I wouldn’t normally post this as it’s private and it’s a sensitive subject. But my boyfriend has just been informed he has cancer but that there’s potentially a very good chance of curing him. I’m not posting this for pity or notes or anything, but it’s just because when I was waiting to hear if I had been accepted into my dream school, so many people gave their best wishes. So many people said well you’ll get in, no doubt! And call me silly but I like to believe that all of those kind messages of hope and optimism got me in (partly). So my logic is that if many people are optimistic towards this and send their best wishes, then he’ll be fine. I’m sorry if this is silly, I just believe that the magic of people getting together and love really works, you know?

EXO react to you snapping at sasaengs

satans-eldest-heiress, thanks for requesting! I think I might have changed it a bit from what you originally requested - hope you don’t mind

Xiumin: “I wouldn’t mess with us if I were you - my jagi can be really scary when people try to follow me.” He’d wrap an arm around your waist, amused by the way you’ve stood up for him.

Luhan: He’d be more worried about you than himself getting hurt by the sasaengs. He’d be proud of you for being so brave, but would guide you away quickly. “Let’s just get home without angering the scary people…”

Kris: “You should let me take care of things like this, baobei. I don’t want them anywhere near you.” He’d put an arm around your shoulders, blocking you from them, glancing back to make sure no one is following.

Suho: He’d start laughing once you two were safely away. “You were incredible back there. I didn’t know I was dating a badass. Are you going to protect us from burglars, too?” He’d squeeze your hand, still snickering.

Lay: “You’re so good at keeping both of us safe, baobei, I bet you could take on a whole gang by yourself.” He’d proudly grin at you after you’ve left the scene. He’d lean in and kiss your cheek in thanks.

Baekhyun: He’s so worried after you rage at the sasaengs, he gets you into a taxi to go home quickly, holding your hand tightly.“It’s my job to take care of you, jagi - don’t put yourself in danger like that. Those people can do horrible things to you.” 

Chen: The next day, he’d retell the story to the other members, laughing and grinning. “You should have seen my jagi - those sasaengs looked about ready to wet themselves and run away.”

Chanyeol: He’s in shock at the sight of you facing off with the group of sasaengs, both worried and impressed at your tenacity, dragging you away quickly. “Don’t do that kind of thing - I don’t want them to have any kind of ammunition against you.”

DO: As you’re yelling at them, a slight grin would sneak onto his face, impressed and amused by your show. He’d stand back and let you finish before walking away with you. “I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

Tao: He’d grin, lacing your fingers together, walking into the coffee shop for your date. “With the two of us as a team, no one will dare to mess with us.” He’d laugh. “You scare them with your yelling and I’ll kick their asses.”

Kai:  He’d want to get you away from them quickly, surprised that you’re taking them on. He’d eventually pull you away and toward EXO’s security personnel. “What if they want to come after you or hurt you, now? I can’t let that happen.”

Sehun: Eyes wide at you yelling at the group, he’d grab your hand and run away quickly. “Don’t make me worry about you like that. Just stay away from people like them!” He’d be a little frustrated at you for putting yourself in their way.

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Stop Bugging GOT7 Members and blaming Youngjae.

Okay we know that JB’s Instagram and twitter are no longer exist and that could mean two things: JB decided to delete his account or his account got hacked. Whatever it is, it’s his decision and please respect that. And please STOP bugging other members on IG or twitter by asking why JB deletes his account. He maybe has his own reasons why he did that just like Youngjae who decided to delete his 2 IG account previously. Also STOP assuming the reason that it’s because of him missing his cat ‘Nora’. We never know for sure. Lastly, please STOP blaming Youngjae and making him the reason for JB deletes his IG and twitter. Again, I want to stress that we are not JB, GOT7 or close to them so we do not know for sure. So I’m asking for those people just keep calm and hoping JB will be back on IG and twitter. I don’t want because of this I GOT7 fight among each other. We should support each other just like our GOT7 members. Let’s hope the best for JB and the rest of GOT7 members. Peace ^^

Request - Scott McCall “The voice of an Angel”

“Is this seat free?” You pointed at the empty chair, next to the hot guy that was bent over his homework. You knew that the answer would be yes, even if the seat wouldn’t be free. That was how it worked, that was how it always worked and how it would always work.
“Yeah, sure.” The boy smiled and you smiled back at him. He had wonderful eyes, a lovely smile and you liked his dark messy hair.
“I hope it won’t bother you if I will just sit here to read my book?” You cocked your head and smiled the prettiest smile you could smile. You already knew it wouldn’t bother him, even if it would. That was the thing with every question you asked, every wish you wished, every friendly demand. People always allowed you to do everything.
“No, of course not!” The boy shook his head and you started reading. You could feel his eyes resting on you and it seemed he was thinking you were way more interesting that the homework he had been trying to do. You grinned. You knew that it was just part of your powers, that no one actually loved you for who you were, that everyone just loved you for what you were. But it didn’t mean that you weren’t happy when a handsome boy smiled and stared at you, was probably day dreaming about kissing you and who knew what else.
“There is something about you…” The boy broke the silence and you frowned your eyebrows.
“What do you mean?” You stuttered a little.
“For some reason I want to do everything you ask me.” He cocked his head and you started to blush. No one had ever noticed. Until today.
“O, that’s weird.” You stuttered and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.
“You’re something, aren’t you?” He whispered, as if he seemed to know that no one at school was allowed to know this, to hear this. You swallowed.
“Yes, I’m something…” You felt your heart beating in your chest. He was a stranger, a total stranger, but he was also the first one looking further than the pretty face and the singing voice that could mesmerize everyone.
“I’m Scott, I’m a werewolf.” He held out his hand and a little surprised you shook it.
“I’m (Y/N), a siren.” You bent your head and started to blush. Of course, your family had known what you were, but they had been the only ones. “And I’m sorry if you feel like doing everything I ask, I’m afraid I can’t help it.” You forced a smile on your face and Scott shook his head.
“I understand, but hey, I’m sure we can find a way around that.” He smiled again and you smiled back at him.
“Well, no one has ever found it yet.” You shrugged your shoulders. “But I’ll be careful with what I ask.” You smiled at him and he smiled back at you.
“Thanks, but we’ll find a way.”

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unpopular opinion (okay actually i hope it isnt): People should stop being like "phil is so precious no one say anything bad about him!" and then be like "dan can handle the hate" like NO they both dont deserve that



“Alright Melvin, it’s time to change your bandages again~” Ryou chirped as he walked into his patient’s room with the first aid kit in hand.

Ryou had been taking care of Melvin since he found him beaten and bloodied on his doorstep. Despite the fact the most people would’ve left the man who stabbed them repeatedly to die from blood loss or call the cops. But… Ryou was not like most people.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, taking a seat beside the bed.

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Don't hope for Tayvin, there's no hope for them. You should rename your blog. There's nothing wrong with liking Swift, but she should be ignored about Harris. I wouldn't walk through a door he does because I wouldn't want people thinking I was a eunuch like him! Harris even has to share and take turns with other courier flunkies being this DJ/prdcr fabrication. That's how tin cup it is, they pass the hat. It's just a hat. They all just work for a corp. This "Swift Dating" is fake & image control

Lol I do what I want anon I’m old enough to make my own decisions. Worry about yourself, seems like you have some growing up to do. You’re trying to pass your theories as facts. Just stop, this isn’t a blog you should be following. Maybe come off anon? Oh wait you are the one that doesn’t have the balls to do that. Have a good day anon :)

Its funny to me when people come up to me about loving jet now because when i first started posting about him a few months back i would get mounds of anon hate calling him slurs and saying ableist trash about him and saying they were glad he died and all my friends making fun of me

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I just saw Tracey's letters to kurt for the first time and I tears up omg, people don't give her any sympathy cause she's the ex gf but omg she loved him so much. She's like "I'm so happy you love me too" "I love you kurt" "I'm so sorry your sick and I hope you get better soo and eat well" ...I feel so sorry for her she loved him so much and she thought her loved her too, I'm sure he did but not for long. And she always tears up when she talks about kurt it breaks my heart

that’s all so true.  she doesn’t have a bad word to say about kurt to this day.

for that matter, kurt always thanked tracy, and only had good things to say about her.

Exo Reaction to Finding Out Their Girlfriend Was a Smoker

So I know this asked me to talk specially about Shisha, but I truthfully know very little about it or how it is seen in Korea. I want to be respectful of other people’s cultures, so I am going to steer clear of the Shisha and focus on smoking cigarettes. I hope that does’t upset you too much. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about something that I know so little about being from a small town in Canada.  


“I used to smoke a lot,” she tells him as she fiddles with the rings on her fingers. 

Baek can tell it was hard for her to admit. It was hardly something considered attractive for women to do in Korea. He leans towards his girlfriend with a stupid smile like he is going to tell her a secret. 

“I don’t care about that.” 


She can tell that Chanyeol seems a little put off after she told him and swallows a little hard. Smoking is a filthy habit and it’s not exactly seen as something women should do because it strips the air of innocence away from them. After a few seconds, he lightens up though. 

“You don’t still smoke, right?” 


Chen literally doesn’t care. In his mind, there are far worse things someone can do than smoke. He reacts like her confession is boring and yawns. 

“Tell me something relevant.” 


Kai is curious about it. He is not put off or more attracted to her. He is just genuinely curious about what it was like to live day to day while needing to smoke. 

“But…people say smoking makes it so you can’t taste food. You could taste food, right?” 


Kris is really put off by the habit. People who smoke smell gross and their kisses are the worst. However, as soon as she reassures him she hasn’t had a cigarette in years, he drops it and moves on. 


D.O. doesn’t believe her at first. His Jagi is just way too innocent and adorable to have ever touched a drug of any kind in her life. However, once she convinces him he shrugs. 

“As long as you’re not doing it anymore, I not a big deal.” 


Lay is concerned and wants his girl to make sure her lungs are okay. He goes as far to set up a doctors appointment and makes sure she goes to it. She assures him it’s not necessary because she only smoked for about a year, but he doesn’t care. 


Before she can finish her sentence, Luhan cuts her off. 

“Do you know how bad that is for you? Get rid of them all. You’re never smoking another cigarette so long as I am here.”


*Sorry, not sorry.*


“That’s bad for you,” he says. 

“I know,” she says in return as she furrows her brow. “That’s the reason I stopped.”

*stick out tongue*


His girl begins to tell him about how she used to smoke a lot, but before she can even finish he grabs her by the shoulder and leans in close. He looks directly into her eyes and she can already tell that he’s judging her super hard. She sighs as he begins to rant. 


“As long as you don’t smell like smoke or taste like smoke, I don’t care.” 

Ya know. I liked the ending of naruto. I’m not one of the people who ended up hating the entire series, because of one chapter. However. It does anger me that kishimoto gave Lee a child. And didn’t give this poor child a mother. Couldn’t even give him a name. It’s just “Rock Lee’s son” like c'mon. I hope we see him soon in gaiden. And hopefully we get a name for him. And a mom.

crowsfan maybe I’m just hoping that not everyone is that big of an asshole that they’d hate someone because of their skin colour and that there are legitimate reasons as to why they dislike him (think of the reasons why everyone disliked Matthew Richardson when he played). Goodesy as a person is absolutely phenomenal; he’s intelligent, passionate and pretty damn funny as well but I do agree that, unfortunately, most people don’t bother to delve into that side of things. They only see his on field actions and make their assumptions based on that, as last night proved.

Like I said, I’d just really like to hope that there aren’t people out there that hate someone solely because of their skin colour but going back a few years and seeing the crowds cheer on Akermanis to do a handstand after he scored a goal… It does make you wonder. 

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I wonder if CK's "Election Day" is another ploy by the King of Ooo and too many of the candy people are going along with it for PB to protest against. It'll be very interesting to see what's going on there (also I'm sorry Lemongrab but you have no hope if your rulership of the CK was determined by vote of the people)

That’s another good point! I don’t know who decided the Candy Kingdom should have an election day, Peebles or King of Ooo or even the citizens themselves, but it should be pretty intense, especially considering Gunter’s dream about the CK. It definitely seems like something the King of Ooo would pull, though. 

And yeah, Lemongrab’s chances of ever ruling the Candy Kingdom are honestly slim to none if it’s done by election. ^^ It would be funny to see him run, though. Heck, we don’t even know if Peebs is going to be the next ruler if she has to get elected!

I was sitting around and I almost started crying about thinking how insecure kyungsoo is, and how he openly has said he doesn’t think he’s good looking, or talented. He’s insecure about his shoulders, his hight, his eye sight etc and people really like to feed off of that stuff. He’s so unbelievably handsome and enduring, and he literally doesn’t see it.
People have labeled him as cold and “Satan” and I really doubt he likes that, because from what I’ve seen he’s just naturally quite, a little introverted, well mannered and sweet. All I want to do is let him know his feelings are valid and he’s allowed to have them, but he is so much more than he gives credit to. He’s just so beautiful inside and out, and I really hope he see’s that some day.

ok so this is the little speech that gerard gave regarding trans people
as soon as he started on it i honestly just began crying like the supportive cheers from the crowd and him speaking out about it just meant so much and it’s honestly so so important that he spoke about it bc so many people (including myself) look up to him
he’s honestly so kind and such a great human being and he’s so caring and he’s everything i wanna be in life
thnk you for this gerard bc this honestly means so much to me

just one campaign, kar, not evven a dangerous one, he said.  it’ll be fun, he said.

you weren’t expecting him to be right.

rampant-noodle i hope you feel better soon hon, in the meantime I drew some nerds on a romantic dashing and daring date role-playing campaign. UoU 

I can kind of relate with the new episode of Phineas & Ferb where Phineas & Isabella finally become a couple and go to college together. People have shipped me & my best friend (both of us high school seniors) for years, and I’ve actually had a crush on him for a while now, and lately I’ve been getting a lot of indications that he may finally like me back. Fortunately, we’re going to the same college! I’m hoping that we’ll finally end up together after so long, just like Phineas & Isabella

i love how i still see posts on my dash whining and begging for the xkit guy to come back, like, every single one of you were fucking against him when an actual fucking callout blog posted some fucking fishy accusations about him sexually assaulting someone which were later debunked.

you guys just fucking love to turn against literally anyone when there are rumours of things going around, especially ones of sexual nature. you don’t even fucking try to find out the truth; you just turn into rabid dogs and will bite at anyone’s throats without even caring if you’re harming them.

you believed a callout blog; a blog which is one of the more inherently shitty things on tumblr to begin with, and you went and verbally, mentally, and emotionally assaulted an innocent guy who did absolutely nothing but good things for you guys and for this shitty website, like wow, some fucking thanks you guys gave him.

i hope he never comes back to tumblr. i hope he stays away and finds people who actually appreciate the fuck out of him because he’s a wonderful person who literally never fucking did anything wrong. he put everything he had into this stupid-ass website, and you guys do what you do best: play-pretend feminism and believe callout blogs over actually doing some fucking research.

go to hell, tumblr.

god bless you, xkit guy, wherever you are.