If  VIXX Members have girlfriends:
  • N:I recently went to the zoo with my nephews and we had so much fun. If I will have a girlfriend I would love to go to the amusement park, although I don’t enjoy getting on scary rides.(laughs)I would like to be a boyfriend who can make his girlfriend happy every day. I am not sure if I could though, I just wish I could be one.
  • LEO:I like to meet a girl who is wise like my mom. She does not have to be older than me but I want someone I can lean on to.I am a type of boyfriend who gives everything to a girlfriend. Yet if she does something wrong such as to cheat, I turn away very coldly. If she doesn't, then I will do everything that I can to make her happy.
  • KEN:I don’t need anything else but she got to have irresistible desire (?).I have never done preparing an event. So if I get a chance, I would love to do one for my future girlfriend. She would love it, right?
  • RAVI:Going on a date? Not in a place like here (arboretum). If I go on a date with my girlfriend, I would go to Hanok Village. How they look is important to me. And I want to see the overall harmony of person’s appearance and in that sense, I am a fan of an actress Lee Ha-Nui.
  • HONGBIN:My ideal type for girlfriend is pretty specific. I wish my future girlfriend has a pretty smile face, half-moon shaped eyes, and long straight hair. Is there any woman who can only look at me and no one else? In fact, if the weather is as good as today, I won’t mind doing anything. It would also be good even if I just go for a walk; all I want is a "dreamy girlfriend".
  • HYUK:I get jealous easily. I wish my future girlfriend would have no guy around her. And about her appearance, I wish she looks pretty For Me.If I get a girlfriend, I would like to go to Hallasan. If I go to such challenging place with someone I love I would feel very pleased. It would be better if we face all sorts of hardship as we climb up the mountain?
  • source:STARCAST | trans by: realvix

I really love that we got to see Hiroko preform in the manga. Even if it’s only a small little scene it’s really nice to see. 

The Weeknd always writes songs about being sexual all the time but I think he’s not like that type of person when you project his artistry to his real life (this is just assumption) and that’s how I can relate so much (to how I think he is) because even though my blog is explicit and reflects my interests very much — I’m not like that all the time outside of tumblr. I feel like many of my followers think I’m a super sexual person but it’s actually not that excessive. I’m just casually sexy and flirtatious by nature. I never cross the line - when things actually lead to porn

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// I can't stand Rowena either :/. And honestly, she's offered nothing to season 10 so far.

yeah except a way to make crowley look even weaker and more pathetic. for fuck’s sake he’s supposed to be wreaking pain and havoc, he said so himself, let him do that for fuckin fuck’s sake

enough of the brotherly angsting and whatever the flip castiel does


Leda Muir has returned to youtube!!

I don’t know how many if any of you have watched Leda but she is one of the first youtubers I ever watched and I loved her videos so, so much.

Unfortunately she went through a really rough time and decided to delete her youtube channel. She’s back now though and I’m so glad to see her in such good form. 

So yeah, feel free to check out her videos, her channel is a bit bare right now but she’s building it back from scratch, starting fresh and I can’t wait to see her in my sub box again ^_^ 

man thursday pulled like a total 180 on me.

it started out pretty lame, i had to get up early, get to school, get help on my assignment, volunteer doing theatrical makeup, and watch my friends fashion show for his capstone project. I was really anxious about the makeup though cause it’s been a while since I’ve done it and I was afraid of messing something up. So because of my anxiety I couldn’t drink as much coffee (I get really sensitive to caffiene while on the meds and during an attack obvs) so I was going through caffiene withdrawls and everything.

But once I finished the makeup it was just a weight lifted and I felt a little better, so I had a beer and met up with my other friends who were watching the show. Then we went to this cute river-side bar/restaurant that does open mic nights every thursday. I had never been before but all my friends with me had. I had a couple beers, was introduced to a really cute sax player (who is also a gamer), shared a joint with the extremely hot and talented host of the night, and met/talked to a bunch of other really cool and talented individuals. It was just a super rad place that’s laid back and accepting and welcoming and yeah. It was amazing. The people there are so wonderful I need to befriend them all. 

To top it all off I got disgustingly baked last night when I got home and my roommate ordered pizza pizza.  

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ooc: Yo Leon-mun! Please give me some roleplay tips on like how to get better with writing, being much better at interacting with others, being an interesting blog over all. Maybe your not able to fully give me a lot of details though. I really do enjoy reading and seeing your wonderful development of Leon on my dashboard. You are a sweet person.~

[ Hm.. Well, just from personal experience, I’ve just been around other great writers and they have helped me develop my writing as well. That, accompanied with my own schooling in grammar and literature and such. As for being better with interacting, I’ve found that the mentality of “I’ll let them come to me” concept doesn’t work. You’ve got to actively seek out partners, because most often than not, they’re waiting for you too, but are too shy to do anything about it. So don’t be afraid to follow someone you want to interact with, even if you don’t think they’ll follow back. You may be surprised that they’ve been wanting to interact with you as well. And being an interesting blog is just something that’s one’s personal opinion, really. Just do what you think is interesting, and maybe others will come along who enjoy what you do, and you’ll form connections in that way. I hope these tips have helped you and thank you so much! ;//; ♥ ]


OH MY GOSH! the members called out Siwon’s name (who was totally caught off guard) to do another solo strip show and….fUCK! WTF ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)  » rockstar @ 8:24

make me choose anon asked: Twilight Princess or and Skyward Sword

Happy Birthday, Severus Snape! [9.1.1960]


Jiyong busy eating his cake after getting 1st place on Mnet Countdown


#you know what I really like? #I really like a man who can look at a woman like she’s the 8th wonder of the world #and in that particular case - I like a man who’s realised that a woman in front of him is his only link to the reality around him #and that she BELIEVES him #okay Ichabod is still a little out of there and majorly confused but even he had to underatand by now that nobody would believe his story #but Abbie did #she saw more than others but she was willing to bend all the rules and risk her reputation and career and LIFE for him #she faced deadly headless monster from another world because this is where their journey brought her #and every step of the way was her consious choice. a result of combining her reasoning and her instincts #and now he stands here #and HE has the proof that she believes him and that she’s willing to join him and help him #AND HE’S SO IN AWE OF THAT WOMAN #of her bravery and her skills and her brain and her intuition and her everything #that literally all he can do is to look at her and admire her

Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Paul Bettany (The Vision), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Tom Hiddleston (bad-guy Loki) have all been asked to make themselves available over a two-week period in January to film additional scenes at Pinewood Studios.