We are going to get some real insight into Emma and how she really feels about Hook and what she really thinks. We’re excited about that,“ Kitsis adds.

Eddy Kitsis, alluding to Emma being the first to say “I love you.” (x)


But I’m pretty sure it will come in the dagger scene that we all know will kill is slowly. 



I remember when you scolded me in Junior High. You said the same thing. It was right after we got crushed in a practice match before the tournament. I figured we were destined for failure in the real tournament. “Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if other tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that”. End quote. 

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I'm sorry but Reiner and Connie???????? No just no. They don't look good at all and extremely weird to see them together like that. Tbh I would make any other exemptions but not them two! I love your drawings and you might have worked hard on them but honesty why not Reiner and bertold or Connie and Sasha?? Like just.... Oh God.... Nooooo

“you MIGHT have worked hard on them”


I was tagged by scomichey (thanks friend 💜) to do the no makeup selfie tag thing so here it is!!
This took forever because I’m not very confident taking and picking selfies without make up!

I’m tagging wild–foxes, everythingthatisfun, phxngxrll, mademoisellelicorne and simplyyfreckles. Have fun lovelies!! 💕✨

Salty snoot sibling with his bummed bun bro.

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me and my best friend know we are each other's soulmate, romantically or not. The thing is after her birthday one night we made out and over the past 5 months we have gradually worked our way to being naked waist up together and do all that comes with that including kissing each other's nipples etc. we talk and flirt about what we do all the time but never mention 'gay' or 'lesbian' as to everyone else and tbh each other, we are still straight girls but juts love one another. I just need advice!

Listen clear, you two love each other that is all what matters, label yourself as what you want, you don’t have to say im lesbian or straight, that are just labels. If you feel good about what you two are doing then just keep doing it. 

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Who is Hal Jordan?

DISCLAIMER: -gently lifts you up and sets you on top of the empire state building- do you see that drop. do you see it. this is the plummet you’re about to take with me. i’m sorry.

Hal Jordan is a cocky, wise-ass test pilot of serious integrity, no small pride, an a sense of duty a mile wide. and that’s putting it simply.

there’ve been many reincarnations of the man over the years and his plotline at this point is convoluted and extensive, and while he’s no spider- or super-man he’s a staple nonetheless. but my favorite bits of him, the ones i know by heart and have read and re-read until worn to shreds, are from the start back in 1959, to the 1980′s handoff to Jon Stewart, to the restarting storyline in the early 1990′s culminating in the Emerald Twilight three-parter that broke all of our hearts. don’t get me wrong, i love Kyle Rayner, but i couldn’t read past that heart-stopping ending. i read it for the first time four years ago and i still haven’t stopped crying.

if you want to know Hal Jordan, you’ve got to know a couple things about him.

  1. loyalty, duty, and intelligence. swear by ‘em. all united under sheer force of will.
  2. he doesn’t have any superpowers, he has a ring which imbues him with the ability to do anything so long as he has the willpower to do it. literally. his superpower is his dedication and fighting spirit. that’s it. and with that he saves the universe multiple times over and becomes a superhero. even the alien who crashed and gave him the ring was a tiny bit in love with him.
  3. his dad died in a plane crash right in front of itty bitty hal. but the guy faced his own worst fears and went on to be a test pilot who scared the shit out of everyone with his bravery.
  4. the love of his life has a villainous alter-ego who takes over her subconscious and he has never once blamed her, turned against her, or abandoned her for it and instead tries to protect her no matter what.
  5. he’s crazy intelligent, but also plain stupid. one time he literally saves the day because he remembers he can manipulate light and recites the colors of a rainbow to get around the loophole in his ring. another time, he doesn’t close his eyes during a kiss so his girlfriend breaks up with him. it’s amazing.
  6. his best friend is an inuit and was a huge breakthrough in the comic book world. despite some holdovers of racism he was nonetheless a well-rounded, well-written character who saved hal’s stupid ass multiple times over and is a hero in his own right.
  7. he’s been the victim of abuse by those in power over him and has been driven to insanity. suffers occasionally from trauma and ptsd (fight me).
  8. fatal flaw is pride.(( guess how he dies. self-sacrifice to atone for his sins. don’t even touch me,,, i will punch you. ))

he’s the kind of man that shows his flaws, fails as a result, and gets back up fighting. sure, he’s gonna mouth off. he’s going to fall short sometimes. but the thing about Hal Jordan is that he never once stops fighting. he dedicates his life to being better, doing better, helping others do the same. 

you never once doubt how human Hal Jordan is. Jon has the compassion and gentle strength that makes you trust him always. Guy we should never talk about because i acknowledge he has appeal but no we’re not talking about him ever. Kyle’s the modern man who has these complexities and well-written depths to him and he’s the youth who fights for your regard. but Hal… Hal’s the one you roll your eyes at and shake your head, maybe he even rubs you the wrong way, sure. but then you’re in a fight and he’s got your back and you’d trust him with your life because he’s counting your life worth saving no matter that the hell you’ve done with it.

Hal is who we all are in a lot of ways. he gets into fights and he sticks his foot in his mouth and he love science like a nerd and he is a smart-mouthed asshole. but he’s who we want to be, because he always sees the next target, the next barrier to push, the next step in becoming a greater man. and hell if he’s not going to take everyone he loves with him.

plus, there’s always these beauties:

tl;dr: he’s an idiot. i hate him.

Oh my good god! I can’t express how much I loved this. Two of my favourite human beings playing together. Thank you Jimmy…thank you Blur…thank you Tonight Show (I’ve had a really shit day and this made me feel a whole lot better).

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I need more Gruvia hogwarts au ok? Haha I was scrolling down like where is the rest of the years cmon! Lol love it!

{I’ll give you two more years, because it takes up a lot of space and timmmmmme? So here’s the Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire for youuu!}

Third Year

He finds her in the middle of the night with the Gryffindor House Ghost, Mavis, playing a game of chase. 

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Ooh, for the flower meme, would you do an Enjolras/Grantaire ficlet with yarrow and elder, please? I just love how you write those two! <3

(You can choose to believe this happens in the same universe as the nettle prompt, if you wish.)

“Hey.” Grantaire sits down next to Enjolras on the steps when he doesn’t even look up. “It was a pretty shitty day, huh?”

“Could you just … not?”

“That’s all I was gonna say. Other than that I’m just going to sit here, and you can talk or not talk or whatever, and eventually we can go inside and your friends will tell you that the bill not passing isn’t actually your fault.”

Enjolras looks like he has something to say about that, maybe, but whatever it is, he restrains it, and after a minute he tips until he’s leaning against Grantaire’s shoulder, the two of them pressed together and not talking, just being there until the door above them creaks and they know they have to get up and go inside.

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I'm envious of all the anon/follower loving you get. I have 94 followers, but only two consistently engage with me either through comments or asks/fan mail.

Well I am incredibly gracious for all the love I get. Come off anon and we can be friends too :)


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" ...but I love you. "

“Loving someone and being IN love with them are two different things. You taught me that, Hannah.” the young woman replied.

“Well, where do you fall then? Love or in love?” Hannah asked, her brow furrowed and eyes hopeful. “I need to know.”

The woman leaned against the doorframe, her body illuminated by the light cascading in from the high window at the end of the hallway behind her. 

“In,” she answered, no doubt in her voice.