Open ended or completely answered.

Coming back or dead.

Loved the character or hated the character.

Whether you are on any of these sides, I think anyone who can see clearly will agree with the fact that EK got fucked over with the character of Beth Greene. Gimple messed up. It was shitty writing. He built up a whole story line in Grady with weird scenes, let several other characters (such as Carol and Daryl) get in life threatening situations that they should NOT have survived realistically in the season, and then killed the only possible purpose that going to Grady could have had (Noah). I’m sorry, but they could have built up the “Beth Equals Hope” thing easily without all of that nonsense if they were going to kill her off. In fact, before Grady they had made up that characteristic symbolism of hope with her. But to make her into a strong female character, to lead on the audience to believe that she was going to make it, by giving so many promotions to her, and then tearing it all away just to kill her? That is downright cruel. Her death had a purpose, in some scheme of things, to tear away hope from the group. But to make Beth’s character, someone who represented so much more and had plenty more potential, into a plot device for other character’s pain? That cannot be ethical. 

She was strong. She tried to prove it. She made such a point that she lived, she made it. And a lot of people let ignorant shipping wars get into the way of seeing what a truly wonderful strong female character she was. She had something that a majority of the characters don’t have on the show. Not Carol, Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Glenn, or any of them to be frank. She was truly a light. She was a different kind of survivor. She was more.

And Gimple threw that away for shock value.

So you know what, I really hope that people out there are still angry by how utterly downhill some of the writing went this season. I could give less of a fuck about the ships. I care about quality and after this season, I think televisions best show should be questioned by a lot of its viewers.

I like growing up. Having actual life experiences means I can nope out of things before I have to go through all the emotional bullshit. Person irritating me in a way that’s just going to get worse? Nope out of the conversation. My brain tormenting me with pretty people who will never put their lips on mine? Nope we’re thinking about our next tumblr post instead. Book contains the phrase “slavery isn’t that bad”? Nope guess it’s time to re-read Harry Potter.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just walking away from things. Nopeing out of the bollocks means I can prioritise the stuff that’s actually good. I have a better idea of what I’ll enjoy even though I’m bricking it beforehand (rollercoasters! touching a badger spine! discussion groups!). I know that when my shins ache it’s time to go for a walk. I know that I should always get stuffed crust because regret is not worth £2.50 and cheese is amazing. But the ability to board the Nope Rocket is probably the most useful I’ve ever learned.


Marco probably tells his secrets talks to the portraits so they won’t be lonely or something… if you think Jean is the only one who gets flustered you are sorely mistaken