so i drew miyuki last week so here’s eijun

tbh fanon eijun is just too much of a tsundere and misawa should have a healthly, happy relationship

like, normally you’d expect eijun to jump up and blush when miyuki ruffles his hair but here he just acts if it were normal, cos y’know, maybe it’s because here, they’re in an effing relationship

edit: lol eijun’s left hand if anyone noticed my mistake

a few thoughts of my ghost trick adventure before i get back into the fray:

1) i’m dying (sorry not sorry for bad pun) to know what the true identity of ray the desk lamp is, 2) i would not at all be surprised if lynne and cabanela are related in someway (or one of them is possibly related to this prisoner? obviously there’s a connection between the three of them somehow), and 3) i know lynne’s case is somehow connected to these bad guys wanting to kill her, and the fact i don’t know what yet is driving me crazy. my only thought would be that clearing the name of this person in jail might shed light on some dirty deeds of their own or something to that effect.

The sneak peaks are so underwhelming, that I spent a lot of time wondering how Alicia was able to drag that door from the kitchen to the dining room. I also wondered which room the door came from. I’m guessing the maids room, or maybe it’s Zach’s door (like she’s still mad at him and took his door away).

Okay, enough chatter about the door. I’ll logout now.