I don't get this AT ALL.

Like seriously, why does everyone find this “charming”?

It’s disgusting. He’s making a sex joke not even 5 minutes into the date. I don’t understand why everyone is all like, “aw he’s so romantic”. NO. He just wants to get into Emma’s pants. He didn’t get his hand back to “start over”, he got his hand back so if the “date goes well”, he’d be able to have sex with her with no problem. Not this “hold her” bull shit. This look right here says it all.

I’m genuinely concerned and confused at how many people think he’s charming. He got girls drunk just to have sex with them! And don’t say he’s changed because he hasn’t. He’s just putting up a front so Emma will love him.

I’m sorry for all my CS and Hook lover followers but I just can’t wrap my head around how people can worship such a creep. Just because he’s hot? That’s not a good enough reason. He kept pushing Emma to be with him and it wasn’t until he gave up his stupid boat that she finally “realized she loved him”.

Everyone hates on Rumpelstiltskin and Regina for being evil but at least they were pushed to that limit. Even Cora was pushed and manipulated to being evil. But Hook? He’s just a fucken dick who thinks he can get any girl he pleases all because he wears guyliner.