XD I was putting together a master post of all my Hellenism stuff, and I just deleted it on accident. I’m gonna walk away from my computer before I break it out of frustration.

To skeletalraptor, who sent us the message: “I really love your Cosplay”.

Eren accidently deleted your message..(눈_눈) - We just want to say: We really appreciate your compliment. Thank you ♥

anonymous asked:

I hate to bother you but maybe could you go through your ask box? I sent you an ask needing advice and even if you can't help me I'd at least like to not worry about missing it !

omg i might have deleted it on accident bc i had like 200 messages and i just mass deleted them. if you still need the help you can send it again, im really sorry about that omg

For the person who just sent me numbers, I accidently deleted the message so here:

#1 - am I a virgin?: nope
#27 - a discription of the boy I like: well i find him extremely attractive but he has to be one of the biggest liars I’ve ever met. He also drives me insane. I honestly don’t know why I stick around but no one has made me this happy in years
#28 - a discription of the person I dislike the most: she’s a bitch

OMG so yesterday an anon asked me a question, but I just accidently deleted the ask, I’m so sorry! Luckily, I have the question itself in my email, so I’ll answer it here:

anonymous asked:

If Fallout 4 is announced soon, are you going to make your Courier in Fallout 4, or are you going to make a different character? I have such trouble with the Fallout character creator, I suck at using sliders, so I’m hoping they’ll do something different. I always end up using a preset face, which kinda sucks in New Vegas.

Yeah, I probably will, haha! I’m super uncreative when it comes to creating characters in video games, so I tend to stick to the same basic design. Idk if it actually will be my Courier, but it will certainly look like her, lol.

I’m really looking forward to any new customization options, though! The difference between, say, Oblivion and Skyrim is phenomenal, so I’m hoping for something awesome like that for Fallout 4!

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hi (: i asked for a shoutout about week ago and haven't seen anything, should i submit again or have you not gotten to them all (which i perfectly understand. you don't want your blog swamped with them!)

I have not gotten to them all, but if it was that long ago as a week, you might have sent it anon by accident & i just deleted it. I’ve gotten a couple of those! 

To the anon telling me to have a good day, I’m on mobile and I just deleted your message by accident! So sorry but Thankyou!x

msamicin asked:

Why doesn't the notes decrease when someone deletes a post? I reblogged a selfie then accidently deleted it when I was just going to edit it so I had to reblog it again. Now I have a note that is not there.

That’s actually a good question, I’m not really sure, but it definitely happens to all posts.

There’s a problem in my procrastination of writing these. Often I write from my bed in the dark and then I doze and then when I sort of reawaken the post is gone and I don’t know where it went. Maybe I deleted it by accident? Maybe it just vanished? It happened again last night. I dozed off and then it was gone. So oh well. Yesterday was decent. Wednesday. It was a bit of a nervous day but then it got better. Went out to eat and angered my mother. Sigh. It wasn’t my intention though the sarcasm was probably ill timed. I help out when I’m asked to. We’ve had this same fight before. It doesn’t have to be this way. Hopefully it passes.

School was interesting. I’m now slightly bound to go to the awards ceremony next week because apparently there’s a certificate of some kind for my independent study. Interesting. I’ll go for that, plus my friends will be there. I hope we don’t need to sit alphabetically the whole time. I’m probably going to be on the verge of not doing so well in calculus this semester. Oh well. I’ve gotten a lot farther in my book. I’m sort of forcing myself through it at the moment. The badassness ended at the end of the second part. I guess I have to wait for the buildup again. Writing is cool. I need to write something. I also need to calculate some stuff for Spanish. The banquet is tomorrow. I already signed up but now my interest is fading. Not sure if I want to see Pitch Perfect 2 afterward. I probably will though. If it happens.

I don’t think I want kids. I don’t know if I want to ever be romantic with anyone either. Sometimes I think I like someone and then it passes fairly quickly after that initial thought. I feel that I could continue as I am right now and I would never have a problem. Maybe I’ll meet someone acceptable. It seems unlikely though. My interest would probably fade. Children also might be a regret. And I dislike the thought that I could contribute to some sort of unhappiness in the world. I sort of traced that thought in my head just a while ago. It was interesting. Now I’m hungry.