im not even into nge like that anymore but damn i still get so fuckin heated when people try to say kaworu and shinji were just friends like how homophobic can u get

“Dean, remember when we met? Sparks were flying -”

“I stabbed you, Cas”

“That doesn’t make it any less true, don’t ruin it”

“Alright, I’m listening”

“Sparks were flying, angels were singing, Bobby Singer passed out and the world stopped for a minute – it was a truly magical moment”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Do you remember it differently?”

“Um – yeah. You shattered the lights, put Bobby to sleep, showed off your wings and told me that god had some crappy plan for me”

“Why do you only remember the bad things, Dean?”

“There were no good things when we met!”

“But you wouldn’t have someone to have sex with if that day didn’t happen”

“Look, that – that’s not the point, Cas! It just didn’t happen like that”

“Yes, it did. I refuse to accept your insulting description of the most important day in my life”

“Insulting? I was just telling the truth. Besides, how come that was the most important day in your life? We definitely had better times”

“Do your really not understand? It was the first time I’ve actually seen my creation. I rebuilt you, Dean Winchester, don’t make me regret it”

“What, you’re gonna throw me back into the pit? You know, Cas, I would be able to find someone else to have sex with but would you?”

“I am sure that I would find a suitable replacement”

“You wouldn’t dare”

“Don’t be so sure”

“Alright, that’s enough. Just – come back to bed, we’re discussing this tomorrow”


“Don’t be a baby!”

“Don’t be an ass!”

“I’m not – alright, you know what, fine! Sparks were flying when we first met, you knocked me off my feet, it was a once in a lifetime experience. Will you please come back to bed now?”

“Yes. And Dean?”


“Next time try to be less sarcastic”

“Shut up and go to sleep”

“I love you too”

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Now that you're getting close to the end of the next chapter, do you know how many chapters you're going to write in the end?

WELLLL I’m thinking it’ll end up being around 14ish chapters, maybe a few more. But THEN there’s the other two arcs…but we shall see if I get to those. But the main Infamy fic is going to be around that number! 

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i should be doing productive things with my life like watching tv shows but instead i am on page 24 of your blog help me

oh my god babe dont you love yourself dont do that

I could really imagine a season 2 of Agent Carter being about villains who built a time machine and the entire season they keep giving us hints about it and on the last episode Peggy is chasing one of the bad guys and he enters the portal and she follows him. When she realizes she is standing in a whole different place (in a hospital) she try not to pay attention to it now and keep chasing the man, when he’s running through the hospital’s door she yells “stop that man” and a big guy entering the room punches the supposed fugitive and that’s where Peggy realizes that that big guy is actually Steve. I’m not a good writer but the reason she came to a hospital is because the man she was chasing was after her old self (don’t ask me why I don’t work for Marvel). So after a heart breaking encounter Steve takes her to his house and they spend the day together (give wings to your imagination). But then reality hits them she must take the man back to their time and a much worst thing is that she left before she founded Shield (Steve told her about it, but she already had that in mind even the name). She must go back because more than anything they are soldiers, and imagine how many lives Shield has saved, without mentioning the battle of NY and Steve more than anyone understands her like so he is going to stay (bc if he goes back a lot of things would change and yadda yadda). So she decides to go back but promisses him that she would come back to him and they set up a meeting (time is complicated) and so she takes with her the fugitive. After putting an end to this “organization” that created this time machine (I firmly believe that in the 50’s they wouldn’t be able to create one, so I think it would be cooler if someone in the present 2k15 created one to come back to the 50’s and then create one, like before, don’t ask me their reason, they’re bad guys) she’s looking outside a window and she can see the new cadets that were recruted for Shield and she looks to a picture that she’s holding, in the picture you can see Steve and her looking at each other, she smiles because she remembered that he called that a “selfie” and gently she places their selfie next to what was before the only memory she had of him, the pre-serum Steve pic and says “We’ll meet again, my darling”

For the record: Steve was going to visit her at the hospital.

And the explanations of the story and the time machine could be more explained in Captain America 3

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Mickey Milkovich :(

mickey milkovich :(

it needs to be pointed out that everything that has gone on since 505 has taken place in the span of three to four days and in that time, Mickey finds out Ian is cheating on him, gets very drunk/high, shoots up a coffee shop, has a violent confrontation with Ian about going to the hospital, has his child kidnapped, has no idea where his boyfriend is or if he’s safe, finds his boyfriend in another state, is reunited with Ian and Yevgeny, faces bouts of guilt about not helping Ian, has to watch as Ian is checked into a mental hospital.

so THEN Ian is in the mental hospital, getting the help that people have been telling Mickey Ian should have been getting for months and Mickey probably thinks “this is it. things are turning around. how much worse can it get?”.

so Mickey puts on his best outfit and goes to a place where he is highly uncomfortable so that he can see Ian, the boy he loves more than anything and the boy who is supposed to be getting healthy. Mickey probably sat up the whole night before thinking about this moment.

He gets there and Ian’s not there mentally at all. Ian doesn’t say a word to Mickey, Ian can’t focus on anything, Ian leaves after a minute. 

It all probably makes Mickey feel 34534534636 times more guilty. He promised himself that he would take care of Ian and Ian would not go to some “nut house.” FAILED. Mickey said that Ian needed to be committed in order to get the help Mickey feels like he could not longer provide. The way Ian is in the hospital is not what he imagined. Once again, Mickey feels like he FAILED.

Mickey leaves instantly. He can’t take it. He gets drunk. He goes home. Everyone is gone. Mickey is alone.


Apparently, actor Eddie Redmayne (pictured below)

Will be starring in a movie about Lili Elbe, one of the first identifiable transwomen to get SRS. As Lili Elbe. (again, actor Eddie pictured below)

I’m sorry, but I’m pissed off. There are tons of trans women that could have fulfilled this role in honor of one of the first women to pioneer SRS, but instead it has gone to a man. If you see nothing wrong with this, then think of it like giving a white person a black roll and then putting them in blackface to “look” the part, perpetuating the stereotype’s. 

And for those of you wondering, here is Lili Elbe.


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  • me:*suffering from anxiety* making phone calls makes me really nervous and i dont like doing it
  • mom:you'll never get over it if you dont do it often! make more phone calls! you just have to get used to it! everyone starts somewhere!
  • me:*throat closes* *anxiously vibrates*

Oh wow are they trying to shoot themselves in the foot? They make Derek’s age such a mystery although it’s clear that he is somewhere in his mid-twenties when we try to tell them that the age gap is problematic but looks like they don’t even believe it themselves anymore. 

You do realize that it would make their relationship illegal with Stiles being 16-17 and Derek over 24…

Morning After

There was one thing in the entire world that Cas didn’t understand, and that was how Dean Winchester (breezed through high school as star quarterback and went to one of the biggest medical colleges in the country and not to mention gorgeous body that only got better looking with age) was sprawled out across his bed with only a thin white sheet covering his lower body. Cas squinted his eyes and tilted his head at the thought of how someone as perfect as Dean Winchester had agreed to come home with him from the bar last night. The man that Cas had crushed on through high school and most of his adult life had fucked him to the brink of blacking out.

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