OUAT 4x21 Reaction post


Regina complaining about the Zelena baby keeping her and Robin apart 

I mean Robin just found out that Marian died - again- and he was basically raped by Zelena 

I just really hate this pregnancy plot, ok?

Mal getting to finally see Lily 

Regina and Zelena together 

Regina taking the quill from Rumple 

“Of all the characters I’ve written for, you really do get screwed over the most." 

Lily being a jerk to Mal 

I knew Cora was a liar 

Homeboy just related weak and feminine 

Lily turning into a dragon 

I think Regina is actually scaring Zelena with this happy ending talk 

Captain Swan heart to heart 

Emma forgiving Snow 

Lily and Mal making up 

Zelena pulling the Cora- card 

Regina drinking the potion so she can never have children 

Regina realizing she can find her happy ending without the author AND smacking down haters who think happy endings equate to finding a man 

The author showing up to help Gold

“After my mother died, the four of us bounced around in foster care. Luckily we were all able to stay together. After several years of moving around, we eventually found a permanent home. Our new parents were Fidia and Luis Figuereo. I remember the first day we arrived at their house. They were cooking up a storm. I can remember exactly what they were making: rice, yellow beans, and steak. At that point I assumed that it would just be another foster home, but we soon became a family. The Figuereo’s had two kids of their own, so there were six of us total. All the girls were in one room and all the boys were in another room.
“Do you remember the moment you began to see them as your family?”
“I do. I got in trouble at school one day because I wouldn’t take off my hoodie in class. And I remember Fidia showed up, and I thought: ‘Oh crap. Here comes Mom.’”


Eric is a current volunteer and former client of theAssociation to Benefit Children. Founded in 1986, ABC aims to ‘amplify the voices of defenseless children by combating the debilitating effects of poverty and championing the right of every child to a joyful and nurturing childhood.’

have some more aus
  • there is no more room in the car and the roadtrip is four hours, I hope you don’t mind sitting in my lap au
  • we’re both stuck behind horrible traffic and my car just died, mind if I sit with you au
  • midnight premieres are so fun except I lost my ticket could you please sneak me in the back door au
  • kiss me, my asshole cheating ex is walking this way au
  • holy shit you’ve been shot what the fuck do you mean this isn’t the first time this has happened au
  • found you passed out in the dumpster, covered in glitter, with no memory of last night but you somehow know my name au
  • you tried to catch the pickpocket who stole my wallet but ended up tripping and losing your wallet too au
  • we’re both vigilantes for the same city but everyone thinks we’re the same person and it’s super annoying au 
  • your craigslist ad said you would be my pretend date for christmas if I provided alcohol, when can you get here au
  • the sweaters you hand knit are actually really scratchy but you put a lot of work into them so I wear them all the time au
  • you tried to ‘parkour’ over my car but ended up busting my windshield, you’re lucky you’re cute au
  • found a kitten last night and I already have five cats, please take this little guy off my hands neighbor I’ve only met once au
  • I am a poor college student who may or may not be willing to suck your dick for a passing grade au
  • we both reach for the last chocolate milk gallon I will fight you au
  • it’s finals week and I haven’t slept more than 45 minutes in the past three days, did you know you have a very cute butt au
  • you’re my english prof and, incidentally, my fav porn star au
  • did I see porn on your computer before you closed the tab really fast or am I just really tired au
  • you’re having trouble ordering your meal and I know sign language so I help you out au 
  • everybody thinks we’re fucking bc we’re so close but no homo amirite hahahaaaa… au
A Post-it Story

Summary: What Phil did with the post-it noted from Japan

Word Count: 700

A/N: i am phan trash.  i know. i might need help. jfc.

It started out as a joke. Phil just had too many post-it notes and nothing to do with them.  So he began leaving them around the flat for Dan to find.  

There were ones with jokes like “Did you hear about the Italian Chief that died? He pasta way.”  Phil always knew Dan found one of those when he heard a groan from the other side of the flat.  He would smile to himself at Dan’s reaction.

He also took to leaving ones on the door in front of the toilet reminding Dan to stop wasting his time there, playing I-Phone games.  Somehow those always seemed to end up in the trash.  Luckily Phil had many post-its to replace them with.

Sometimes Phil would use the notes to remind Dan to do things such as buy the milk as well, but the most common use was just leaving loving notes around the flat.  For example, one in the hallway that reminded to Dan to smile and one a few feet down talking about how much Phil loved Dan’s dimple. Some were just filled with hearts and little drawings.  If Dan was staying up too late Phil would leave a simple “I love you” by the light switch.  That way when Dan finally went to bed Phil would still be able to say goodnight with an I love you.

Of course Dan couldn’t let Phil have all the fun, he had to get some post it notes of his own.  So the next day black post-its with silver writing on them began to appear.  Dan would tell Phil new songs to listen to or say that it was really Phil’s turn to go get the milk.  Sometimes that cause a bit of a post-it war as they stacked notes on top of each, trying to get the other person to the shop.

The one clear rule of this game was that you could never be caught putting the notes up.  You could take them down (otherwise their flat would have been covered) but if seen putting them up the game would be ruined. Some stayed up for a few hours others days. The compliments Phil left for Dan always disappeared the fastest. They weren’t thrown away though, quite the opposite actually.  Dan kept them all, in a small box, for the days when he was doubting himself.  Even Phil didn’t know how helpful they were.

One day Phil started a story.  Similar to their one words story games they would each take turns leaving the next sentence of the story.  A small part of the wall in the lounge was dedicated to this.  The post –its that had the sentences were never removed, they didn’t want to forget the story, and the wall became crowded very quickly.

It started as a story that was just as random as always and made very little sense.  But somehow it morphed into something about two men who lived their whole lives together.  It talked about the children that the men adopted and raised.  The story talked about all the adventures then men had together. They traveled the world, sometimes with their children sometimes alone.  The two men loved each other very much.  

The other post-it notes had stopped being left around the house.  Dan and Phil had went back to telling the jokes and compliments in person, yet the story continued.  

But as the story continued the men kept getting older.  They got too old to travel like they used to.  Their old jobs were long gone and instead they spent their days in each other’s comfortable company that they had never gotten tired of.  The years began to pass quicker, as time sometimes does.

But neither Dan nor Phil wanted to write the ending.  The post-its were rarely added, putting time off as much as possible.  Until one day Phil’s huge stack of post-its only had one left.  Dan’s last sentence had been about how the men had gone to sleep after visiting their children and now grandchildren that day.  Still sharing a bed and enjoying the comfort of the other.  So late one night when even Dan had gone to sleep, Phil wrote the last note, simply reading, “The End”.

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So everyone at my school thinks it's funny to have mental illnesses, and someone said, 'LOL I found her insta, her idols a schitz or somethin' and everyone laughed, so I found myself rage debating about it for like, half an hour, until the teacher came over and saw what was happening and TOOK MY SIDE AND SAID THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I DIED A LITTLE INSIDE, I just wanted to let you know that you're an amazing inspiration to everyone of every age, and don't let any haters stop you <3 [Askbox no]



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#9 for Solangelo? For the ship-prompt thing. Thank you! :)

9. Things you said while I was crying.

Nico had never been in this position before.  Will had always been the rock, had always been the one to console.  With the table turned, Nico found himself a mile and a half out of his comfort zone, but none of that mattered.  None of that mattered because Will was hiding his tears into Nico’s shirt and shaking too hard.  Nico kept him close, holding him just as tightly.

“It hurts,” Will choked, voice hitching on another sob.

Nico smoothed back Will’s bangs from his forehead.  “I know,” he said gently. “I know.”

He knew the pain of losing a sibling.  He knew it too well.  It was the sort of pain that came with losing a limb.  A part of him was gone, taken away abruptly and cruelly.  Yet, he could still feel it.  Sometimes he could trick himself into thinking that it was still there.  But, it wasn’t.  It was gone.  They were gone.  And, both Will and Nico were left to deal with adjusting to a life where they weren’t quite whole.

Demigods died.  It was a norm in their life.  But it never got easier.  Looking at newly vacant bunks and burning shrouds never got easier.

“I wish I could just stop feeling anything at all,” Will whispered.  “I wish I’d just go numb.”

Nico gathered Will’s face in his hands and redirected those watery blue eyes to his.  “Do you really want that? You really just want to live the rest of your life as an empty shell?”  He huffed.  “Take it from someone who tried, Solace, this,” he pointed to Will’s heart, “is much better than feeling nothing.  It hurts.  It does.  But it means you loved.  And I wouldn’t give that up.”

Will stared at him for a long time, silent, before blowing out a long sigh and burrowing into his arms again.  Nico held him tightly, kissing him lightly on the top of his head, as Will had done many times previously, when it had been Nico that was breaking, Nico that was wishing he was numb.  He understood the feeling, and he understood exactly what it would take to lessen the weight.  He’d shoulder some of Will’s burden even if it meant sleepless nights full of tissues and bad memories because that was what people did for the ones they love.

Nico closed his eyes and leaned his cheek on Will’s head.

Yeah. He would rather feel this than nothing at all.

Remember the time I found four injured baby squirrels and took them in and named them Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Beyonce? And then found out I as breaking wildlife laws by taking them in and was legally stuck with baby squirrels?

And Beyonce died but I ended up raising his brothers (Yes he was a male) and releasing them in secret?

I felt like a really terrible Daenerys Targaryen.

Father of Squirrels. The Unbitten. Breaker of wildlife laws. 

I miss them. Liberte was so aggressive, I have a lot of hope for him. 

Confession: I confess that when I got DA2, I hesitated when I saw the I could use an import from DAO to add to the game. Sadly, Alistair died in the end when he slayed the Archdemon saving everyone and shattering my heart in the process. I ended up importing a save from before the Archdemon battle. Later, I found out that my Warden died slaying the dragon and Alistair was on the throne yet again. I was relieved just to find out that Hawke and I might be able to see Alistair’s face alive and well.



So I found this, and personally I think it’s brilliant. They only just brought him into this and then they kill him off. So don’t tell me he died a hero or anything like that. Joss Whedon could of killed of someone else. Pietro had great potential and then they killed him off. Just like that. And don’t tell me that they had to kill him off or Wanda wouldn’t join the avengers because we know they both would still have joined.

Surrender (yourself to me)

I think the whole CS fandom died last night when a wonderful shipper found a video of Colin perfect chest and then proceeded on posting the video AND the previous scene that led him to be shirtless. I think itโ€™s safe to say that I died and instantly though of CS and woke up this morning with the NEED to write some smut based on those two videos. For those who by any chance havenโ€™t seen them or for those who just want to rewatch them over and over, here are the links.

pre-shirtless scene AKA the pornish makeout [X]

shirtless Colin and his chest in all its glory [X]

So here is some shameless smut!!! Sorry if there is some mistakes/misspell!

Emma was more than happy to come back from work and go home, especially since now home included an apartment all for herself and her pirate boyfriend. After everything that happened with her parents and after reconciling with them, she knew that it was time to get her own place (especially since things with Killian got more and more serious after he had come to rescue her once more, their adventure ending with both of them finally telling each other their true feelings).

She took her keys out of her coat while balancing with her other hand the take out bags she had brought from Grannyโ€™s as she finally succeeded on unlocking her door. ย A smile graced her features when she saw her pirate sitting on the couch, his blue eyes lifting off the book he was reading as he gave her one of his usual grin.

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his willowy limbs
were my cathedral
i worshiped with
lavender lips
sweetly singing of
how he’ll save me
someday, someday
he never did

my knees bruised
a splotchy purple
(( the devil’s tattoo
to remind me of
when i fell ))
i bowed & chose
to kiss his feet
instead of 
clean them

i sought his voice
in the dark
he was my redemption
his temple ordained
as my sacred place
in his words
i found healing

imperfect down to
his black, crispy toes
i gave everything
to an idol that died
long ago, just as
confused as i
in this lost world 
both in need of
something to 
hold on to

his alter crashed
my sanctuary in ruins
my spirit shook with  
rage as the
angels of heaven
and even hell
covered their faces
too holy for the ashes
filling up our bodies

and this is it
how we die
too lost in each others
to understand the
danger in finding
in a man you
love but can’t
rely on


Did some fanart if a couple of scenes from RedRaidingHood’s fanfic, “There Just is No Damsel in Distress.”

I found the idea of a Fairy Tale AU exploring The Witch’s Son an interesting twist on fairy tales in general and it works pretty well even without knowing the source material the characters are being taken from to populate this alternate universe.

I ended up drawing Nico’s hair longer than I meant to, but I frequently have too much fun with drawing hair described as messy or shaggy.

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4]

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man in the world!

I can’t express how much I love this man for his acting skills, his good looking and his character. He’s just awesome and I wanna celebrate this awesomeness with all of you together. 

I love all the birthday posts I already found on tumblr today, so here’s my “birthday card” 

I love his photoshoots, were he just looks so gorgeous….

He will alsways be MY Doctor

He made me love Shakespeares work!

I was proud to be a lunic.

I sang and solved a case in Blackpool.

I fell in love with your Casanova.

And of course I suffered vicariously with DI Hardy

And I’m really looking forward seeing you as Kilgrave! 

Thank you for being such a wonderful human being! Never stop being magnificent! 

Happy 44th birthday David Tennant!!!! 

today is my 21st birthday. it was also supposed to be the day of my death.
when i turned 20 i told myself that if things didn’t improve by the time i was 21 then i would kill myself. things aren’t better. i had a clear plan/method i thought would work; i wrote a note.

but–though i want to do it–i also can’t do it. it would cause my family more pain than i have ever known in my whole life. i can’t stop imagining what their faces would look like when they found out. especially my mom’s. her dad died of cancer, her only brother drowned, her mom was burned alive. imagine if she had to add “daughter who killed herself” to that.

so here i am, alive, turning 21. i’ve realized that i have to fully admit to myself that suicide is not an option, that i just HAVE to live no matter how convinced i am that the world is too much for me, that i’m too weak to deal with existence. if i don’t let go of the option of death in my mind then i can never fully commit myself to getting better because i’ll be caught in this apathetic half life where i keep fantasizing about leaving instead of making myself put one foot in front of the other and continue with an agonizingly slow recovery process.

i don’t know if anyone has gone through something similar? i’m not going to commit suicide (even though i was closer than i’ve ever been). but i don’t know how to make myself commit to life. i feel so behind my peers (school, life experiences) and like it’s too late for me. any words of advice would be so appreciated, no matter how small.


Hello again!

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