Hi boniferhasty !!! I am for some reason unable to send u an ask and I was wondering if u wouldn’t mind making a parallel gifset about iris talking  2 coma!barry telling him how even though he came living at the wests bc of a tragedy he made it a home with barry telling iris that thanks to joe/iris he had an amazing life. Headcanon: Iris always felt a little bit guitly of being so happy dat barry came 2 live with them bc 4 dat 2 happen he had 2 loose his parents.Barry telling her dat had her crying bc she didn’t know how much she needed 2 hear it until he said it.


♥ nobody knows it but you’ve got a secret smile and you use it only for me  ♥


People just kept walking with their shopping bags and their iPods.  He was alive, and then he was dead, it was like nothing. Like stepping off a bus.

He deserved better. And so did you.

Oh, I don’t deserve anything. Nobody deserves anything.

But I am owed…better.  I am owed.


iain de caestecker in the please don’t say you love me music video