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Pick your artist or band:Brandi Carlile
You male or female: The stranger at my door
Describe yourself: Raise hell
How do I feel: Dreams
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: wherever is your heart
Your favorite form of transport is: Hard way home
Your best friend is: Just kids
Your relationship: Wherever is your heart
Your fear: Mainstream kid

I tag: theoneandonlycrowley the-one-and-only-castielan-antisocial-fangirl zroyalballs quirkywinchesters buttermesilly zachiszazu i-am-bi-not-gonna-lie castiel-cuteie and that is all because there is no was I’m doing 15

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Thoughts on aos 2x17 ?

Not gonna lie, I’m still screaming/fangirling. About Skye’s powers, about how much she’s grown in such a short period of time, about her mom, about that last scene with her having dinner with her parents… This episode is definitely one of my favorites from this season, hands down.

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Not gonna lie I fangirled a bit 😄 haha thank youuu:) I hope you feel better soon darling!! Get the attention you deserve! Punch who ever you need to in the face!..fucking cry! whatever it takes! Good thoughts coming your way sweetheart ♥ xxx

Thanks babe!
I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow and feel fine as if nothing happened as usual and if not well Sunday is supposed to be a good day for me so there’s always that.


Not gonna lie, I have the biggest crush on Davey Havok and he’s #1 on my list of favorite people, so I can totally relate to a lot of what goes on in the #daveyhavok tag. But some of those people are seriously creepy. Restraining order-creepy. Kill it before it lays eggs-creepy. Seriously.

I seem to have missed the point when common sense and a general respect for other people’s privacy went out of fashion.

A gorgeous shot of my Zelda taken by Cosportraits. Not gonna lie but, I was fangirling on the inside when I met them the first time.

This instagram pic does not compare to the full pic which csn be found in: m.facebook.com/16bitlaughtercosplay and also m.facebook.com/Cosportraits

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if it makes you feel better, your favorite blogs may not follow you yet, but you're one of my favorites. if you ever followed me, i'd fangirl a little, not gonna lie.

aaaw thanks !! :) tell me who you are i would love to follow new blogs ! :) I’m just to lazy to look for new ones haha xxx

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So I was just wondering if you where gonna write any more of theres a first time for everything series .... Because I'm sorta kinda in love with it and I love that the titles are Taylor Swift songs (had a mega fangirl moment not gonna lie) and I would really like it to not have ended how it did so if you would consider writing more that would make me (and I'm sure several other people) like hella happy! Love the blog by the way! Hugs and kisses xx

You wouldn’t believe how happy this message made me. Thank you so much <3 And yes, I plan on continuing “there is always a first time for everything” but college and work have me very busy and I have gotten very involved in writing fics for other fandoms, but I am working on it, I swear. 

PS: Taylor!lovers unite :D 

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NOT GONNA LIE I FANGIRLED A LITTLE THERE AHA. it's great isn't it. So soft and comfortable ahhh.


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I meant to say Barry Allen instead of Barry Barnes. I don't even know who that is omg. So sorry about that!! Moving on, I wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to actually answer my questions, that was really cool of you to do that. And I'm not gonna lie I fangirled through the whole video, which is probably a little weird, but it's really all of your guys fault for being so awesome. :P Thanks again, btw! ♥♥ -Britt

Oh my god don’t even apologize for anything! It’s so cool to have someone watch and genuinely like our videos like you do, it makes our days better (: Thank you again for all the questions and hope you enjoy more videos to come! (We may even do more q&as in the future like an ask MAGMA thing so stay tuned!) xo