I was going to keep quiet but I don’t think I can. Its absolute bullshit that BTS is getting all this hate and accusations of sajaegi. These boys have been working their asses off for two years and this has garnered their following slowly but surely. They have a massive international fanbase that have done wonders this time around. It blows my mind how people waste their time throwing shade and negativity towards Bangtan(or any other groups for that matter), when instead they should be focusing on getting their faves to win. 

Bangtan have earned their two wins fair and square with the help of fans. Haters need to go take their salty asses somewhere else and let us basque in our victory. 

requested by colepaldi-in-the-tardis (but i was going to to something like that anyway). A massive gigantic thank you for your beautiful fic Collide (you have read it, rIGHT?)

…say hello to Randall and Clara in Paris!

Alternative to the DSI Flipnote Hatena

reminder that there is a working, free (though taking donations) fanmade version of flipnote hatena for the DSI version of flipnote that basically works the same and you can upload flipnotes just like you could before hatena went down. it’s a little different and still a work in progress but it’s extremely good and easy to set up ! !

please i honestly suggest you get it because im posting flipnotes on there and i can tell im already going to really get back into this again

the website is www.sudomemo.net

literally all you need for it to work is wifi and a DSI. the directions are more simple than i thought they would be, so please consider checking it out and telling your friends ! !

tobi played the last match of his career and he cried when he got subbed off at the very end and the fans gave him so much love and basti and his dad were there and basti had his arm around his dad when tobi went off and his dad was adorably filming everything and i got to witness it all.

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I just spent the last 2 hours scrolling through all of your headcanons. And omg the feels! Your blog is amazing!

Joshler for Anon



Angst ((these are all p triggering just a warning))


I’m playing around with designs for an AU where Mabel is 5 years older than Dipper instead of like, 5 minutes. They still share a birthday though, so they’re totally still twins. Don’t let Dipper tell you otherwise!

When the two of them were younger, they were best friends despite their age difference. Then Mabel started high school and began spending her summers with their Grunkle Stan, and Dipper started to drift away from her. By the start of her last summer before senior year, they barely talk at all.

Mabel’s hoping that some quality bonding time in Gravity Falls is exactly what they need to repair their tattered bond. She’s got it all figured out. Or she would, if Dipper would stop running off. The town is way more dangerous than he can imagine. She’d know.

Dipper isn’t exactly pleased by the prospect of spending three months cooped up in some tourist trap with his sister and a great uncle he barely ever sees. Luckily, Gravity Falls is full of mysteries to distract him. If only his sister would stop tagging along and forcing him into her stupid matching sweaters. 

It’s their last summer before everything changes. Hopefully they’ll make it count

Also featuring:

  • Gideon as that creepy kid Mabel babysits every summer
  • Pacifica as the skeptic to Dipper’s enthusiast, who totally only hangs out with him to prove him wrong on a daily basis. She just likes to win, really.
  • Stan and Mabel are Not Who They Seem
  • and more

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Hello everyone, hope you’re having a lovely evening! 

Firstly: DailyDragons hit 22,000 followers! Thanks everyone <3 I don’t know that I have time to do another giveaway for 25k, but I’ll brainstorm other options until then.

Secondly, some quick housekeeping (blogkeeping?) things!

  • After 2 years of promising I was going to, I have finally updated DailyDragon’s blog theme! If any of it seems broken for you, please let me know. I tried to check it in a couple browsers, so hopefully all the buttons still work.
  • I have finally started that Dragon Books page I mentioned ages ago! I have a TON more novels and series to add to it still, these were just what I got written up this evening.
  • Slightly updated the About and Tags pages
  • I’ve added a link to my Dragon Age sideblog (maythedreadwolftakeyou), where I post my DA-relarted fanfic/art/edits and reblogs, if you’re interested
  • I also put up a link to my mermaid blog (themermaidjade)

If there is anything else you’d like to see added/pages for/etc, feel free to let me know!