I’m very bored and need some ppl so actually care about my blog so i’m doing blogrates. again.

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joannarosaaa asked:

Oh well I don't know how to jus message you but I wanted to say l lovr your blog !!! Kida is my favorite princess and people seem to forget she is a queen !! It's not jus Elsa , and I totally agree she needs more love , keep doing what you're doing , your blog is amazing (:

Wow! Thank you so much, it’s really an honour to receive such a lovely comment. Yup, Kida is so underrated which is why I always try to make gifs of her/include her in group gifsets. It really sucks that she appears halfway through the movie! :/


People just kept walking with their shopping bags and their iPods.  He was alive, and then he was dead, it was like nothing. Like stepping off a bus.

He deserved better. And so did you.

Oh, I don’t deserve anything. Nobody deserves anything.

But I am owed…better.  I am owed.


Oh, but plans can fall through as so often they do


I’m on a roll, I guess.
If you don’t speak Spanish or you’re a bit rusty, click for captions.