kah, not everyone. Yes she did have nice breast inde- WHY DID YOU STARE AT HER BREASTS?!” The Knight suddenly snapped. Kah raised his eyebrow once more. Distraction accomplished. “You just agreed with me. Meaning so did you. And I had two wives. I’ve seen breasts before. Why shouldn’t I look?”

“Because… Because I don’t like it when you look at other people than me…” Lancelot mumbled, looking away. His Pharaoh had never really looked at others before in such a way, and it made his chest constrict unpleasantly. Not that he really looked at him that way. Not obviously. But he did, a little. Kind of subtly.

“Then why are YOU allowed to look?!” Kahmunrah shot back, halfway flattered, halfway annoyed at the hypocrisy. Somewhat mortified too.

“Allowed to look at what?!” Lancelot snapped, then crossed his arms, his cheeks turning a dark red. Kah tilted his head to the side at that. “Boobs. Or did you look at something else too?” It was probably the guy’s ass.

“That guy’s ass. But that’s not the point.” Lance turned around and took Kah’s face between his hands. “I like it when you look at me, okay?”

Kah resisted the urge to smirk -it would give Lance the wrong idea-. Ha! He knew it. “Who else around here would I look at?” He complimented lightly, pulling the hands away with his own. Don’t get the wrong idea though. He was just being nice. Yeah he could be nice! The whole being evil thing was just something his father made up about him. That he kind of grew into. But he used to be nice!

“Look only at me.” He continued speaking. “And I’ll look only at you. And my butt is nicer than that guy’s.”

“Alright.” Lancelot smiled, taking the other’s face in between his hands once again. “Your eyes are so pretty… And I can’t say that enough times.”

“Oh, hush. Stop trying to flatter me, you have me right where you presumably want me.” Kah rolled his eyes lightly. Lance’s smile softened as he moved his hands, pulling the other to rest against his body once more. “You’re nice and warm as well.”

“You say that too often. It’s a weird compliment. And I’m not your mother, or nanny, stop trying to cuddle me.” Kahmunrah tutted, although he allowed it nonetheless.

“It’s because you are. And I like it. And I like you.” The Knight whispered in his ear.“I know you do. How much though…” came the soft reply. The last bit uttered more to himself as he trailed off.

Lancelot managed to catch it though, and smiled. “A lot… As in, I would do anything for you. I would give my life for you, my King.”

“You’ve said so before, yes. I forbid it. But why? What ám I to you?” The general tone was more serious now, having completely strayed from the topic. “Hm… we’ll talk about it later. We’ve about answered the question. Next.”

Lance smiled faintly again and closed his eyes. “To me, you are precious. As you wish, my King.” And he clicked a few things for the next question.


He didn’t mean to be a dick, honestly; almost getting hit by a car is stressful, and it honestly hadn’t crossed his mind until Enjolras reacted that he might be scared. There was a moment of silence, before he set his drink down and stumbled forward. “–S’alright, I’m alive. Look. I got out of the way, just a couple scrapes and bumps, see?”

Enjolras nodded and tugged him closer, holding him tightly and burying his face in his hair. The near-accident had scared him to death, truthfully; he could have lost Grantaire so easily and he couldn’t even imagine it. He just needed to feel him close. “I love you,” he mumbled weakly, clinging.

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jack frost, katara, donna, 10, 11 (heh heh heh)

jack frost - literally so gorgeous his face is perfect just all around 10/10

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

katara - she’s pretty i guess? idk it’s hard to tell with 2D animated characters also i’m gay but yeah katara’s pretty especially book 3 katara.

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

donna - i was gonna put “pretty” but then i was like hER HAIR so “gorgeous”

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

10 - so pretty. i like how his emotive his face is, david tennant did such a good job as ten. i love his aesthetic too, dat trench coat.

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

11 - idk his face is weird and his childish personality as eleven kind of completely desexualized matt smith for me. sryyy if anyone loves him.

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Send me a character and I’ll tell you how hot I think they are

To Be Back

“I’m off Story, are you sure you don’t want to go to the grocery store with me?”

He watches as the girl shakes her head. “Okay..“ There is a pause as he turns to the door. “Do you want anything?” He waits as a knowing smile crosses his face.

“A cinnamon roll, please?”

With a laugh, Oncie nods. “Alright, Story. I’ll get a whole bunch just for you. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Closing the door behind him, he glances at the long list in his hands. “Milk, bread, cinnamon rolls, fruit…. I’ve been gone so long, there was nearly nothing in the refrigerator. Lovely.”

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' don't die... don't die on me. please... '

x ]

With gentle hands, he hooks a
finger under her chin and lifts it
up a little. A consoling smile on
his lips is present as his gaze
softens visibly at the sight of his
beloved’s distress.

Naveen cursed his stupidity
inwardly. He should’ve been more
careful– should’ve watched for
the oncoming car before stepping,
dancing into the street.

But if this was how he was going to
go, he did not want the last thing he
saw to be the look of
horror written
across Tiana’s face.

It is alright, Tiana, he soothed, holding back a
wince as he moved his arm, 
Keep that chin up for
me and
smile a little, my love. You will be okay. I
just need you to do
one thing for me, alright? I just
need you to
never stop dancing. Let yourself enjoy
it as you always have. And when you do? Remember
I love you and always will, yes?

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I voted :)) my question is: are you going to rowyso this year? ((Im abt to reblog a selfie bc no face page soz :// ))

thank you sooooooooooo much for voting!!!!!! it means the world!! and i really really want to, i just haven’t gotten tickets yet which could be problematic …

ship: lh, ch, ai, mc

random song: the kids aren’t alright by fall out boy

blurb: if you give me an idea


how he kisses you (gif):

first dance song: this by ed sheeran

his nickname for you: love bug

who is more punk rock: you him

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Shit goes down

Alright I think the biggest thing in this episode was how freaked out I was when the Queen was actually “nice”, I mean I’m so used to her being a bitch that I was honestly shocked, at least until the end.

Eleanor well damn, I knew she loved her dad but she was just perfect in this episode, maybe not the Jasper part but let’s face it he’s far from perfect so I would say it’s understandable.

Cyrus is loyal to himself aka he’s an ass.

Alright and the dude at the end, it could be Robert I mean how people said it, it is The Royals after all, though I don’t really know how that would be possible, his body had to be identified and stuff like that, and why would he come back only now? But I’ll guess we’ll see later on that.

In conclusion it was one hell of an episode I loved it!!

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I think I'm in love with my best guy friend and I think he might feel the same. His smile is so beautiful and when he laughs really hard his eyes close and his face gets all pink and it's really adorable and his hands are so big and when he holds mine I feel like everything is going to be alright and I feel at home and idk I just really love him ^•^


anon sleepover

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Christ almighty, she'd been in that waiting room for what felt like an eternity! No, she wasn't a blood relation, she wasn't his spouse, but dammit, they were living together, dating, she should have been allowed in that fucking room over an hour ago! Giving the nurse and physician a death glare, Wynter slipped into the room, her breath catching when she saw Hansel. He was a mess, there was no other way of putting it. Silently, she took a seat beside the bed, her hand closing around his own. 1/2

meme;; selective but accepting.

Pale eyes glanced from the monitors to Hansel’s bruised face, sympathy and worry battling for dominance in her expression. “Scared the shit out of me…” she murmured, her thumb gingerly drifting over his knuckles. “Everything is going to be alright now, love, I promise…I just need you to come back to me. Please, Hans…come back to me.” she murmured, tears rolling down her cheeks. 2/2

      UNCONSCIOUS, paralyzed, unable to move or speak…it should have been hell. And yet it felt like NOTHING. No notion of the painkillers pumped through his system that kept injuries at bay, unaware of the tube they had forced down his throat. Yet the NIGHTMARES were horrendous–constantly reliving the moment before over and over like some sick and twisted video on loop. He could see his gun knocked just out of his reach, feel the cold claws sinking into his throat as body was lifted off of the ground. There was a brief RUSH as he saw the ground hurtling closer at an inhumane speed and…repeat. Each time, Hansel expected the pain to come, expected for DEATH to finally save him from the torment he was being made to endure. Perhaps Death had come. Perhaps this was the Hell he was destined to live. No fiery flames of eternal darkness, no devil watching from above–just the moment of his death, over and over with the fear permanently embedded into his senses.

       And yet then he heard her voice, heard the soft lilt that brought the dream to slow. Wyn? ‘Twas as if vocal cords had been severed, unable to call out and reply back. Everything was going to be alright? Come back? From where? Was he NOT dead? And though mind would remain trapped within the dream for but a while longer, his own living body responded: a soft groan forced around the plastic within his throat, and soft twitch of his fingers against hers. Just give me a while longer.

Morning Light

It was definitely reigning on to morn by the time the tanned male buttoned the cuffs of his sleeve. His tall form faced the closet as he always does when he wore his clothes though his eyes couldn’t help but glance over his broad shoulders, his starlight hues shimmering a little as the morning light that seeped through the curtains touched his irises. 

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