he sits next to me,
elbows on his knees,
head propped up in his hands.
“so…this is it?” he asks.
i nod my head, “i’m sorry.”
he makes a sound almost like a laugh,
“it’s me, huh? it’s what i did?”
i smile weakly, “sweetheart, it’s what you didn’t do.”
“and what’s that?”
“love me.”
—  if you were here, this is how things would go (kml)

this is her father, furry hot dad 

sometimes, more often than not,
i think about you.
i think about what a pleasure
it would be if i could simply
lie with my head on your chest,
and listen to the beating of your heart.
to simply feel your fingers
tracing invisible pictures onto my skin.
i want to sit with you, nose to nose,
trying my hardest not to laugh
when you make a silly face.
bodies intertwined, i want to
sleep with you in the most innocent way.
more often than not, i want you.
simple as that.
—  i want to fall in love with you (kml)

talking to my sister about Gravity Falls is…difficult. like, she loves the show. really loves it. but she’s not part of the online fandom and she only watches the episodes and that’s it. (maybe she reads fanfic?? man idk) 

so we’ll be talking and suddenly she’ll be like “woah woah woah back up who the hell is stanley??” and I’m??? so confused for a moment?? because stanley is stanley?? who doesn’t know stanley? and then it occurs to me that- oh. oh yeah. stanley may or may not exist. not actually canon. right. and then I have to try and explain who stanley is and why the internet wants him to exist, trying to quote half-remembered tumblr posts I haven’t even seen in months and dredging up vague memories of screenshot ‘evidence’.

carterpegy asked:

Hey there. I know how frustrating it can be to try to live up to people's expectations and suffer from anxiety and get nervous and aaaaall that stuff. There's not really anything I can say because when your brain is on anxiety mode nothing actually works, but I hope everything turns out okay for you bc you're such a nice person :) take a deep breath and go one small step at a time. *sends virtual hugs your way* <3


anonymous asked:

nah, man. tbh, I'd love to get to know you more, it's just that idk how to converse well with people over tumblr. But you're an awesome person and I am thankful to you p much everyday. Been meaning to do a little thing for you but I am a bit busy atm but hopefully soon I'll be able to!

omg thank you ;____; today when my mood was the lowest I was telling my friend how I doubt anyone even cares about any information about me as a person so you saying that is like !!! thank you so much! I’m not that good at messaging people regularly either but I try and by that I mean if you ever feel comfortable enough to talk feel free to! I’m like *someone talks to me once* me: it’s a friend!  Alsp I’m really happy someone enjoys my blog and my writing and ideas it’s easy for me to get disheartened so thank you, it means a ton that you said that. And omg you don’t have to, especially if you are busy, but thank you I don’t even know what to say *hugs if you are alright with hugs*