We all know that Kim Jongdae is a cute kid

With the most beautiful smile 

And big heart full of love for his brothers and fans

We all love this side of his personality

But there’s someone we call “Chen”

Man who likes to touch himself in this way

or this way

Man who can make you hotter than fire

Just by looking at you 

Man who will make you beg for more

and more

and more

So which one do you prefer?

I wish I felt more like a person and less like a list of diagnoses on a medical chart.

it’s been nearly 20 hours since i’ve seen age of ultron and i am still mad about natasha

what possible thought process was this?

marvel: i think we should take our main female character, and reduce her to a romantic subplot with no other real plot. thoughts?
marvel: seems like it might be a terrible idea. who with?
marvel: let’s see. bruce?
marvel: that’’s probably be even more terrible, let’s do it!

i mean


i am just so fucking bitter and pissed off

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Any good Korra/Kuvira comparative analyses around?

I wrote about how they’re foils/their relationship. Which I mean, was hardly subtle given Bryke’s comments on how they wanted Kuvira to look like Korra, or stuff like this:

I’m sure there’s plenty of analyses on them. But when it comes to Kuvira (and this is just my bias hanging out), I much prefer analyses that focus on her and Su. Here’s a couple of good ones.

So I was skimming the Clone Wars concept art book yesterday, which I own but have never really looked at, and I didn’t share what is probably my favorite part from it.  (I only have it in hardback, not digital, and I don’t have a scanner, so no pics, sorry.)

Which is that at one point, when they were still designing Cham Syndulla, he had a CYBERNETIC LEKKU.  But then they scrapped that.  (I told kablob17 this last night and he immediately went, “Bedlam, you’re going to do that to Cham, aren’t you?” “Noooooooooo…but now that you mention it…”)

Also I am dancing a little with glee over the fact that Cham is specifically identified as “one of the nobility,” like I theorized a while ago but can’t find the link for now.

Killian Plunkett in here also talks about how the culture of Ryloth is inspired by North Africa, and specifically Algeria and Morocco.  The city of Lessu was inspired by Minas Tirith, while the village of Nabat was inspired by Beirut.  There’s a piece of concept art of Nabat as an oasis-like city inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Leverage OT3 Sleep Headcanons
  • As we all know, every member of the Leverage OT3 has horrible nightmares from time to time.  Hardison likes being cuddled afterwards while Eliot and Parker would rather, like, sit in silence and enjoy the comfort of the other’s presence.  Most of the time.  Only one night Eliot wakes up confused and scared and grabs at the nearest safe warm thing he can find, which happens to be Hardison.  And he just cries quietly into Hardison’s chest for a minute and Hardison has this “what the fuck is happening” look on his face, but he just goes with it.  (Parker is not sure what is happening either so she just starts petting his hair or something).  And then Eliot realizes what he’s doing and pulls back and is just like “We do not speak of this again, this does not leave this room” and tries to go back to sleep.
  • Part of the reason Eliot wants to pretend it never happened is because of the whole Eliot Thing where Eliot can never admit that he has had an emotion, and also because he doesn’t want to Burden His Innocent Partners with his Inner Darkness.  However, part of the reason is also that Eliot does not want to encourage Hardison, because…
  • …Hardison is such a sleep-cuddler.  Like, every three mornings or so Eliot wakes everyone up with a “damn it, Hardison”, because Hardison is hardcore snuggling him, like, with his face pressed into Eliot’s neck and everything.  This annoys Eliot so much, because he likes to get up early and cook breakfast for everyone before they wake up, but he can’t do that if he has to yell at his boyfriend and wake everyone up.
  • It also annoys Eliot because he is worried that if he allows Hardison to sleep-cuddle him, sooner or later, he will get the urge to sleep-cuddle him back.  Which is unacceptable, partly for Eliot Feelings reasons, but also partly because he is worried that he will involuntarily injure Hardison in his sleep, and Eliot, careful and considerate baby wooly mammoth that he is, cannot allow that to happen.
  • Hardison does not have this problem with Parker because Parker will not stay still long enough to be cuddled.  Parker is constantly moving around in her sleep and ends up in a new weird position every morning.  It is not unusual for Eliot and Hardison to wake up with Parker’s feet in their faces and at this point they just shrug and accept it.
  • Also, Parker snores.  Look, I’m only on season 2, I don’t know if this (or anything I’m writing), is contradicted by canon somehow, but.  Parker snores.  She’s this suave expert cat burglar thief and she fucking snores.  And of course she had no idea until Eliot and Hardison told her.
  • Basically Parker is the most annoying person in the world to sleep in the same bed with and she absolutely revels in it.  And once a week Eliot is like, “smh Parker if you do that one more time you are sleeping on the goddamn couch” but everyone knows he doesn’t mean it.

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well as you can see I look like a child and I act like one e.g photo 1 xD and omg I hate selfies I never know which facial expression I should use and I always end up doing weird faces.I will probably delete this later xD

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tumblr has gotten so boring why am I still on here

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SO. Me and a very dear friend of mine are going to be doing a Crowley and Cas cosplay very soon... I thought I would ask you because they are my precious babies and dammit if we aren't gonna do it right.. I only need one more piece for my Crowley costume which I canNOT find.... his damn tie. I have looked everywhere and I can't find it or anything similar enough to pass as it. At least to me. Do you happen to have any idea what the print is called or if you've seen one that's similar???

That is so precious! ≧◡≦ You should take pictures and tag me or something, I demand to see your beautiful faces and this cosplay you’re going to do! It’s flattering that you’re asking such an important question to lil’ old me but all I know is that his tie design is paisley. That’s all I know but you’ve come to the right place since I’ve got tons of friends and followers who could lead you in the right direction. Lots of Crowley experts here so we’ve got your back. Anyone out there willing to give some cosplay guidance? ;) Jess? (crowllink)

There’s a Dio art going around that’s unsourced and has about 300 notes.  The poster probably found it as a repost on another site but the original pixiv artist asks that their stuff not be reposted. 

I’m just asking my followers/mutuals to be savvy and if you see an art that’s not sourced or captioned, check the poster to see if it looks like it’s their stuff.

So yesterday I went to two schools to see which once was right, the first one is across town called Martin school and the other is my old school of central heights and….I’m feeling genuinely conflicted.Martin school seems to understand my needs better than central heights and looks like they’ll actually answer my concerns and questions and respect me as a person and student to use my preferred name and pronouns than what central heights has done in completely ignoring my gender identity and continuing to use pronouns and a name that make me feel like crawling out of my skin. Central Heights doesn’t feel like a safe place as Martin did. Martin school felt safe for someone like me to go. and i’m so scared of going back to central heights and experiencing that cruelty and judgementalness again.i don’t know what i’ll do if I can’t go to martin school….

i was going to make a post containing all my weird thoughts i had tonight but it turned into some of that but mostly paragraphs of superjail! meta and musings, which i am currently on the 3rd season of. 

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ASDFGHJKL I am so in love with your blog. Janet is one of my fcs and it's so hard to find gifs of her. Your blog is a godsent. Thank you for all the gifs !!!


seriously, i actually made this blog BECAUSE i was having the exact same problem you were finding specific gifs/pics for my writing inspo blogs (which in turn makes gifaroos look like an ode to JMs face, which, lbh, it is), and i figured i’d make a little collective vs just posting them on said blogs so i could help my friends as well. i’m for reals floored by how many people like and reblog my silly gifs, and it honestly makes me SO happy that you sent me this ask and that i’m able to help you too. if you (or anyone) ever have any you want in particular just let me know~

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Joshua Sasse is a vague possibility ;)