Merlin no, that star is supposed to go on top of the tree. So are those lights. Stop getting distracted by your boyfriend. 

(Their pose is blatantly copied from this picture.)

Pokeddexy Day 5- Favorite Fairy Type

I know I’m late ahhhh ;A; even though I drew four days worth of prompts ahead of time, I still end up being late ugh I’m the WORST… Anyway, I’m always hesitant to call any eeveelutions my favorite out of a whole type because I feel like I’m selling out but… I really like sylveon’s design. I still haven’t raised one of my own yet, because in X I was trying to breed a shiny and it was exhausting and I didn’t want to see any eevees for a while.

If I see another person say “you’re forcing a sexuality on [celebrity]” I’m going to fucking throw up

you can win 3450 competitions but if your game is manipulation then you will be a far better player. 

a better player isn’t someone who has to get himself out of bad situations by winning comps, but someone who never was in a bad situation to begin with

i was going to write “rainbow to the moon and back” but then i realised i can’t write. i later realised i also can’t draw, but ehh apologies to your eyes, i just wanted to get rid of some stress before bed and then i spent like 2 and a half hours on it because i’m slow

i watched rels video on the rainbow extensions it looks so cool! and i’m glad she likes them, her curls were just so… curly video 

it looks kinda ok when you click it? maybe?


did i fighten you? i’m awfully sorry, I didn’t mean to.

eddie gluskin closet cosplay for a school spirit day. i drove to school singing along to taylor swift and scaring the hell out of other drivers.