all i want in life is for the community to pick a night & watch
 one of the movies on rabbit or s/t that sounds f a b u l o u s

Shoutout to all the students who don’t fit into their field’s academic box. Science students who enjoy humanities classes, engineers who don’t love math, artists who like science and math, social scientists who like their statistics classes, people with different learning styles than are common in their field, and everybody who likes the classes everyone else hates and vice versa.

I don’t know about other countries, but in Denmark, we put a little candle in our windows on the 5th of March because that was the date Denmark was free from Germany in the end of WW2.

We put the candles there because during the war, we had to cover our windows so it wouldn’t be visible at night time and we couldn’t turn on any lights. It is also to honour those who fell in the war.

I have a headcanon that Mathias gets slightly drunk the 5th of march and just wonders if theres anything he could have done because Germany invaded Denmark with almost no military resistance.

Magic is aligning itself against oppressive forms of order in many fields. Magic is opposed to a psychiatry and medicine designed to patch up the damaged automaton and plug him back into the system. Instead it would rather that individuals learn to handle their own mental self-defense and treat their bodies with gentler remedies such as herbs. Magic rejects politics as no more than some people’s perverse desire to dominate others. It does well to dissociate itself from this [squabble] and advocates instead personal enlightenment and emancipation, which are the only real safeguards to freedom. Magic is anti-ideological because the main products of ideological solutions are repression and corpses.
—  Peter J. Carrol - Liber Null
To the future (an after VVV24 story) by Toumei

未来へ(VVV24話後の話)by 透栖

Following the end of episode 24, a story long after.

To some extent, there are depictions of L-elf’s old age and death (life span).

Tagged as 腐 (BL) but it I don’t think it goes that far. However, I am on the HaruEru group (エルエルフ厨な) and HaruEru is HaruEru.

When I’m calm enough to talk about it, I think I want to write something such as my episode 24 comments on the caption.

Posted and translated with the artist’s permission. Please show your appreciation by going to the artist’s page over at Pixiv and rating their works~

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kay friends i have said this before but somehow it always needs saying again, so here goes:

all the writing advice in the world is not going to make you a good writer

i mean, it’ll make you a less bad writer, sure. it’ll smooth out the wrinkles; it’ll hem the ragged edges. reading a lesson on how to write realistic characters is probably going to stop you from creating Alcazor, the Tragic Sorceror who’s Incredibly Handsome and who is Bullied in high school his Medieval Village but Nevertheless Heroically Beats Up Everyone.

which is totally worth doing, because god knows the creative writing workshops of the world do not need another alcazor. but:

why do you think lord of the rings is so damn good?

do you think j.r.r. tolkien pulled that out of a book on How to Write Epic Fantasy? do you think he took a class at oxford titled Quest Narratives and You?

which is not to say that tolkien didn’t understand the tropes and arcs of epic fantasy and quest narratives— he understood them better than anyone. but he didn’t understand them because he heard about them from a teacher; he understood them because he read beowulf, because he read shakespeare, because he read the iliad and the aeneid and whatever twee children’s books they gave him in rural edwardian england, because he read a fuckton of fairy tales and a fuckton of poetry and also a fuckton of whatever it was his friend c.s. lewis was writing

and more importantly:

lord of the rings is so damn good because tolkien knew what it was like to be a human being.

tolkien fell in love. tolkien went to war, and saw horrifying things, and lost friends. tolkien made friends. tolkien found a god, and talked about that god with other people, and struggled with that god, and loved that god. tolkien spent a childhood in the beautiful green countryside, making up languages with his playmates and having fun. tolkien loved. tolkien lived.

that’s what makes you a good writer. the human experience, whole and lived with enthusiasm. nothing else is going to do it, not really.